“To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969” Premiere Event

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The Cawley Entertainment Company announces the world premiere of “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969.”The public premiere of the special upgraded and enhanced episode will be at a gala red carpet evening event at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday, March 29, 2008.

We want to see you there! If you would like to attend, RSVP here:

Although Star Trek: Phase II premiered the original “To Serve All My Days” episode in November of 2006, Executive Producer James Cawley has always felt that it was not quite what he wanted it to be. “I wanted Star Trek: Phase II to feel as if it were the fourth season of the original series,” said Executive Producer James Cawley, “and with ‘World Enough and Time’ I feel we achieved that, but I’ve never been fully satisfied with our work on ‘To Serve All My Days,’ as it was not exactly as I envisioned it.” “There were many things I wanted to do, but circumstances at the time forced us to go in a different direction,” Cawley said, “but now we have the chance to bring ‘To Serve All My Days’ more in line with ‘World Enough and Time’ and the soon to premiere ‘Blood and Fire’ two-part episode.” “I have always thought that the visual effects done by Joël Bellucci and Dave Berry for the episode were fantastic considering the tremendous time constraint they were under, but we have all grown and added skills to our toolbox that we unfortunately didn’t have at the time we produced our second episode,” Cawley continued, “Although the new special edition of ‘To Serve All My Days’ will feature updated visual effects by Daren Dochterman and Joël Bellucci, it will now have original series music, consistent title sequences, and added vintage commercials, and will appear just as it might have been if it had aired on a night in 1969.” “Walter and writer Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana deserve the extra effort being put forth for this very special episode–- and there will be an added surprise at the end for the fans,” Cawley concluded.

Walter Koenig is the only remaining original series cast member still without a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and this premiere event will be an opportunity to highlight his career and impact on Star Trek and the entertainment industry, as well as his work around the world. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame committee will vote in June on whether to award Walter his star and the Cawley Entertainment Company is going to use this premiere event to spotlight Walter’s career and lead in the effort to get Walter the votes needed for his star on the Walk of Fame. This event will feature “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969,”other rare television footage, and many new surprises. Doors to the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills will open at 6:30PM (Pacific Time), screenings begin at 7:30PM, with a Q&A session to follow the screenings. Invited guests will include Star Trek alumni from across the entire spectrum of the franchise, media, Walk of Fame committee members, and of course the fans.

The Internet premiere of “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969” will be delayed to make this public event a truly special one. Dates for the Internet premiere will be announced later, but a new teaser trailer for the episode will be made available in the coming weeks. Fans are encouraged to attend the premiere event and help support Star Trek: Phase II and the effort to get Walter his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To attend, you must RSVP here: http://screenitfirst.com/ssg/events/rsvp/42

Details and additional information will be published on the Star Trek: Phase II website and the official Walter Koenig fan site as they become available. Check for more information at:

www.startreknewvoyages.com and www.walterkoenigsite.com



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