Red Alert! Transporter Emergency: Scotty Needs YOUR help!!!

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There’s a transporter emergency and Scotty needs YOUR help!! He was right in the middle of beaming some visitors aboard when the transporter malfunctioned and the folks got stuck in the pattern buffer. Our valiant Engineer has done everything he could to keep them there for the time being – but there’s no telling how long their patterns will remain intact. Scotty needs your help to get them on board safely! (NONE of us want a preview of what happens later in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, do we?!)

Our favorite “miracle worker” identified the parts he needs to fix this marvelous

piece of technology and finagled a remarkable trade with the planet the Enterprise

is currently orbiting. But there’s been a problem. Not only did the trade not work

and the planet now wants cash – United States Dollars, but now they are also instituting

an additional fine after having tasted the trade – our cooks “tunafish casserole”. 😳 (Hey, Scotty was trying to do the crew a favor at the same time!)

The worst part of all of this? We don’t even know who Scotty is beaming up to our

ship!! IS IT YOU?! Look hard….it just may be!


The Quartermaster needs to collect $800 for the parts Scotty needs to fix the

transporter and save our visitors. Please help him save them – and his reputation!

PLEASE send your donations for Scotty and his transporter via PayPal to: [email protected] and note “For Scotty”.

Everyone who donates to this project will be entered into a chance to be one of the people Scotty saves!

Once the needed funds are collected a drawing will be held and if you are one of those who win, we’ll ask for a “full body photo” and you will get to see yourself beamed aboard with the other winners – and maybe one of our crew!

Don’t take any chance that these folks who are caught in the pattern buffer are friends of yours – help Scotty save them!

Thank you in advance for helping our favorite Engineers reputation – and our visitors!

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  • RandomUSer says:

    So I thought CBS said they can’t collect money for a fan series, am I misunderstanding something here???

    I like the fan series it has been good In the past, but also seem like their way over late for releasing the last few epsiodes too, like months ago it was suppost to happen but has not ….
    keep up the good acting guys….
    the cgs effects are the best under star trek new voyages, but can’t beat the orginal star trek acting thou.. it needs work, on acting showed this fan series to family they find the acting bad compared to the first star trek crew, and compared to the movie actors.

  • RandomUSer says:

    KITUMBA (S04E08) for example where is it, I heard it was going to be show online months ago, I was looking forward to seeing it but I am still waiting the last show is taking forever for example, when I say their late to release, I can stand the acting but not ever star trek fan can stand the acting, its watchable to my standards, but not everone

    • Sean Patrick Kennedy Hill says:

      Are you kidding? Do you have ANY idea how much it would cost to shoot a film in Hollywood (anywhere really) that has the production values this fan series uses? Well lets just say Star Trek (Next Gen) in the 1987 season with inferior FX and similar sets and locations was over 1.5 million bucks an episode… Get the picture? So using those 25 year old figures this series should be around what..? 6-8 million in? It’s amazing what James and his merry band of misfit toys can do on a Happy Meal budget every episode. Throw in the cost of a movie ticket each month and be a part of the ever improving magic.. Or go watch an old episode from the 60’s for the elevendy third time! Whatever makes you happy.

  • Eric says:

    Come on posters, how can you compare acting from the professional TOS to the amateur fan work? These guys are doing more than decent work on the quality of the phase ii episodes, and it keeps on getting better.

    I agree that episodes are not coming as fast a the fans would like, but hey, again, doing what they can with the available means.

    Keep them coming guys. Good work.


  • Scottydawg says:

    Yes it was fun in the first place to see the episodes, but now it’s getting a little bit overboard. Yes I believe CBS may get a little upset about raising funds by someone else to produce episodes of their licensed property. People are getting paid to produce special effects and the guest stars are getting union scale pay. If it is getting too expensive to produce them it’s time to stop.Use volunteers from now on. There are a lot of talented people doing great special effects on their computers at home. We will still watch Mr, Cawley, just don’t go into debt! Just show what you have in the “can” so to speak and don’t try to be TV broadcast quality.

  • Patty Wright says:

    Random User: it’s true, CBS does not allow any fanfilm to “collect money to produce the fanfilm”. They do, however, allow us to collect money for specific items. This is for “parts for the transporter” and, therefore, follows those guidelines. (It makes it easy for them to check – “show us the money you collected for transporter parts and the reciepts for those parts.” and they do check us!

    I’m sorry you misunderstood about “Kitumba”. It’s supposed to be released in late Spring…probably June.

    I know it seems like it’s a long time between our releases, but it’s really not. Not nearly as long between the release of the Star Trek movies! And we’re pretty proud that number of days between our releases are getting shorter. Here’s the breakdown.

    Come What May 1/16/04

    In Harms Way 10/8/04 266 days since last release

    Center Seat 3/17/04 510 days since last release

    To Serve All My Days 11/23/06 251 days since last release

    World Enough and Time 8/23/07 273 days since last release

    Blood and Fire Part 1 12/20/08 484 days since last release

    Blood and Fire Part 2 11/20/09 334 days since last release

    Enemy: Starfleet! 4/15/11 511 days since last release

    No Win Scenario 10/8/11 176 days since last release

    The Child 4/2/12 177 days since last release

    Going Boldly 8/6/12 126 days since last release

  • Patty Wright says:

    Scottydawg, I am afraid you have been completely misinformed. Star Trek: Phase II IS produced entirely by volunteers. And it’s almost completely paid for out of our producers pockets, with donations for special items like this coming from fans and crew.

    I would imagine it’s the incredible quality from our industry professional award winning volunteers that gave you the impression that people are getting paid. We’ll take that as a compliment.

    To be specific – our graphic artists do not get paid. Our Emmy winning DP does not get paid. In fact, they pay all their own expenses to attend our shoots…just like all our crew and cast. Lodging, transportation, food, gas… all paid for by the crew themselves. Our producers spend their money on the production wisely – what they donate goes into sets, costumes, better equipment: you won’t find us wasting money on t shirts and DVDs and other “gifts” for the hard working crew. We love them, but that $600 for t shirts goes into real needs, not silly things.

    If you want to argue that our SAG actors (both our recurring cast and guest stars) get “union scale”, then I guess you have us there. But, since “SAG Union scale” for “new media productions” (internet) is “$0 negotiate if you want more” than we are guilty. We do pay the required union wage of $0…

    Thank you for your suggestion that we release less than high quality episodes. I’m afraid that James Cawley, our Senior Executive Producer and Creator of the series will never “lower the bar” on what he, and the fans expect from us. I am sure most of our fans count on us just for that.

  • John M. Mulhern says:

    VERY well explained Patty! Hefty kudos also for writing such a clever and fun – not to mention delightfully on-topic! – appeal on behalf of those poor folks in the pattern buffer! It’s nice to think that our donations are helping out in TWO universes! :-)

  • Jaren Provo says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you!” to everyone involved in the creation and production of this series. I love these episodes and am in awe of just how much they keep improving. I appreciate all your hard work and am very happy to donate. I don’t have a lot to give, but I think this is a worthy, exciting cause, and I encourage everyone else who enjoys Phase II and/or TOS to donate what they can (either for the transporter, or for the other costs this series incurs, like its studio/utility/bandwidth/server/shoot expenses).

    To those who feel that the release times are too long… consider donating! I imagine part of the delay is that the projects hit funding snags. Or, even, volunteer your time, if you have the chance. Complaining to the people hard at work to make a wonderful show that you don’t even have to pay for seems a little selfish, don’t you think? Ask how you can help!

    And to those who feel dissatisfied with the scope, quality, or expense involved in making Phase II, I challenge you to become involved in order to shape the series’ production values, or, perhaps, launch your own fan series. It’s a lot of work. I, for one, am floored by the high quality of this series, and would like to do what I can to help it maintain that quality. Alright, so Phase II doesn’t have multi-million-dollar-salary headlining actors. If you think you can act, why not donate your talents to the show? There are opportunities to get involved and offer support, here. I think us fans should take some of those opportunities before getting critical. This is a home-grown series, made out of love, and I think it’s special. I like it.

    Thanks for keeping TOS alive.

  • Rick Taylor says:

    Hi, just chiming in. Okay, maybe the acting is a bit rough in places. So? The CGI is awesome. The sets, well, I have trouble spotting the bits where they aren’t as good or better than originals. The costuming? Where do I start? Such attention to detail and such high quality appearance from a FAN production are indeed rare and the dedication shown by cast and crew is truly remarkable. I have been watching since the second episode was released back in ’04 and I have shown the show to every trekkie friend I have, universally they love it. It’s a tad depressing I am so very broke. Hey, you never know…maybe I’ll win the lottery one of these days and Phase II will never have to worry about funding again. But that is just the dream…
    By the way…I haz ideaz about a fan production called Doctor Who – Redux. Talented writers or actors welcome to contact me…

    Keep on Trekkin’

  • Brianne says:

    Ugh, I won’t have a dime for a few weeks… My pockets are empty, but my Meta is headed your way … Good Luck, you deserve it for the love of your hard work!

  • James says:

    It’s too bad the Star Trek Continues group couldn’t have joined forces with New Voyages and shared expenses somehow. For example, they built another TOS set. Maybe they could have arranged a deal where they could have paid for the transporter parts in exchange for using the set. Maybe there are other fan groups out there willing to do just that.

    • Patty Wright says:

      Farragut Films, the Of Gods and Men group, and a lot of other fanfilm groups have used our sets in the past, and there are several slated to use them later this year. Sometimes it’s the location that makes building your own sets make more sense. If you all live in Georgia, it’s a long trek to upstate New York every time you want to film!

    • Robert says:

      I am glad they are separate productions. If fact, I wish more groups would spring up in other parts of the world. Cawley and Co. have proven that it can be done. There are a lot of people around the world who wish they could participate in Phase 2, myself included, but we can;t afford to go to New York. . If we had amateur groups around the world working on episodes it would increase the creativity as well as numbers of stories for everyone. Imagine next week, the British Star Trek Society releases an episode followed two weeks later by the Spokane Club. The South Africa Club made a DS9 Episode which was elease a month after that. Mr. Cawley doesn’t strike me as a prima donna. I doubt he would have a problem wityh Phase II people advising other groups via Skype. Some interaction and supportm yet each group would be independent.

  • Hyperlink says:

    Independent movie producers are demonstrating that the big studios do not are the sole judges of the things the public really want. When you add to that distribution on the internet, news flash web pages, from chat to complete motion pictures. It’s just a totally new world. Much of it wonderful, some not.

  • Willie... says:

    I wish THESE kinds of productions (Phase II and “Continues”) were on TV every week! :) *THIS IS STAR TREK*!!! The stuff coming out of Hollywood right now? “STINO” = Star Trek In Name Only. They can KEEP IT!!!

    What Hollywood should REALLY should do, is LOOK at these AMAZING “zero-budget” productions, and LEARN SOMETHING!! :) *THIS* is what WE THE PEOPLE really want, when it comes to Star Trek! Honor Canon, and tell great stories! :)

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