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Cawley Entertainment Company and Retro Film Studios Release “No Win Scenario” Vignette

Senior Executive Producer James Cawley announced that the long-lost Klingon vignette “No Win Scenario” will be released on October 8, 2011 – commemorating the seventh anniversary of the release of Star Trek: New Voyage’s very first episode (“In Harm’s Way”, 10/08/04.)

Originally filmed in 2005, this vignette is only made available to fans due to the stalwart perseverance of John Carrigan, with assistance from Graham O’Hare, and Pony R. Horton. John tracked down the original lost footage and made sure scenes that required re-shoots or pickups were done during various other Phase II shoots over time. Post production was supervised rigorously by John and completed in the United Kingdom.

After being pitted against Kirk in a Klingon version of the “no-win scenario,” Kargh would hunger for the day when he and Kirk would meet for real. His hunger is soon satisfied! Starring John Carrigan, Anne Carrigan and James Cawley, the vignette features appearances by Larry Nemecek, Jeff Quinn, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, and Paul R. Sieber. Written by Erik Korngold, directed by Erik J. Goodrich, and with updated VFX by Pony R. Horton and Tobias Richter of The Light Works.

Presented as a surprise birthday gift from John Carrigan to James Cawley on set in June 2011, it is now available for fans to enjoy this historic look back at what was then “Star Trek: New Voyages”!

The official release hour, in honor of the Carrigans, is Noon London time 8th October 2011.

More details about where exactly to view this episode (download websites, international mirror websites, YouTube, and any additional streaming websites) are announced on our Facebook page and here on our website.

Visit our “No Win Scenario” vignette page to find the downloads and the Streaming Release!

10-08-2011 @ 12:00 EST

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  • Good job! — You lightened the load on those providing this episode.

    (-:/ However, turnabout is fair play: I will return the favour by asking readers to realise that, by going to the ‘Downloads’ link on the New Voyages / Phase II web page here, they can visit other download mirrors, which have many, if not all, of the episodes of Season 4 -in which Star Trek picks back up where Season 3 ended in 1968-69 viewing year –as well as other ‘Trek-related’ resources.


    The 5-Year mission continues! -Log on, and feel the power – download away.


    Gordon Wayne Watts

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