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Hello out there! My name is Jaime Sanchez, or more notably Fez from Star Trek: Phase II. This is the first in what will be the Crew Generated Content on the Phase 2 website.

Brandon Stacy (Mr. Spock) and Brian Gross (Captain Kirk)


If you have ever been to a Star Trek: Phase II shoot, you are more then bound to bump into me at any point in time… Whether I am hanging out with Brandon Stacy (Mr. Spock) or Brian Gross (Captain Kirk), running around like a manic looking for a prop or an actor, sitting with our Gaffer, Director and our DP (Director of Photography) reviewing some of the lighting of Star Trek: The Original Series on my laptop for ideas or on one of my breaks doing a monologue or dialogue from Star Trek or some other movie or TV Series (in and out of the studio)… I am all over the place. 


Yes I am Captain Kirk


To trace my passion for Star Trek, you need go no further then to blame my parents for subjecting me to at while only a few days old, during the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation… They still to some degree regret it. Since that point I have immersed myself in Star Trek, eventually falling hopelessly in love with Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise. Eventually some years later as I was in High School, I chanced to find a group of people creating new episodes of the Original Trek, and even a couple of years later my boy-hood fantasy of being on a Star Trek sound-stage, much less on the bridge of the Enterprise finally came true.


Sometimes it’s good to be the Captain


How did I get my nickname you ask? Well… The first part is a very long story. The more interesting one happened the very first day I was on set, actually within the first hour by the man who up until then was Captain Kirk to me, besides William Shatner. I am of course talking about our Executive Producer James Cawley. Let me set the stage… We’ll travel back to June 1, 2009… I had met Rob Mauro and one of the other grips outside the Bridge, and we were thinking about what to call me ( there were alot of Jim’s and James’ and even a Jami!) so we went with Sanchez until I did my Fez impression. No sooner did I finish, did James who was in the Bridge, came out and asked me:

“What’s your name!?!” 

“Ummm…. my name is Jaime.”

a long pause and then a look

“I’m gunna call you Fez!”

I was flabbergasted, and he walked off after that. And so… Fez was born. It has been 5 years going into 6 this June, that at least while I am with my other family, I am Fez. This show has given me so much, not only experience film-making and in Star Trek but another family that appreciates me for me, something that most people on the outside of our bubble do not understand. 


It is because of these people that my love for Star Trek has grown into my writing, starting three years ago I started a blog (Fez Talks Trek and Phase 2) which has been the precursor to me writing here on the Phase II site.  Because of my knowledge of all things Trek and the  uniqueness, of being on the original reproduced sets, I started reviewing not only the episodes, but the behind the scenes and the characters of Star Trek and Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II. It has been a fun ride so far one that I am not ready to let go. So here comes the 2nd Phase of my blogging.


Until next time with more stories or news, Hailing Frequencies Closed

Author Jaime "Fez" Sanchez

Jaime Sanchez or Fez as he is known on the set of Star Trek: Phase II, is one of the youngest mainstays on the production. Originally a grip he has risen to the level of Assistant to the Producers, which entails a lot of his Star Trek knowledge and research done both on and off the set. In his spare time Fez, writes and does impressions of favorite characters this phenomenon is referred to as FezTV

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