Going Boldly!

Join The Crew of The Enterprise as Star Trek: Phase II boldly RE-LAUNCHES it’s series with Veteran actor Brian Gross taking over the center seat as Captain James T. Kirk! along with Brandon Stacy as Mr. Spock and John Kelly as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy!

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  • Aaron-5 says:

    WOWEE! TOO GOOD FOR WORDS! Thanks for placing this up Rob. I admit Mr.Gross as Kirk does a great job,I look forward to seeing more of him in action. Loved the arex shots,good job on that,and the whole scene was defenitely reminscient of the first two movies.

    Oh yeah,and even though the original nacelles design grew on me well,I do like the new outiftted parts for the enterprise,looked way cool!

    Boldly again boys…

  • Mark Jaeger says:

    This is totally fantastic. I love the fact that Phase: II is tying everything together. Great work. I am looking foreward to more.



  • Sean Grisham says:

    Wow… that was beyond amazing! The acting by the new Kirk, promise of more Phase II to come, and best of all, the new Enterprise, how come Kirk always got the nice hotrod starships? :) Perfect blend of the old and new. Thanks James and crew!

  • RJ says:

    WOW! Thank you everyone. The flavor and spirit of Star Trek LIVES!

  • R. McM says:

    Looks great! Brian seems a good fit. He has a young sounding voice though. Would like to see how he might react/explode when a situation calls for it. Enterprise looks good too. Nice to see the orange glow from the warp drive rather than the blue. A nice evolutionary step toward STTMP Enterprise.

  • Nathan Kaiser says:

    I really like that Admirals Award Ribbons any chance of those made for fans?

  • Stewart Jeffrey says:

    wow….just wow need i say more?

  • Doug Curtis says:

    Nice intro to the Phase II relaunch and Brian Gross seems to be making a good start in the Kirk role. I also liked the USS Enterprise refit launch from the asteroid dry-dock, I remember some concept art for either Star Trek II or ST:TNG with similar scenes in mind.

  • Jonesy says:

    Outstanding. The CGI Edosian is a nice touch. I assume that it’s Arex? Even though Cawley will be missed as Captain Kirk, I think Mr. Gross will be a good successor, based on this clip.

  • James Baines says:

    This is so cool. I always wanted to be in Star Trek, ever since I was a kid! Keep it up. 😀

  • Robert says:

    The new Kirk has too whimpy of a voice, Sounds like a Kid not a Man. Cawley did a good job he just needed blonde hair like shatner.Very disappointed he won’t return as Kirk.
    Christina Marie Moses was Amazing, with George Takei. Very Good Actress – you should try to get her back.

    Excited about Doohan playing his fathers role. The Spocks haven’t been very impressive.

    I have seen every Star Trek actor in Person yes even DeForrest Kelley , Creator Gene Roddenberry, Shatner 5 times, Nimoy,Mark Leonard -etc. even the spinoff actors the Next Generation,DS9,Voyager & the enterprise casts.

    Take my thoughts for what you think they are worth. I just think a few more casting changes might be worthwhile

  • Phil says:

    Nice. Always love that dolphin flip turn. Brilliant to see Lt Arex!

  • joe kennedy says:

    have been a longtime fan of star trek for years, im 42 yrs old and love the ideas & work this crew and producers have done and thought the past episodes are vintage Star Trek. Your work honors the way Star Trek should be and hope you continue this for many years to come.

  • joe kennedy says:

    if there are any auditions for a part in this series i would love to come and audition & join. Thanks for your work!

  • Glenn W says:

    Though i was intially saddened that James Cawley was stepping down from the role of Kirk sadened me I found Brian Gross absolutely fantasic! The diologue here was great. The Enterprise refit is a beautiful design – A perfect cross between the series and movie versions of her. That you CGIed the crewman from the animated series blew me away!

  • Woah! That’s Arex (complete with three arms!) on the bridge from The Animated Series! I remember him from when I a was a kid watching it every Saturday Morning, *Really* cool!

  • dean holyer says:

    I’ve been viewing Star Trek fan movies since 1998. The film quality keeps getting better as production of the video gets more digital. And over the last five years it seems that they are starting to take on the Pro look in image quality. I wonder if any of the Star Trek production companies will ever jump into the 3D market. I wonder how the Great Bird of the Galaxy feels his visiom is living today. I feel both him and his wife are enjoying their view of the world of Star Trek today from their seat in Heaven. Good spirits to all whom live in the Star Trek Universe, as the world steps closer to it each day.

  • Glenn Thacker says:

    Very nice. I can’t wait. I actually rather like the partial refit of the Enterprise. Including a CGI Lieutenant Arex was an interesting choice, too. Hopefully the person doing your CGI is up to making the character believable.

  • BLaufman says:

    I like the new Captain & the look of the new ship. This production has seriously stepped it up! Looking forward to an episode!!!!

  • Joseph says:

    Literally get chills watching this. Absolutely gorgeous ship. Can’t wait to see her in action!

  • zack says:

    lookin’ awesome. nice inclusion with Lieutenant Arex! WORD!!!!

  • Thomas L. Anderson says:

    I like the work you are doing. I hope there will more shows.

  • Robert says:

    it looking good, kirks voice sounds a little different from kirk of the old series, maybe sometime in the future, they will bring the first series back to real tv, not just online, well good luck, he looks the part like kirk but his voice, you could get a voice actor to do a voice over maybe, he sounds too young for his age of voice, I guess I am a little used to the true star trek with the original crew but I do like the new aliens and effects, but feel the acting doesn’t exacly compare in the past at least too , the actors who first played the parts of Spock, kirk and bones, the effects are good, and it feels like star trek besides these small things. I guess you could get used to kirks new voice

  • Robert says:

    everyone who has seen the first star trek knows Captain James T. Kirk, does not sound like that from the series and movies . also no one who deletes comments, that are nice ones, should be supporting a star trek fan base, if your going to delete the fans comments, why do you ask for comments if your going to just delete them. I am looking forward to the next real star trek movie, with the heroes actors in them, the efftect and aliens again are good, but you need to really work on the acting , some people can’t stand bad acting for real , like for example if you show these to some family members who like star trek, they find it unwatchable bacause of the bad acting, otherwise its a great thing to keep star trek alive, even if they will not yet it on tv anymore, and keep making the movies since the star trek 2009 did great, I even went and got that blu-ray version of the film, again be nice too the fans and don’t delete their comments , or you guys are going to have no fans. and yes their are more than one robert out their in this world.

  • Robert says:

    why does it say no comments and yet shows mind after the 2nd post? is their a bug in the posting system, if so sorry, I thougth my first nice comment to support ir for lost for some reason.

  • RandomNoCommentsBUg says:

    IF your name is robert and you post, and delete history it shows no comments again, or when you say Start the ball rolling by posting a comment on this article!, you mean you really don’t want any public USA person to post here???

  • Rick Taylor says:

    Wow, that is the first word that comes to mind. Just WOW! Lieutenant Arex looks fantastic. The ship looks incredible. Brian Gross as Captain Kirk, absolutly wonderful. A worthy successor to Mr. Cawley. I can’t wait for new episodes. I just wish there were more I could do to help make that a reality.

  • I have to admit, as thrilled as I was seeing the pre-movie Enterprise unveiling, seeing Lt. Arex at the helm gave me shivers…I truly cannot wait…

  • DougR says:

    I really appreciate all that Crawley productions have done up to this point. I just have to say this: I see a waste of potential. You have a huge opportunity to make an entire series of episodes between “The Motion Picture” and “The Wrath of Khan”. I know it would be costly to get enough costumes, sets, and props, but if you made a better pitch to the fanbase for material donations as well as funding (maybe offer a screen credit or perhaps a DVD collection of all the works to this point?), it can happen.

    • Michael says:

      From what I understand, the group making these episodes are being ‘allowed’ to offer them free of charge to fans by CBS/Paramount. They can not make a penny from the production and distribution of ay material based on Star Trek, so the sale of DVDs is probably not in the picture.

  • Terry says:

    An excellent production as usual. I must admit though that I’ll have a hard time ever seeing Mr. Gross as a credible Kirk. Mr. Cawley brought a lot of Shatner to the role with him, whereas I saw no ‘Kirkness’ with Mr. Gross’ performance. That being said, I look forward to future productions. I love Star Trek and I appreciate and enjoy all the hard work everyone does to bring these stories to life for us all. I’m sure with time I will get used to our new Kirk. Good luck and best wishes to the Phase 2 team!

    • MacPaladin says:

      I dunno, Terry. I see exactly the opposite of what you see. And as I’m willing to bet James would be the first to agree, nobody is trying to emulate Shatner at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Although, to my practiced eye, I have to say that both of them take the Shatner-Kirk performance and make it their own in their own unique ways. In James’ performance, I have always seen the quiet intensity side of Shatner’s Kirk. But look at the mannerisms, the look in the eye, aspects of the cadence. Brian Gross has studied both mentor and muse and brought something of BOTH of his predecessors to the fore. Granted, it’s really hard to lay a firm judgement on a man’s performance based off one speech. But it’s a solid start.

  • Jeff says:

    Love the CG Arex! Can’t wait for new episodes.

  • James Aemielius says:

    :/ I can only say; “Penny in the air”. I like the idea of ‘blended’ TOS and TMP Enterprise but not completely sold on it either.
    I also agree that Brian Gross is not who I would have picked to take up the Kirk legacy.

    On the other, more practical hand, I understand the need for James to concentrate on the day job and fund these fine productions.

  • Bobby says:

    I can not get used to the dumpy looking Spock. The new Kirk needs to grow a chin.
    I just don’t see this getting any better casting soon.
    Maybe I’ll get used to the new guy but I liked the first Spock and James Cowley a lot better. I guess you can’t be a beggar when the cast works for free. I’ll live with it and enjoy the hard work of everyone the best I can.

  • Sam says:

    The new Kirk looks great; the new Enterprise looks fantastic; nice cameo by Captain Garth; and we even see the new CGI Arex! Absolutely fantastic work by everybody, the love shows, thank you so much for this series!

    Star Trek Lives!

  • Cathy Arnold says:

    The only thing that comes to mind is WOW!!!!!!.

  • Dave says:

    It is very difficult to locate and download episodes. Is this some kind of a test?

  • Dave says:

    The work by the cast and crew of Star Trek phase 2 is amazing. When will be able to download this episode

  • Greg McFalls says:

    Watching your episodes reminds me of the first time I was switching channels and I found three main characters and a fascinating space ship. The episode was “Catspaw” and i was forever hooked to the Star Trek legacy. Please keep the feeling going again. The five year mission must continue.


  • Rob H. says:

    Mr Gross is no substitute for James Cawley.

  • Robert Piekiel says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw Arex as navigator! Great job! Will M’Ress be in the newest episodes as well?

  • Dave says:

    it was 33 Years ago this past Friday, December 7th, That I saw Star Trek : the Motion Picture on it’s Opening Day. I saw the First showing of the Day at the Theater : 11;10 Am.
    i was in Junior High School at the Time. We had an early Dismissal due to Teachers conferences.
    I walked in my Door at 10:48 am that moring of December 7th, 1979. All i said was ” Ma, “Star Trek ” opened today”. I gotta See it ! ” It starts at 11:10. She was upstairs making the beds. next Thing I knew she had her coat on and she had the car keys out.
    I got to the theater at about 11::05 am tops. I bought that ticket so Fast it would make your head spin.
    I remember sitting down in a mid seat on the right side of the theater about 2 seats in from the aisle.
    I could go on and on.
    Little did I realise i was sittind down to see Star Trek and Cinematic Film History.
    I remember seeing each part of that film fo the first time to this day.
    It sort of brings a tear to my eye.

  • Chris Althouse says:

    An actual Lt. Arex… NICE! :) Will there be any other touches of TAS in this as well? Like perhaps another meeting with Commodore Robert April? Can’t wait to see this! :) FREAKIN’ SWEET! :)

  • andy says:

    loved it but sorry there is a but should of put the motion picture uniforms in as that’s when the refit sits in on the original timeline apart from that gr8

  • Rob says:

    I have been following phase 2 for a while now, and this has really kicked it back into touch for me. James Crawley brought a lot of ‘shatner’ into it, and there is not so much of it now, however I am sure Brian Gross will evolve into it just nicely.

  • John Castle says:

    I’m still very interested in penning a teleplay for this series, if the production team is open to having one from me.

  • Sinha says:

    I’m currently homeless (in that I have no home to call my own) and jobless. These New Voyages give me a chance to escape my reality for a while. I can’t thank Crawley Production enough for doing these episodes. You’ve set the mark so very high. I wish I could contribute, but my financial situation won’t allow me to do so… yet. Please keep these coming. It gives me hope. Thank you again, James Crawley.

  • Clint says:

    Arex looks awesome on here.

  • Craig says:

    I discovered New Voyages by accident 1 night while YouTube surfing. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing–assumed the bridge was the original, it was so perfect! But overal, I must ashamedly admit, I thought it stunk. For some reason, watched another episode week later. Thought ‘hmmm that seemed a little better’. Watched the 3rd a couple days later, & was completely hooked–raced through the remaining episodes, cried when I could find no more, & then finally went looking online to find out what this was about. Of course I found this site, & now, all I can say is WOW!! Keep up the amazing work!

    I’ll miss James, but I think Brian will do a fine job. Seeing Arex blew me away. Please, please, please don’t stop!

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