Star Trek Phase 2 Team Mourns the Loss of One of Their Family

By January 24, 2012 Phase 2 News 40 Comments

It is with profound sadness that we announce we have lost one of our extended family today. Tony DeGregorio, our Set Construction Foreman and Art Director, as well as part of our extended family, has passed away today.

Besides being a talented worker and designer (and responsible for much of the work that goes into set design and set building for our episodes), Tony was a genuinely wonderful and caring person, always giving 110% and always giving of himself to others. He will be missed by all of us, and we all offer our love, support and condolences to his wife Denise, in this difficult time.


Some words from our cast and crew…

Today, Phase II and Myself lost one of The Greatest Friends in the universe Tony DeGregorio. A terrible loss. A great Friend and tireless worker on Phase II. Tony was Simply THE BEST. My life was better with him in it. I am so lucky to have called him Friend. I will miss you my Brother, May you boldly go…

– James Cawley, Senior Executive Producer


Today I shed tears for a friend whom I admire and respect. Tony D, I will remember you to the end of my days! Denise and you were there for me a few years back. Then you had to join me at dialysis. Your quest for health has been prematurely ended. You were a friend, but more a part of my personal, extended family as well as a Trekker Extraordinaire!!! Tony, Rest In Eternal Peace and say hello to the Great Bird of the Galaxy for me and all at our Trek Family. Denise, WE ALL are here for you!God Bless Anthony (Tony D!) De Gregorio and keep him in the hollow of your hand, always.

– Gary Evans, Co-Executive Producer


Tony was a good man, and did a great many things for Phase 2. He was always a happy person to be around. He will be missed greatly.

– Charles Root, Co-Executive Producer


I cannot express the sorrow I feel today at the loss of my good friend and Retro Films colleaque, Tony Degregorio. He was a stouthearted, easy-going, fun-loving guy. He was a hard worker and a friend like no other. You will be missed.

Andrew Grieb, Sr Line Producer


Today, the world has lost one of the most beautiful people I’ve had the honor of knowing and calling friend.
I’ll miss you, Tony. I don’t think I’ve met many people who are so giving of themself, so caring, so talented and so well loved (deservedly so). As much as I’ve been fighting tears all day, a part of me is happy that, if even for far shorter than it should have been, Tony was a part of our lives.

– Robert Mauro, Line Producer/Gaffer


A very good friend of mine Anthony Degregorio has passed. Denise Raspini Degregorio, I know there are no words to console you right now, but know that we all loved Tony. I met Tony at the Star Trek Phase II shoots a long time ago, and it took a while to warm up to him. I think because I had mistakenly grabbed some of his tools without asking. He read me a little riot act over it and we didn’t say much to each other the rest of that shoot. I realized that I was wrong and apologized to him. Since then, we have, I like to think, been better than average friends. I later had the opportunity to help he and Denise purchase a Honda. I will miss you Tony! Phase II will REALLY miss you! There is now a Tony D shaped hole in a lot of lives.

– Kent Schmidt, Key Grip


I will miss him. He was incredibly welcoming to me when I came up to direct “Mind-Sifter” and the cook out as his house was one of my favorite memories. Rest in Peace, Tony.

– Mark Burchett, Director of Mind-Sifter


R.I.P Tony DeGregorio you made a lot of things that we all loved. My favorite things that you made was the smiles you put on our faces and the laughter you put in our hearts.

– Ron Gates


Tony and I lost a true friend today. We’ve never met someone with whom we “clicked” so quickly before. Tony and Denise have been our kindred spirits for the last 4 years. May we all draw a bit of comfort in that he’s no longer suffering. While he’ll be missed, he never deserved all the suffering he went through. I have no words… I dont know what to say or do I feel lost… God Speed Tony D

– Linda and Tony Falvo


A great loss. Tony was responsible for so many things related to the production, and welcomed me to the construction section several years ago. I will miss his friendly face.

– Charlie Miller


I am in shock right now. I will miss his kind words, his sometimes silly jokes, his outright stupid puns, but mostly his love for the project and this “family” and tireless unending support and openess to everyone who wandered onto our sets. My heart goes out to Denise……the stars seem a little less bright today but the universe is more secure as we have one more great man watching over us. God Bless you, my friend & God speed you on your journey…….you shall never be replaced and forever loved and missed by us all.

– Brian Holloway


I am so sorry to hear this news. I really liked Tony — my first memories of him from Phase II were walking through a crowded set with some equipment shouting “Make a hole!”. I say this all the time at home or work when I want someone to move out of the way and I always think of Tony. I told him this story at the last shoot and he found it really funny. I will miss him a lot….. :(

– Edwin Thrower


The news hit me suddenly. It’s been a long time since I teared up. We, your family, share in your loss Denise. God speed, Tony, my good friend. :'(

– Clarence Donath


The next shoot will not be the same without Tony. We have lost a member of our family.
May he soar with the Great Bird of the Galaxy.

– Willie Yee


A sad day has come to my Phase 2 Family as a good friend has passed. Tony was the fix-it guy who could put anything back together again. He will be truly missed and has left many sad friends in his passing.
The word has been given, Warp Speed Tony.

– Robert B. Fredricksen


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Pictures by Kevin Sullivan, Riva Giganto and others

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    we will pray for your family and my GOD help you and yours…know that GOD takes care
    of his children. and ower lives does not end and we will all be together in heaven. its hard to let go and you miss someone so much…but they are waiting on you to meet them in the end and there will be no sadness and nothing but happieness…
    vincent and riker clay family

  • Gary Evans says:

    Unbelievable!!! This story is already in Google’s Star Trek search list!

  • Christopher LaRoche says:

    This day was one of the longest days I have ever spent delivering the mail. I so wanted to just go home and cry. I decieded to finsih out the day as I thought my Postal Brother would have wanted me to . Tony my friend I shall so miss your friendship your smile and kindness how you took my son under your wing at our first time at the shoot. Denise my families prayers go out to you at this time. I shall so miss you my friend my brother God Speed. Christoper LaRoche
    (Star Trek Phase 2 G&E Team U.S.P.S. Letter Carrier)

  • Ben Farda says:

    Words alone cannot begin to describe the loss of Tony DeGregorio. He made anyone whose life he touched better and was such a kind and caring soul. The news of his passing saddens me deeply as it is like losing a family member because that’s what I considered him.

  • MissRiva says:

    Dear Tony D,
    I will miss you a great deal my friend, my family.. You are a great man and I’m truly going to miss seeing and talking to you on STP2.. Good bless you’re family and prayers be with them during you’re adventure through star trek heaven.. Xoxo

    Love Always

  • Glenn E. Smith says:

    From the moment I met Tony for the first time he acted as though we had been friends for years. It saddens me that I did not have more opportunities to work with him on the production, but I will always be thankful for those opportunities that I did have. You will be missed greatly, Tony. May the wind be at your back.

    Glenn E. Smith
    Assistant to the Sr. Line Producer
    Writer, STP2: The Illustrated Adventures

  • Ruth and Sam Falvo says:

    Sam and I send our heartfelt condolences to Denise and family. We will keep you in our prayers always. Tony D, you will be missed so very much. We mourn the loss of a great person and friend. We will miss you so much. Denise is always welcome to contact us if she ever needs anything.


    Ruth and Sam Falvo

  • Ken Thomson says:

    It’s very sad to hear this news. Tony was one of the first to make friends with me when I had the priveledge to be part of the “Kitumba” shoot. He drove me in to the studio and back to the cabins a few times, and we had some enjoyable conversation. He was absolutely dedicated to all of you and had nothing but good things to say about his time with Star Trek Phase 2 and all the friends and family he had there. I am glad I got to know him, but wish I’d had more time to spend with him. And also, I want to remember Jeffrey and Melissa Collinsworth and Mike Tavarez who were also taken from us since that time. A lot of souls have moved onto the next mission above, and I certainly know that they’ll be up there welcoming Tony. I pray though, that everyone takes good care in the time ahead. God bless you all. Sincerely, Ken

  • pat heward says:

    What a sad sad day this is. Yet I am happy that I had the privilage to get to know Tony. In the brief time that I knew Tony he was always a friendly kind person and
    I wont forget him.

    Good bye Tony

    Pat Heward

  • Joe Wagner says:

    We’ll miss you Tony! Wish the best for your family at this time. They are part of our family.

  • Pony R. Horton says:

    I’ll never forget Tony D. When I was with the gang at the barbeque at his lovely home, I (and everyone else) was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by his devotion to his hobbies, especially science fiction culture. His “Trophy Room” was as full as any great hobby story, with beautifully-displayed models of every spaceship and every other kind of sci-fi vessel imaginable. He also had prop replicas, and many other artifacts.

    At one point I admired his in-the-original-box Diamond Select Toys Medical Tricorder.

    Much to my delight and surprise, Tony GAVE it to me that day, to take home. Just a few weeks ago, he and Denise sent me a nice Christmas card, and inside was a pair of decals for the Med tricorder’s hand-scanner (the little whirly scanner McCoy used) that depict the readouts on the base of the unit.

    He did not have to do any of these things for me, and I was deeply moved by his generosity.

    He and Denise also put on a great barbeque party!

    Denise, you and Tony are in my prayers.

    Tony, wherever you are now, please save me a seat ’till we meet again!

    Pony Horton

  • The Teegardens says:

    Tony was a brother from the moment we met. Together we have moved set pieces, designed props, dug holes, fixed pipes, built starship hallways, created tools, and dressed sets. We spent a feverish Fall weekend turning a blank green room space into the heart of the studio, the digital ingest room, with the help of his lovely wife Denise and my exuberant son Colin. In 2009, he and Tony Falvo became starship engineers to remove the nacelles from the Phase II shuttlecraft to make it’s removal and transport easier, giving Colin his promotion to Captain Colin, the name Tony called him from that moment on.

    Tony, I will miss your smile, your knowledge, your tireless energy, and your delicious breakfasts. I will miss the way we could read each other, finishing sentences and thoughts for each other. I will miss your jokes, your laugh, and the “William!” when I told a real stinker. I have a huge hole in my heart where you were. I am a better man for your friendship, and you will live on forever in my heart. Farewell, my brother, farewell.

    • Julia says:

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  • Al Hartman says:

    I didn’t get the opportunity to know Tony well. But I met him on the Enemy: Starfleet and Kitumba shoots. He was a great guy, and he left us all too soon.

    My thoughts and prayers go to Denise and his family.

    Boldly go Tony…

  • Ian Walker says:

    Paying my respects, sincere condolences. Tony will be missed.

  • Stephen Dillard says:

    I met him only during the “Mind Sifter” but he always gave 100%… no matter how hot or long the shooting day was. My best….

  • James (Jami) Avalos says:

    I would like to say Tony was one heck of a guy!! It was a pleasure to work with him and i know for certain his presence will be keenly felt. May your spirit soar and may the Great bird of the galaxy bless you… your Aussie mate, Jami :)

  • Montgomery says:

    As a fan and viewer I only Tony through his work and contributions to your projects. From this perspective he was terrific.

  • Howard Brown says:

    I remember the first time Tony and I were introduced. He was facinated with the the Idea that we had real Practical effects. He hung around our crew for quite some time. we became good friends and I let him help a couple of times when we needed an extra hand. He was a straight foward, very likable and very hard working. I remember the last time I saw him….. He brought in a large prop he made for the haunted house. He then had to leave…. he was not feeling good….. That was the last time I saw him……
    The staff and crew of Industrial Pyrotechnics & Effects send our sincere condolances to Tony’s family, GOD’S Speed Tony!

    Howard (Pyroboy) Brown

    • steven says:

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  • John Carrigan says:

    Annie and I are so heartbroken to hear this terrible news. On all the Phase II shoots we worked on, we only really got to know Tony on “Mindsifter” although I spent a lot of time with him during “Kitumba” while he worked his magic making stunt weapons for me.
    We will never forget the wonderful day we spent with Tony and Denise at the barbeque they hosted for so many of us at their lovely home and I will always treasure the Trek gift Tony gave me to bring back to England. Our hearts and love are with Denise and we will never forget the wonderful man who left this World all too soon. God bless you Tony.
    John and Annie Carrigan

    • Sara says:

      wow, haha, one good thing about bgolging is that i learn a bunch of things from those who comment.I didn’t know this. And it’s really, really nice to know this. Thanks Maki.

  • Richard Shindle says:

    Tony D,
    Sorry I never met you face to face but the attention you and your craftsman have put into this show will not be forgotten… when you reach that place of eternal rest my hope is that all members of star trek who have gone before you will invite you to the head of the table in a banquet to honor your time and commitment to the show we all love.

    If I were a valcan I would say: “Grief is a human emotion, But our world will seem a little smaller without you in it. May your katra attain kolinahr in the fellowship of Surak. Peace and eternal life.”

  • Jaime Sanchez (Fez) says:

    It seems so unfair to me that one of the kindest, light-hearted souls I have ever known is now gone. As we at Phase 2 mourn the loss of not only a friend but a brother to us all it is important to remember for us to carry on as he would want us to… making the best TOS episodes on the web…

    Tony, I know you are around all of us right now and looking after us, I hope that you never question if you made a difference both at Phase 2 and to all the people you’ve known throughout your life. I personally will always miss your sense of humor and making me smile when I wasn’t feeling my best.

    Denise, I know you are going through a rough patch… and words alone cannot take a sense of the pain away, but remember that we all love you and are here for you.

  • Heather Taylor-Nicholson says:

    My thoughts and codolences go out to Tony’s family, friends and STP2 colleagues. *Hugs* :(


  • Gary Evans says:

    A nice video tribute to Tony D by Pony Horton.


  • Ed Abbate says:

    May god bless his family, he was a great man ………..he will be missed!! He was part of our family……………..Lt.Haller ……Ed Abbate

  • Sue Herzberg & John Mulhern says:

    Our hearts sank with sorrow upon hearing of the incredibly sad news of Tony’s passing. You and Tony are two of the nicest people in a group of incredibly nice people, and our hearts mourn for the loss of such a bright and warm light. Denise, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love and friendship, Sue Herzberg & John Mulhern

  • Michael Stern says:

    At first glance, I feel broken, depressed at his passing and selfishly wanting to be where he really now is. The loss of Tony comes with such a crushing blow that no way could even time itself heal. I know how Denise might feel having lossed my wife four years ago. There is no closure. The wound stays open and the desperation swells up inside like no pain ever before. There are not adaquate words to describe the utter helplessness and complete loss that takes over the life of the surviving spouse. Nobody else can or will ever know this sharp emotion unless he/she actually loses his/her soulmate.
    Yet, as sorrowful as death is, how great will be our joy when we are reunited with our loved ones! I like to think of the separation as temporary. We’re not meant to stay in this world forever. We will be with our loved ones again. I know this to be true… as true as you can see my words here right now.
    I look foward to the day when I can see Tony again, in his perfect form, happy as a clam, & laughing all the way. That’s how I think it is with many folks who have finished their life. They’ve fought the good fight & endured to life’s end. They’ve paved the way for us who are still here to do better, appreciate every moment & to share with others the charity in our hearts. -Michael in Az.

  • Denise says:

    Thank you to everyone for all their kind words.

  • Alisa Joaquin says:

    I just read this today (Feb. 3). I am deeply sorry for your loss. May time ease your pain, and you find comfort in the memories.

  • Lori from USPS says:

    Hello Star Trek Phase 2 Friends of Tony,

    Hello. My name is Lori and I just wanted to take a moment to say how beautiful the tribute you are making to Tony is and how much it warmed my heart. We just learned of his passing very recently. I worked with Tony at the US Postal Service District Office in NJ; in fact, I have known him and worked in the IS Department with him since he came on board…around 15 years ago. In 2009, unfortunately, the USPS went through a reorganization which reduced the size of our workforce and also hit our dept. I had, at the time, 29 years of service and was able to leave on an early retirement, but Tony had far less years, and was unfortunately affected by bad economical times. I hated to see him go, but was happy to see him start a new life in upstate New York. I communicated with him during that time and, as time went on, I could “hear” from his emails that he was happy with his new life with Denise and his dogs and new house, and also being much closer to his Star Trek Phase 2 family. Before leaving, I talked with him often on his passion that you all share and that the long ride from Jersey was well worth the trip. Reading your accolades has put a smile on my face knowing that Tony really found his niche and was happier than I ever remembered. Thanks for sharing…I might actually become a Star Trek fan because of you all :). And thank you Pony for your video tribute…I haven’t seen him in almost three years… and it was good to see him again…and happy. Denise I hope you find some comfort in time knowing how much he was loved. Love you my Bro Tony. Lori

    • Denise says:

      Hi Lori, this is Denise.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. You’re absolutely right, Tony was very happy up here. This was Tony’s dream house. When we contracted with the construction workers, Tony had made a drawing of how he wanted the house to look. The construction workers made a few suggestions, which Tony was happy that he took, but other than that, he designed the house. Unfortunately, I do not think I can stay here in this house by myself, despite the fact that I have my three four legged babies. Not sure where and when I’m going to land. Maybe back to New Jersey or maybe I’ll move to Long Island by my sister and her husband and kids.

  • Senthil Masilamani says:

    I just saw this. I met Tony and Denise at a Trek con, and found him to be a talented and passionate fan. I had talked to him about being involved myself, and never followed through. Very nice guy, glad I met him. Wish I had followed through and had a chance to work with him.

    Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  • I was having kind of a rough time (I’m awkward around people I don’t know well) and Tony (and Tony!) took me under his wing on the set, gave me things to do, took me out to eat, taught me how to work on the show (Kitumba). He was one of the nicest, most personable, most non-judgemental and humane people I’ve ever met, he put himself right out there for you. I’ll never forget his story about climbing down into the hole in the parking lot to fix the flooding water pipe. How I wish this news wasn’t so. Sympathy for his long time friends and loved ones Upstate, you’ve lost a real friend and I feel for you.

  • John Franklin says:

    I didn’t know Tony at all, but I’ve been enjoying his work as an avid TOS fan and a new fan of Phase II. I’ve been watching it for the past few days and am addicted to it now. I commend his work as I’m very picky about Star Trek “wannabes,” which Phase II is certainly not. From the viewings of these few episodes, I respect him as a man who loved the show and who was faithful to the details of the project. My condolenses go out to his family and those who worked with him.

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