Helping Star Trek Phase 2: November Expenses (18%/7% Goals Met)

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(A short summary of each expense category is located below in each donate box)

This shoot, we will be concentrating on finishing our unfinished episodes so we can get them released to you!


Studio Expenses: 18% of goals


Server/Bandwidth Expenses: 7% of goals



Q. How can I help the production this month?

A. The Star Trek Phase 2 Production can use assistance in the form of donations to help out with our October 2012 studio related expenses, server & bandwidth related expenses – WE HAVE REACHED 70% OF OUR GOAL FOR THE UPCOMING FALL 2012 SHOOT!!!

Studio Expenses and Server & Bandwidth Expenses for November are due the beginning of each month, and quick assistance with those would be greatly appreciated.

These donations will ONLY be utilized to support the production efforts of New Voyages Phase II.

Help With Studio & Utility Expenses


Help With Bandwidth & Server Expenses


Help With Upcoming June Shoot Expenses










Helps cover studio expenses such as mortgage, taxes, maintenance and utilities (electric, water, etc) between shoots. Utilities cost money even when not being used (account fees, “line fees”, surcharges and tax, etc). These are rather large expenses that must be covered promptly before their due dates, or we incur large fees and possibly risk service disconnection and high reconnect fees.
Helps cover server, bandwidth and power costs to run the Post Production FTP Servers (where the episodes and VFX transfer through @ up to 3TB/month), website and forums. This only covers COSTS of the services and servers – outside companies wanted four times as much as our cost to provide these services. These must be paid by their due dates or our services get interrupted.
Helps cover additional utilities (electricity (for instance, the bridge alone can take over 25,000W to power – compared to your entire house, which probably only draws between 5,000W and 10,000W total), water, sewage, trash removal, transportation expenses, set building expenses, rentals, etc).

These donations are NOT tax deductible within the USA because Retro Film Studios LLC is NOT, at this time, an IRS 501(c)(3) entity.

Your help during the upcoming months is greatly appreciated, as those of us who’ve been carrying the remaining monthly expenses each month also need to save up to attend the shoot and cover whatever shoot expenses remain. As of now, with tens of thousands of fans watching our episodes, only a tiny handful contribute, leaving well over 90% of our expenses still being covered by crew and cast.

We strive to provide quality entertainment. We have over eight years of being in operation – and currently the bulk of all expenses are covered by crew and cast members – the same ones putting time, even more money and talent into making each episode).

The assistance of every fan of our episodes is sought, even the smallest contributions. $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or higher donations will be invaluable to building a broad-base donor program.

The good news is that once we are able to concentrate more effort on producing and delivering episodes, YOU, the fans, will have more New Voyages Phase II entertainment to enjoy or to just view.

We fully intend to continue producing award winning and envelope-pushing Original Series style episodes.

Please simply click one (or more than one) of the PayPal links above to help out the production.

Our eternal gratitude in advance…
The New Voyages Phase II Team

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  • Bradley Saunders says:

    Hey guys! I think more people might help financially if you spelled out all the cost involved in this project such as set construction, costumes, makeup, equipment, etc… Then we can know exactly how much cash we are looking at going into this project. Most people don’t want to donate to general items unless they know exactly how much is going into each item, much like a church budget… Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

  • Bradley Saunders says:

    Sorry for a second post… I meant dollar values for each item… Such as rental of the studio costs x dollars per month and utilities are x dollars per month, etc… Then come up with a dollar value goal… It’s very vague having a percentage to contribute to. You never know how much you need… Will $20 get you 30%? Will $200?
    Hope this helps… I won’t feel too bad if you ignore it.

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  • Tim Coats says:

    I would like to help but have no funds to, But am asking if you need any with advertising for free on my Pages and Groups in Facebook-Twitter- Pinterest Google+ or if even you have any T-Shirts or any Apps , Flyers/, Posters I would be able to do your marketing for free just make up the Info Packs and I can take it from here!
    thank you for your time

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Make a one time donation of any amount, via PayPal, or check or credit card.



Make a one time donation of any amount, via PayPal, or check or credit card.