Helping Star Trek Phase 2: (65% Studio/98% Servers/52% June Shoot Goals Met) June 2012 Shoot Nears and May Expenses Due



GOALS MET AS OF 05/20/2012:

Studio Expenses: 65% of May’s goals


Server/Bandwidth Expenses: 98% of May’s goals


Shoot Expenses: 52% of Shoot’s goals



Q. How can I help the production this month?

A. The Star Trek Phase 2 Production can use assistance in the form of donations to help out with studio related expenses, server & bandwidth related expenses and expenses related to the upcoming June 2012 film shoot!

Studio Expenses and Server & Bandwidth Expenses for May are due NOW (beginning of each month), and quick assistance with those would be greatly appreciated.

And of course, our rather ambitious “Bread and Savagery” shoot begins in a little over a month – whatever you can contribute there would also greatly be appreciated, as our film shoots run into the five figure range.

These donations will ONLY be utilized to support the production efforts of New Voyages Phase II.

Help With Studio & Utility Expenses


Help With Bandwidth & Server Expenses


Help With Upcoming Shoot Expenses








Helps cover studio expenses such as mortgage, taxes, maintenance and utilities (electric, water, etc) between shoots. Utilities cost money even when not being used (account fees, “line fees”, surcharges and tax, etc). These are rather large expenses that must be covered promptly before their due dates, or we incur large fees and possibly risk service disconnection and high reconnect fees.
Helps cover server, bandwidth and power costs to run the Post Production FTP Servers (where the episodes and VFX transfer through @ up to 3TB/month), website and forums. This only covers COSTS of the services and servers – outside companies wanted four times as much as our cost to provide these services. These must be paid by their due dates or our services get interrupted.
Helps cover additional utilities (electricity (for instance, the bridge alone can take over 25,000W to power – compared to your entire house, which probably only draws between 5,000W and 10,000W total), water, sewage, trash removal, transportation expenses, set building expenses, rentals, etc).

These donations are NOT tax deductible within the USA because Retro Film Studios LLC is NOT, at this time, an IRS 501(c)(3) entity.

Your help during the upcoming months is greatly appreciated, as those of us who’ve been carrying the remaining monthly expenses each month also need to save up to attend the shoot and cover whatever shoot expenses remain. As of now, with tens of thousands of fans watching our episodes, only a tiny handful contribute, leaving well over 90% of our expenses still being covered by crew and cast.

We strive to provide quality entertainment. We have over eight years of being in operation – and currently the bulk of all expenses are covered by crew and cast members – the same ones putting time, even more money and talent into making each episode).

The assistance of every fan of our episodes is sought, even the smallest contributions. $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or higher donations will be invaluable to building a broad-base donor program.

The good news is that once we are able to concentrate more effort on producing and delivering episodes, YOU, the fans, will have more New Voyages Phase II entertainment to enjoy or to just view.

We fully intend to continue producing award winning and envelope-pushing Original Series style episodes.

Please simply click one (or more than one) of the PayPal links above to help out the production.

Our eternal gratitude in advance…
The New Voyages Phase II Team

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  • Jodi says:

    Gots a question. What if you don’t have, want, or even come in contact with a credit card? Is it possible to snail-mail it? ‘Cause honestly, I just found out about you guys a month ago and I’m hooked. J.J.Abrams is a director right? (wrong). I am an aspiring director, not out of highschool yet and I would like to contribute to this. Seriously, I have on been into Star Trek for a little over a month now, but I’m as educated as a life-long Trekkie. Like Sheldon (Big Bang Theory), I wrote my own Star Trek novel, yes NOVEL. 88 pages long, that divides up into 3 stories that could essencially provide you with 5 seasons with material. Now, if you made it this far, thank you. But you might just be thinking, ‘yeah, what does this kid know?’ Hear me out, the concept brings in a new charecter, that is something of Starfleets dark past. Genetically mutated genius kids put aboard star ships. I won’t give away anymore, I have had a few people read it, (including an editor) they all loved the idea. Its fresh and new, so if James Cawley is reading this, (or anyone else on Phase II, sorry I don’t know your names) and your interested. Contact me via email or Facebook, I have commented on this post there too. Thank you for reading long enough to read these words, I am pleased that you did. -Jodi Kocsis

    • Hi Jodi!

      First, thanks for your offer to contribute! At the bottom of the “Helping” page, you will find a link to our forums where you will find “snail mail” information. Alternately, you can use PayPal as a guest and send an e-check (which’ll save you the cost of a stamp).

      As for your story, it sounds intriguing, but I must be honest; we’ve got so much on our plates right now (episode-wise, upcoming stories, etc), that I’m not sure when or if we’d ever get the chance to visit other stories. That aside, if you still want, we do accept submissions – I’ll send you an email with instructions regarding that in a few minutes.


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  • Neth Dugan says:

    I think it’s a fantastic thing you’re doing here, I’m a life long Trekkie (almost literally) so when I found out what was going on here I did a dance of joy and wanted to help out in the past but alas, was unemployed but now I’m not so… sent what I could this time of month from this side of the pond.

    Seriously, loving this project. Loved ‘The Child’, as a kid that was one of my favourite TNG episodes but in many ways it worked better here. Fan productions aren’t a side of fandom I’m that familiar with but from what I know this seems far an out the best out there. I await eagerly for the next episode and hope this keeps going for a good long time.

    Glad that there’s a bar chart, helps let ya know what area needs help the most.

  • Mark Locandro says:

    Hello from Australia, I am a fan of the work of this site checking in every week for the latest information. I am a little disappointed that the emagazine wasn’t continued but the quality of the production in each episode is brilliant.
    Seeing familiar faces from the original series is a boon as well, it would be something to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in some of the episodes but that would be too much to ask.
    I hope that future episodes will involve more space battles and actions sequences. Seeing the Enterprise and the Star Trek universe with the special effects it deserves, it would be good to see a variety of space craft from Star Fleet and alien races in combat.
    Keep up the good work and live long and prosper, Mark

    • Hi Mark, thanks for the comment, as well as your assistance this month! Sadly, the eMagazine is a resource that takes a bit of effort from many of us – and with the amount of episodes in post production and pre-production, we’ve been busy concentrating on those instead.

  • TOS Fan says:

    Great episodes so far!!! Well worth what little I could send to help out! I hope others step up to help out too.

  • SpaceTurtle says:

    Hello from a new fan! I just was lucky enough to get to view “World Enough and Time” and found myself in tears. The episode was the pure embodiment of what Trek is about. I really salute you guys for doing what you do. I’ll donate in the future as soon as I am able, but until then I will spread word to everyone I know of your production. Thanks so much for standing up and creating a series that truly honors the spirit of Trek.

    To anyone who wants to watch the ep I mentioned, here you go:

    • Thanks for your wonderful comments. Yes, donations are wonderful–but word-of-mouth advertising is almost as good. We’ll take it!
      Greg Schnitzer
      Co-Executive Producer
      Star Trek Phase II

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Make a one time donation of any amount, via PayPal, or check or credit card.



Make a one time donation of any amount, via PayPal, or check or credit card.