A Natural Choice for Spock: Interview with Brandon Stacy

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Photos by Andrew “Sarge” Grieb and Courtesy Brandon Stacy

Brandon on the Bridge

Zachary Quinto and Brandon – the two Spocks

Brandon at the Science Station

If it’s not ears, it’s eyes and teeth… ouch!

Kirk (James Cawley) and Spock (Brandon Stacy) 

Interview with Brandon Stacy

By Jeff Hayes

With Ben Tolpin unavailable to reprise the role of Spock, the search began for a new actor to “fill the ears.” It wasn’t long before the natural choice surfaced. Beginning with the Phase II episode “Enemy:Starfleet,” actor Brandon Stacy will assume the role of our favorite Vulcan First Officer. Taking a short break from the demanding shoot schedule of “The Child,” Brandon was able to answer a few quick questions and give us an opportunity to get to know him a bit better.
Jeff Hayes (JH): How did you come to be involved with Star Trek: Phase II?

Brandon Stacy: James and I met at Paramount Studios, on set of JJ Abrams’ STAR TREK. I expressed interest in New Voyages/Phase II. We stayed in touch and I had intended on being a guest star of an episode. Eventually the role Spock opened up, he thought I would be perfect.

JH: Well, the fact is, you actually played Spock before – what can you tell us about your experience on the Star Trek (XI) movie set?

Brandon: Yes, for about four months I was fortunate enough to be on set with JJ Abrams, doubling for Spock and standing in for my long lost brother, Zachary Quinto. Incredible experience working with JJ. What a fantastic cast and crew!

JH: Now back to your role as Spock in Phase II – when you first arrived on set in New York, what were your first impressions?

Brandon: I sensed an immediate sense of family. I was welcomed with open arms. Walking onto the bridge gave me a big silly smile.

JH: Now that you have a few days of filming under your belt, what are your thoughts about the production?

Brandon: Everyone really enjoys what they are doing here, which makes for a very fun, relaxed atmosphere. The sets are great. Crew is efficient. Playing make-believe on a starship is fun. (Smiles)

JH: Have you seen any of the previous New Voyages / Phase II episodes? What did you think about what you saw?

Brandon: Of course I’ve seen them! Hey, if you got people like George Takei and Walter Koenig wanting to be a part of it, it’s obviously something to watch. I’m glad I was able to get into the mix.

JH: When preparing for this shoot, was there anything that caused you apprehension or anything that you were worried about? How did you prepare for the role?

Brandon: When I was offered the role of Spock, I immediately went to the wig store and had them fit, cut, and style me a wig. I couldn’t wait to get home and stare at myself in the mirror. Now, I know Trek fans can be very critical. Many have a very specific way they would like to see these characters portrayed, so of course, I want to please the fans and give them what they want. I also want to give them a good mix of Nimoy and Brandon Stacy.

JH: What was your exposure to Star Trek or other science fiction before you got involved with this project – do you consider yourself a sci-fi fan? If not, what is your favorite genre of entertainment?

Brandon: Oh, I love Sci-Fi! Parallel Universes, Time Travel, and Alternate Dimensions. I grew up pretending I was Marty McFly, and made sure I was in front of the T.V. for shows like SLIDERS. I can thank my older brother for my exposure to Sci-Fi as well as Horror. I got to peek behind his shoulder to watch episodes of Star Trek, and steal his videos of Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh, I love my Sci-Fi and Horror, hehehe.

JH: Without forcing you to reveal a “spoiler,” regarding the scripts that you are currently filming in New York, was there anything that jumped out at you – something you read and said to yourself, “I can’t wait to do that?”

Brandon: You know those times when you think, “If only I could just use my Vulcan Nerve Pinch on this fool.” Alas, the time has come.

JH: Although this is your first time appearing as Spock on Phase II, do you see yourself reprising the role in future episodes?
Brandon: Oh, I think it’s in my green blood.

JH: Do you have a favorite moment or experience from the current shoot – so far?

Brandon: I got to try my Robert Deniro impression in Spock make-up and attire. Let’s just say it was a “Mind-Meld” to remember.

JH: What do you do in the real world other than acting? What do you like to spend your time doing?

Brandon: Well, I have interests in producing as well as directing. Outside of business, I enjoy studying the art of film in all aspects. And outside of film, my interests are in being an explorer. I love the mountains, the ocean, the seasons, and the undiscovered territories of my own mind. Family, of course, is extremely important to me.

JH: Other than the Star Trek movie we discussed above, what are some of your other acting experiences? Is there anywhere on the Internet that Phase II fans can go and see some of your work?

Brandon: Aside from the Trek world, I’ve been acting practically my whole life on stage. I earned a degree in Theatre as well as film Studies from James Madison University. I’ve spent the past few years trying to do as much Film and T.V. as possible, where my love and obsession lies with film.
The Trek fans can see me play a villainous Betazoid on a quest for power where I recurred as rogue Starfleet Lieutenant Milo Surgant, in Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. And various clips of other projects are viewable online.

JH: If you could write a script for your character of Spock, what would you have him do or what aspects of the character would you particularly like to explore?

Brandon: I’d love to see him explore his human side, to test his boundaries of emotion, friendship, even knowledge. I know he has a suppressed barbaric nature. Maybe if you push the right button he could lash out. Not only would it be fun to play, but to watch.

JH: If you could play any role that you wanted, what would it be?

Brandon: I always wanted to play The Joker since I was little boy. I enjoy the darker roles, complex and interesting. I greatly enjoyed Heath Ledger’s performance. Most of my comic heroes have already been done.
I wanted to play Gambit (X-Men comics), a thief from New Orleans with mutant abilities, but it seems they have given that role away recently. Aside from Sci-fi, I look for great Dramas. I look for chances to dive into gritty, edgy roles. And anyone who knows me knows my love for humor.

JH: What gets you creatively charged? What inspires you?

Brandon: Art. Art in all forms. And that being said, Film. I think film is the greatest art of human kind, encompassing every art there is. Nothing inspires me more than the mind of a child, free and imaginatively limitless.

JH: When all is said a done on this shoot, what do you hope to have accomplish with this role?

Brandon: Ultimately, that I had fun doing it, and of course that the fans can appreciate what I added to the Trek Universe.

JH: Brandon, is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like to tell fans?

Brandon: Sometimes you need to take a minute and let your imagination get the best of you.

JH: Thanks for your time, Brandon. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you as Phase II’s new Mr. Spock.

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  • This comments over a year later..but I have seen Mr. Stacy in “THE CHILD” and I just saw a clip of him from “The Mind-Sifters”. I have to say, in all due respect to the men and woman who give all they have to making Star Trek Phase II what is it..(and it’s AWESOME) Mr. Stacey is easily the best actor they have ever had to grace their boards. I have studied acting and been an actor all my life. This is the highest compliment I can offer Mr. Stacey. He is a very, very talented Film actor and an asset to the PHASE II project. I offer my continued compliments and support!

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