Star Trek Phase 2: “The Child” – Episode 4×07 TEASER is Online!

Star Trek Phase 2: “The Child” – Episode 4×07 TEASER is Online!

Here is the OFFICIAL release of The Teaser for “The Child”!!

The full episode will be released very soon! Please donate to the production to help make more episodes by using the donate buttons at the bottom of this page.

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  • martin says:


  • Aaron-5 says:

    Oh yeah,this looks as promising and exciting as the rest of the episodes were,looks great so far. I look forward to more with burning anticipation.

  • LOS says:


    This will be an exciting night: chips, pop corn, drinks and several friends!!

    Sooooooooooooo xcited!!


  • LOS says:


    “pop corn!” not “poop corn!”…ugh (blonde moment)


    Oh well, still xcited 😛

  • Rocky Mitchell says:

    Wow, looks amazing (can’t wait until its released).

  • scifib5st says:

    Once again… JC and crew wow us normal fans!!!! Thanks to all who toil and toil….
    Again, James and crew do what hollywood cant’ or won’t…

  • Keith says:

    I would like to make another donation , but I dont know in which category you need it most . Can I make a donation and let you decide where to use it ?

  • Sander says:

    Hi. dont get me wrong but why remake a episode?

    • So we could do it the way Jon and Jaron wanted it done. It was a TOS/Phase 2 episode to begin with, so it’s probably a lot more appropriate that it is filmed for such. 😉

  • Peter Baldwin says:

    Really great teaser, I look forward to the full episode. I would love to volunteer some time as it would be fun to hang around all them fellow trekkies. I often do not meet fans of star trek so it is good to know you are out there doing some amazing work.

  • Chrispikeswheelchair says:

    Great Job to James and the entire cast of STP2! Looks fantastic, love Scotty laying with a bottle hugged tightly, nice hair! Keep the teasers coming!

  • JosepMaria16 says:

    Very good! And the English subtitles?

  • Damon White says:

    It’s always sooooo exciting when a new ep is released! It’s like a little holiday each time =D Yay, ep 7!! And thanx for all your hard work, again =D

  • Jim says:

    Looks like a Next Generation eps. that I have already seen.

  • Adam says:

    The somewhat acceptable visuals are no excuse for horrible acting and bad microphone placement. even the mid-60’s series looks (and sounds!) better than this!

  • Tommyboy49 says:

    So far so good but I want to see the rest of the episode since it looks similar to story lines that have been already done in Star Trek and many other science fiction stories. I imagine it must be very difficult to think of any new story lines, so congratulations on all of your episodes to date.

  • Belkin says:

    Congrats on turning a tough, authoritative, popular alpha male into a pathetic lonely drunk who clearly has nothing better to do with his down time than drink himself into a stupor.
    I expect the “Ha ha, Scotty drinks!” stuff from juvenile fan fiction, I really would have hoped better from you. Could your writers really not think of ANYTHING else, other than buying into this stupid cliche? (Funny how no-one ever notices that Kirk and McCoy drink at least as much as Scotty does) How much funnier – and more subtle – it would have been to have had Scotty clutching a copy of ‘teach yourself Klingon’ or ‘Brush up your Morse code’ or even ‘Impulse Engines: A Manual by Montgomery Scott’ with the word ‘Proofs’ stamped across the cover.
    But no. Easier to go with the ‘Scotty is a lush’ line.
    Could you next time please – PLEASE – do just a teensie weensie bit of sensible character development for this guy? Please?

  • Lori says:

    Yay! Every new little tidbit is a precious jewel to me! Looking forward to being a part of the magic in June!

  • Lester Anderson says:

    I thought Delta’ns were all hairless? Or is that just the Delta’ns fashion choice come the time frame of The Motion picture?

  • James says:

    Awesome! You guys are doing a terrific job. Thank you!!!

  • Heather Taylor-Nicholson says:

    MadamCod here.

    I can’t flippin’ wait! Looking very good indeed! 😀 XXXXXX

  • Mikey1091 says:

    Erm…I hate to ask but how soon is very soon, LOL!

  • Adam Nichols says:

    I love this new incarnation of Star Trek. I have enjoyed watching these episodes alot. And will enjoy the new episode too. Although it does strike a familar cord from a ST-TNG episode of the same name from the second season,

  • Wow. Finally a peek at The Child! I’m curious to see how this will differ from the TNG version besides the obvious. Looks damn good so far. Is there an ETA on a full release?

  • M.Eng says:

    Clever effects, some beautiful shots of the Enterprise – but, oh dear, what have you done to Lieutenant Commander Scott?

    “Scotty is 99percent James Doohan and 1percent accent” – said James Doohan.
    Do you know anything about Jimmy? He was charismatic, sexy, confident, interesting, and had no problem (back in the day) pulling women. He liked to learn – about the people he met, about the world around him. He liked ski-ing, riding, carving totem poles, sailing, reading, watching ball games, and he liked a drink. Men do – ask Captain Kirk!

    You have reduced the terrific and likeable character he created to a sozzled saddo, presumably in order to get a cheap laugh from the dumber end of your audience. You are not inviting people to laugh ‘with’ this man. They will laugh ‘AT’ him.

    Please put your “grown-up” heads on and think about that.

    Then do yourselves (and Scotty) a favor and cut that scene.

  • R. Mayers says:

    This is really good keep up the good work, I would like to see another Star Trek, a series just before Jean Luc with a woman at the helm. I would suggest Angela Bassett if not a human how about an alien whom is a member of the federation i.e. an Andorian.

    Keep up the good work

  • Kurt Foster says:

    I really want to like these, but with the exception of World Enough and Time, they are terrible.

  • Kristian says:

    Love the fact theres a night shift on the bridge with a different arrangement of staff on duty.

  • Rodolfo says:

    The premise that the next generation episode “The child”

  • Rodolfo says:

    The premise is the same that the next generation episode “The child”

  • Ray says:

    This looks vaguely familiar. I know. From TNG season 2 when Deanna Troi was impregnated by an alien entity.

  • JimNEPA says:

    Aren’t Deltans bald? And wasn’t this a Next Gen episode?????

  • Kind of. It was originally intended for the TOS cast to be filmed for the aborted 70’s Star Trek Phase 2 series.

  • Daniel Hill says:

    Teaser was flat. Reminds me of the premise to a TNG episode.

  • Daniel Hill says:

    Was that supposed to be Sulu on the Bridge? If so, totally out-of-character for him to be so non-chalant.

    • phoenix says:

      yeah; this show has gotten better and better, and the acting/actors for the “Big 3” + Scotty have gotten really damn close – but Sulu has taken a definite step backwards, I can’t stand the guy playing him the last 2 episodes. Before that, the previous actor had a very strong “Sulu” vibe. Its like the “main” characters improved while the “secondary” characters got worse. Still, looking forward to the episode..

  • TheStarTrekViewer says:

    9minute of the child already flowing around youtube, I seen at least two part one’s of the child already , of course for whatever reason these don’t have the effects logo at start in them, but youtube search found these , act1 is the only part I have seen online as released by someone, I don’t no who release, it on youtube since the main source, still just has the teaser clip only, maybe it got release on one of the download mirrors already which I have not check it, can anyone say that is true?? or not??
    here is deciption translated into english, I guess youtube can thank the idea of a language translator from star trek right?

    Star Trek: Phase 2 “The Child” Act 1 (engl. subtitles)

    The first nearly 10 minutes of the 7th Phase 2 episode “The Child” after the opening credits. Ensign Isel (Ana Schnaiter) gets only 3 days after a child …


    by STP2Deutschland | 1 week ago | 81 views

    I seen it upload by other user too at some point, in the past week I think

  • TheStarTrekViewer says:

    I have not seen act2 on youtube, first but will it hit youtube before they release it here, in full editor effects etc… cliping it together etc… that is a question I have, how many acts does the child eps. have total it seemed short on youtube, for only 9 minutes, maybe I have just gotten use to hour long shows on tv.

  • abner torres says:

    STP2 is the pinnacle of all the trek series. It is bold and smart, it takes into the direction that i believe Gene Roddenberry intended. I will start donating soon, but, my economics is limited at this time, for now i can only afford by supporting in spirit. Cawley and crew, your awesome ! : )

  • soitwas relase on youtube act1 already says:

    well I saw part 1 on youtube already , is that a offical release??? 9 minutes of the first act.

  • SowillitstillhaveArex says:

    I have that their is a picture of Arex from the cartoon show, will the full epsiode have the character in it, and will we get to see more of the cartoon aliens in future epsiodes to be included in this show?

  • Scott Geiger says:

    Wasn’t this also an episode from Star Trek TNG or at least similar concept and title? I’m looking forward to seeing a classic twist on this story. Keep up the good work! This series is definitely the best fan-made Star Trek by leaps and bounds in production value, writing, and casting!

  • Scott Geiger says:

    Cool. I guess I’ll watch the 90’s version in the meantime lol Can’t wait for the original story!

  • John says:

    So I click on the teaser video and it says ‘This Video Is Private’?

  • Pontihog says:

    Whatever happened to Arex that was supposed to be in this episode?

  • Paul says:

    Well done. I thought the photography in this episode, especially cinematic in feel. Very good story much better than the changes made for ST-TNG. Obviously very good special effects. and the acting also superior to any other fan productions out there. I found the birth scene dialog missed an opportunity for humor. In response to Isel’s line about pleasure in childbirth (a real egg of a line), the nurse should have said (with obvious doubt/skepticism) “Well aren’t you the lucky one…”

    Post production as far as sound effects, sound quality and unwanted sounds not as good as usual. Jon Povill’s direction good, if a bit tired at times. Reminded me of ST-TMP oddly enough.

    Really though, I can’t believe this is an amateur production. I think a Star Trek of this time period and reality should be on broadcast TV. Very nice.

  • Chad says:

    I tried watching the teaser-trailer, but Youtube gave me an error. Youtube said the video was “private” and gave no further information.



    • Watch the full episode – the Teaser isn’t a trailer – it’s actually the first act (which in Star Trek TOS’s case is “the cold open” – hence, it is called “The teaser” and followed by Acts 1 through however many). So, by watching the full episode, you get to watch the teaser (act 0) followed by the entire rest of it. 😉

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