Star Trek: Phase II Announces First Detail of Planned “ReLaunch” This Summer.

Star Trek: Phase II Announces First Detail of Planned “ReLaunch” This Summer.

Introducing Brian Gross as Captain James T. Kirk!

Senior Executive Producer James Cawley is thrilled to announce today that Brian Gross will be taking on the role of Captain James T. Kirk for Star Trek: Phase II. Starting with the twelfth episode, “Bread and Savagery”, currently filming in upstate New York, Gross will star as the iconic and most beloved captain in all of space as the award winning series continues to film and release new episodes, comprising the fourth and fifth season of Star Trek: The Original Series.

A talented and very experienced young actor, Gross has been in a number of feature films, including Red Tails, Knifepoint, and Big Mama’s House 2; and has a dizzying long list of guest starring and recurring roles on network TV shows including NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: New York, Psych, NCIS, Las Vegas, Bones, Joey, JAG, Saving Grace, and Cold Case.

With Cawley’s career as the #1 Elvis impersonator in the United States swinging into full gear, he made the difficult decision that a re-cast was necessary to continue production of Star Trek: Phase II episodes. “I love performing,” said Cawley, “and at this point doing the work that pays the bills on this amazing adventure obviously prevents me from acting as the lead in this hobby.” With a change imminent on the horizon, the Senior Executive Producer decided it was the perfect opportunity to “ramp up” the production several notches. “Bringing in a solid, professional actor to play James Kirk will challenge us all to move things to the next level – and beyond,” he said.

The boundlessly energetic Cawley will remain Senior Executive Producer of the series, as well as continuing to perform the myriad of tasks he’s known for: set construction, props, costumer, costume designer, special effects makeup artist – to name a few.

The addition of Brian Gross as the new star of Star Trek: Phase II is only one of several planned changes to “re-launch” the series this year, which will be revealed over the course of the next several months. Fans can expect previously filmed episodes – including “Kitumba”, “The Protracted Man”, and “Mind-Sifter” – to be released when finished, while Brian will portray Kirk forward on the series that has already won numerous awards, including The TV Guide Award for Best Webisodes (beating out “Battlestar Gallactica”), two Golden Icon Awards (Best Web Series and Best Lead Actor on a Webseries), as well as both a Hugo and Nebula nomination.

Brian’s Facebook Page:

Brian on IMDB: 

And here’s an interview with Brian by crew member Jaime “Fez” Sanchez:

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  • Aaron-5 says:

    Wow! Brian looks a good natural as Kirk. I admit,Mr Cawley’s Kirk will always be a personal favorite of mine,but I look forward to what the new guy will show us as our legendary Captain.

    Warp speed as always.

    • Scott Drake says:

      Thanks Mr. Crawley… your efforts on behalf of ‘real Star Trek’ should be lauded more often. Brian Cross my best to you. The clip I just watch was fantastic.


    Its going to be hard not seeing james as the captain. I hope Brian does a good job..
    GOD BLESS YOU ALL…and thank you ..cast and crew for your episodes.

  • Thomas L. Anderson says:

    I think Mr. Cawley has made a good choice. With all he has on his plate. It is a good time introduce a new Kirk. To James, Live long and prosper.
    Respectfully, Thomas L. Anderson (A very proud member of the
    Star Trek family.)

  • Collin Pierce says:

    Wow, he even looks like William Shatner! If Brian can play the part as well as James did, I’ll be very happy with this casting choice! I am generally not a fan of recasting in the middle of a series, but since this is more of an issue of real life priorities getting in the way than a film making politics scenario, I understand completely. Good luck, Mr. Gross! The people of the galaxy (and the fans) are counting on you! Make us proud!

  • Alex says:

    Cawley’s performance as Kirk has gotten more solid over the years, though I think all of us understand having to take work that pays the bills over work that adds to them, even if that work is award-winning. Hope you guys continue kicking some asteroids!

  • Shawn says:

    I echo the two comments ahead of me. Not happy with James stepping down from the role, but quite pleased with the reason. (Can you link a little video of that character?) I also am eager to see the new work, and have faith that your choice on Brian will prove a good one.

    I wish I had resources and time to come over there and help the project, but I missed that bus a long time ago. Seeing the actors keep the show alive is awesome. I’m sure they are living out the dreams of many fans beside myself.

    My thanks to them and to the supporting staff, you’re all terrific.
    If you ever warp in near a planet of clowns, I’d like to know about it.

    Shawn Murphy (actor) / Bobo T. Clown (character)

  • Yoxi says:

    I’ll miss James’s quiff :).

  • Douglas Hornick says:

    I’m sure Brian will do a great job for Phase II but I just don’t care much for change when it comes to characters in a TV series. I cringe to think if William Shatner was ever replaced as James T. Kirk. James Cawley even had some of Bill’s mannerisms, his slight pauses when reciting his lines is one that sticks out. I will hate to see you go James Cawley. I look forward to the ongoing production of Phase II. Thank you so much.

  • I’d like to know how to get hold of the grey “slave” shirts from Bread and Savagery. I found a link at one time where they were available for sale here on the site. It was a way to help donate to Phase II and, selfishly, for me to have one of those cool shirts. Could have sworn I went through the on line store process of ordering and paying for a couple. That was a few months ago. Maybe I didn’t actually do the proper check out procedure. Thought I did, but still waiting. I don’t see that page anymore. Are they still available? Would love to help out and get those shirts. Please, do tell.

  • Moby says:

    Loving the ‘currently filming’ part. And yeah, he’s got the right look for the part.

  • Charles says:

    A very strong resemblance to young Shatner. I’m sure he will fill the shoes quite nicely.

  • qdq says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  • Kindoalkun says:

    Wow really love Cawley! Thank you so much for all the work. I’m excited about the new Kirk, he really looks the part too. But dang…Cawley, you are one-of-a-kind. Your love for this stuff is appreciated.

  • robert halbrook says:

    as much as i liked mr crawley as capt kirk mr gross looks more like shatner’s kirk than any one to date. i am an original trek fan since i was in the 7th grade in 66 gene and majel roddenbarry would be proud of your efforts and attention to detail in the props special effects and character portrayal of the original crew. who knows maybe you will even get shatner and nimoy to do a guest roles if their health permits.

  • Hull says:

    Brian Gross seems to have the look and the presence of a good Kirk.

    However, I am worried about Brian Gross lacking in the vocal department. I guess it can be improved with practice using what he got. Otherwise I am afraid it will be a bit meek. For me Kirk need to have some masculine power in his voice to work well for his purpose of being a strong leader.

    But I’m not going to make any assumptions before I see Brian in full action.

    Keep up the good work!

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