Friends, I’ve been reviewing the footage of our episodes that you are waiting for and all three episodes require some additional footage to be shot in order for us to finish and release them. I’ve decided that it would simply be irresponsible to start filming another episode at this time while we have three episodes that still need footage. So we are going to put off filming “Troublesome Minds” for the time being and devote our fall 2012 shoot to picking up the footage needed to finish “Kitumba”, “The Protracted Man” and “Bread and Savagery”. With everything I plan to accomplish this fall our fans can look forward to exciting things from Phase II in 2013!

We can still use more folks to help with both the fall shoot (10/31-11/10) and our fun and terrifying Haunted Penfield event (10/26-28). You won’t regret joining us! Go ahead and email [email protected] to add your name and get details!

– James Cawley

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  • John Abreau says:

    Sounds like a sensible decision. Bravo!

  • Martin says:

    I know you probably get asked this a billion times a day…..

    Do you know about when they’ll be finished?

  • Chris says:

    This is an excellent executive decision. I’m looking forward to all that is ahead!

  • Coecludd says:

    Any news on the episode “origins”? I thought it was going to be episode 9 and not too far off from completion. It wasn’t named as an episode that requires addition filming scenes (unless it’s been renamed) so I’m just curious how that’s going?

  • Lester says:

    Does this mean that there will be 3 episodes being released in 2013??? Be still my beating heart!

  • Peter Baldwin says:

    I love this series as the quality is fantastic. I appreciate the dedication you have put into this series.

  • Daryl Barber says:

    Excellent news and really glad you are focusing on quality as always, well done and many thanks for not only keep the dream alive but taking it to new heights.

  • Joe Busa says:

    Wish I could do anything to help unfortunately I can’t right now but God willing maybe in a month or so. You see thursday on a just to be safe follow up they found a very big blot clot in my femoral artery .so I was ordered home to take pills and painful shots. Does bones make a house call? So far I have woken up everyday that’s a good thing and looks. Like I will make my 54th birthday on the 23. Thanks for twisting thing to my rant
    Joe Busa
    Clinton Massachusetts

  • Ian says:

    I am a huge Star Trek fan and I absolutely love the Phase II Fan Series and all the time, work and effort you guys put into the series, plus, the effects and detail are just outstanding. I think James and the rest of the cast are brilliant actors I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes and I’m sure they will most definitely be worth the wait! Keep em coming!

  • Jasen Barringer says:

    u will set plan next episode i like new enterprise phase II so cool. Hey James u still act Captain Kirk. one thing i need with Closed Caption i am deaf i am huge fan Star Trek.

  • John Prisel says:

    It is great to hear that Kitumba is finally going to be coming out. It has been several years since I donated my time and materials in making many of the foam latex foreheads that were used in the original shoot for Kitumba in exchange for an end film credit which plugs our website – and an episode credit for being a makeup lab technician. Thanks guys for working on this one again. I look forward to finally seeing my name on a show credit in IMDB and the increased traffic to our online store which was the reason that convinced me to donate $1200.00 of my time and materials in the first place. Keep up the good work, I’ll check these posts often to see what is new.

  • Tom DuBois says:

    Nice job on this! I am old enough to have enjoyed TOS when it first ran – you are doing nice work!

    (Of course this really belongs on the “Contact” page, but I tried several times to use that and each time the page failed to send the message. So I am posting it here. As in Lt. Uhura: “What are you doing on this frequency?”)

    Here’s my question: I have a full collection of TOS, TNG, and several of the movies on VHS, which I am looking to sell. I could go the eBay route, but I really don’t want the trouble. I would love to sell this collection to someone local (I am in Glens Falls, not too far from Port Henry). Do you know if there are any local NE NY contacts who might be interested?

    Thanks! Live long and prosper.

    Tom DuBois

  • Tim Garrison says:

    –Hello, My name is Tim Garrison and I am a Moriah town councilman and the chairman of the Moriah community and economic development group. We greatly appreciate your activities and your business. Our inquiry is that we would like to meet inorder to discuss some ideas as far as attracting more people to port henry and the town of Moriah.
    We beleive that with what you are doing – we both can benefit from attracing more people to our area — My phone # 518-637-1080(cell) or work # 518-873-6386.
    We have just completed redoing our chamber of commerce and would love to tie in your moving making.Thanks for your time and consideration,Tim Garrison

  • Bradley Saunders says:

    Hey Jim,
    Thanks for the update! I look forward to seeing more come out! I’ve been a fan since the beginning and as soon as I can financially support this project and offer my talents, I will!
    Best always,


  • michael havrylkoff says:

    Mr. Cawley,

    is there any news on Mindsifter?

  • Patrick says:

    Wise decision all around. Sounds like you’ve got plenty of material already stacking up as it is. Waiting to see the finished episodes.

    I know this is off-topic, but how’s the Wild Wild West project coming along? The teaser looks fascinating.

  • Kurt says:

    I have not seen it yet. Can not say I like it or hate it, till I see it.

  • Matthew Markovich says:

    Question: I have been meaning to ask this for some time but “WHY” do you film in upstate New york? Surely there are better, perhaps cheaper locations where the weather isn’t so off-putting? I don’t know, Oklahoma? Iowa? New Mexico is big right now. Upstate New York just seems so so yucky!

  • Larry says:

    Dear folks!

    Brilliant episodes indeed! Would love to see an episode where the Enterprise NCC 1701 meets up with the Borg. Could be an isolated covert operation or a time warp intervention. Perhaps the Enterprise gets whisked to Warf 359, or interacts with Janeway or Picard. Just some food for thought.

    Keep up the great work!

  • senseimark55 says:

    what about Mind Sifter

  • Daren says:

    I must compliment you on such a very good job your doing I have encountered many so called fan fiction and fan made video clips but it’s like they never even seen the show before, trying to cram in such weird ideas so you’ve really hit the nail on the head and I commend you for your work

    Live long and prosper

  • Robert says:

    I understand that the Starship Exeter group used your sets. Do you know why they were unable to finish the Tressaurian story that they started?

    • Starship Exeter did not use the Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II sets. (Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II is in upstate New York; the Starship Exeter folks were in Texas.) We can’t speak informedly about that other production and why there has been such a delay in releasing the final act of their last episode. But our understanding is that, even now, work continues on getting the last act finished up and released.

      • Bradzilla says:

        It was my understanding that the Exeter sets were essentially abandoned and subsequently given to another production, that being Star Trek Ajax. Are the Exeter folks planning on shooting final scened on the refurbished Ajax set? There’s been a decade-plus gap in filming, and I think the aging differences would be notable. I’d still be happy to see it.

        • Patty Wright says:

          That’s an awesome idea – but you’d have to ask the folks at Starship Ajax their plans for their own sets.

          • Bradzilla says:

            From the Ajax web site:

            “Once completed the Ajax sets will be made available to any fan production who wishes to have the TOS setting. The hope is to inspire and encourage the development of other Star Trek fan films by negating the expenses associated with building their own sets.”

            I’d love to go and shoot some stuff, but they’re too far away from me. Heck, I’d love to just go over and play on their sets for an afternoon.

  • Jason Lynk says:

    Hi, I’ve been an avid fan since I first found this in 2009 and just want to say you have all done a very great job with this show. Amazing quality that gets better every time, and huge attention to even the smallest details. I watch a few fan made series, but this is by far the best, and my favorite. Keep up the outstanding work ladies and gentlemen, and Thank You for everything you do. But I do have one nagging question if you don’t mind. Any update on post production and release dates?

    • Our most recent release, the “Going Boldly” vignette, was released a few months ago. We have four eother episodes in a various stages of post production (and even some in pre-production–which is a different story altogether). Our next release is lated to be “Kitumba,” which Senior Executive Producer Mr. James Cawley has announced will be released “this spring.” So look for it in, well, I guess the next 90 days!

      As for our other episodes in the post-production hopper: we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them. 😉

  • Christopher.J.Russo says:

    Want to volunteer to work on production. Have emailed. Have time off work coming up. Super reliable hard worker. Let me know. References provided of needed (would a “secret” security clearance from Homeland Security be enough?)

  • Chris Russo says:

    James, just spent one of the best weeks of my life up there!
    Wife says I’ve never been happier! Already been cleared for next summer if you guys’ll have me!

  • Teri Wiles says:

    I have been a star trek fan from the beginning (TOS). I just found you when I was looking for star trek stuff on YouTube. Your productions are very good, I love them. I have downloaded one of your episodes to see if I can get it in iTunes but can’t seem to get it to work. I have digitizied all my movies and TV shows on my Mac (on tarabyte drives). Do you have them in another format, like m4v or are you going to make them available on DVD,s? I really want to add them to my other star trek shows.

    Huge star trek now phase 2 fan,

  • Paul De Leon says:

    At 52 still a fan of this show and it’s concepts even though my house nwas robbed and I lost my whole star trek collection of phasers and tricorders and was left homeless and stopped watching anything related to trek after seeing these episodes I now have a renewed interest THANK YOU, YOU HAVE GIVEN ME WHAT GENE RODDENBERRY INTENDED FOR US ALL HOPE THANKS AGAIN AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  • Marc says:

    To James
    Today I just discovered Star Trek Phase II..UNBELIEVABLE…incredible stories …sets…read how it all came about…you have done a great tribute to Gene…and I was surprised to see original star trek members in the episodes!! I have every original episode of the original star trek..tongue..voyager…enterprise and ds9…I guess my collection is about to grow…James Cawley…THANKYOU!!

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