And The Countdown Begins…. And a message from The Captain

Today on the Star Trek: Phase II facebook page this was announced:

on the klingon homeworld

It is with Great Happiness that we announce on January 1, 2014 we will release the complete episode “KITUMBA”! which will mark James Cawley’s last appearance as James Kirk for STAR TREK:PHASE II! and then, on February 14, 2014 Celebrate Valentines Day with a remarkable story that brings Dr. Carol Marcus aboard The Enterprise as Brian Gross takes over the title role and carries Phase II into the future! 
The Human Adventure Continues with STAR TREK:PHASE II!!



Later on James wrote a message to the people of facebook that I thought you all should read:

Hello Everyone,

First off I would like to say Thank You So Much to all of you who are our Friends, Fans and Supporters. I have been reading many of your posts today and wanted to take a moment to try and answer some of your questions regarding the series, New episodes, and my involvement.

As many of you know that I started this series more than 10 years ago so I could live out my childhood fantasy of getting to play Captain Kirk. I wanted to continue that 5 year mission and finish off those last two seasons we never got. Well, I enjoyed playing the part immensely. I got to live my dream to be Kirk. I got to appear on screen with my heroes George Takei, and Walter Koenig, and Barbra Luna! I will forever be Grateful to them. However, during the course of playing the part I was subjected to many, many cruel comments posted on several websites as to my acting abilities, or my looks and quite honestly it was becoming much to much handle. I was devastated by the venom. I could not fathom, how my fellow Trek fans could be so hurtful towards me for just playing a part!

So I decided to step down as an actor, and take my show to a new level and find a new young actor to fill the role, not an amateur but a pro! I found that in Brian Gross. A Terrific and very talented guy with many guest appearances on many prime time TV series! He is still getting settled in, but I assure you it is a pleasure watching him settle into and find the swagger of the character, I feel over the next three episodes he will be completely in the groove and what I like is that he is making Kirk his own and NOT doing a Shatner impersonation! I am still here, guiding the series as Senior Executive Producer and I have more time to devote to the creative side of the series.


We are Releasing the long delayed episode “Kitumba” on January 1, 2014, which will mark my finale as Kirk, and then on February 14, 2014 we release “The Holiest Thing” with Brian Gross taking over. 

In post production we have “Bread and Savagery” which is next in line for release. “Mind-Sifter” will be shot and completed in late June of this year with Brian Gross. The episode “Origins” has been placed on hold, pending a complete re shoot due to complications with actor availability. 
Again, let me say Thank You to all of those who I have worked with over the last 10 years and to those of you who have enjoyed our work. 
I look forward to many more voyages together, Live Long and Prosper Friends!

James Cawley


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  • Darran says:

    I’m looking forward to be seeing Kitumba… Roll on Jan 1st 2014…!!

  • Although it is sad that James will not continue in the role of Jim Kirk, I am happy that Kitumba will be coming out on New Year’s Day. Most of all, I’m happy that James will continue working on the series as the Executive Producer. I also look forward to the Valentine’s Day episode and Brian Gross assuming the role of the heroic Captain James T. Kirk.

    This is going to be a wonderful year for Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II! The BEST and ONLY THE BEST in Star Trek fan films!

    Keep on Trekking, my friends!

  • Tim Barry says:

    Thanks for this update! Really looking forward to the new episodes! A great BIG THANKS to everyone involved in these endeavours! We all THANK YOU for keeping the dream alive!

  • Doug Graham says:

    Thank you for 10+ wonderful years as Captain Kirk, Mr. Cawley, and Godspeed to you, sir!

  • coss_michael says:

    I’ve been following your episoides for years, and I’ve recommended them to everyone who likes (or loves) Trek. Great story-telling, and I look forward to more!

  • Dan Nichols says:

    Looking forward to this. I just discovered phase II. What have I missed? How can I catch up?
    I’m so happy to find this! I grew up on the TOS. I spent 20 years in the Army and found myself often asking “what would Kirk do?” Then, “What would Spock do?” Then, at last, I would ask, “What would Scotty do?”

    I usually went with what I thought Mr. Scott would do! We are more similar in thinking and both like to have a “drink” once in a while.

  • Michael Archer says:

    It is sad when people who contribute nothing take the joy out of something you do, do well, and that brings a smile to other people. I am ashamed to say I quietly enjoyed your work without saying thank you. It was your work in large part that made CBS/Parmount say “they are doing this for free? We could turn this into a cash machine again.” Our office would practically shut down when you’d post something new. You have done great work. You have a gift, and have shared it with us all for free. Thank you! God bless you, and LLAP.
    I am clicking “like” in support, but not for your departure from the center seat. Also, “Mind Sifter” is about the best Star Trek short story ever, and I can’t wait to see it!

    • Brian Prothero says:

      Is Mindsifter the story I read maybe 25 years ago where Kirk has his mind wiped and travels through the Guardian of Time portal where he ends up for months in an insane asylum? I don’t remember the details or where I read it (magazine or book); but it was a great story.

      Another fun story was when Star Trek actors are beamed up to the real Enterprise… But that was already filmed as the Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest.

      • Patty W says:

        Yes, and no. It is based on Shirley’s original story…. she asked James years ago to tell it the say she wrote it as she was quite unhappy with the publisher’s edits. No Guardian of Forever.


    THE CREATIVE GUY BEHIND PHASE II will Still be the CREATIVE GUY behind PHASE II. This is his baby. My Husband and Brother are big stars of TV and Movies and I work in Production and hope to one day Direct. I’ve been the show runner on several projects. Working behind the scenes enables Actors to make movies. They read other people’s words and work on sets developed by other creative people. Don’t feel sad for James Cawley because he is the power behind the production. I’m fairly sure that without James there would be no Phase II to continue. James seems to be far to humble to sit down and tell you how it really is but working in this business I can guess and I just want to say Bravo to James. You are not gone and you are not forgotten. Your friend, David Tatlitug, Parma, Italy.

  • Scott Lamb says:

    James, I can proudly say that I’ve watched as many episodes as I can that have already gotten out onto the feeds on Youtube and can safely say you play the role well. It’s maddening to hear that people out there want to slander you for taking on a role that few people can successfully pull off. You’ve done a fantastic job as an actor in my opinion and I’m sure you’re do fantastically in your role as executive producer. Kudos to you sir!

  • Dale McKee says:

    Mr. Cawley,

    Ten years ago, I was working at a very depressing, uninspiring job – when I found your web series. It brought me great joy and hope enough to drag myself to work each day. I would watch a few minutes of your episodes before heading off to the job, and it brought a smile to my face during a tough period.

    Thank you for that! And don’t let the haters get you down. You did a great Kirk, and I look forward to Kitakumba and future endeavors!


  • James says:

    James, I am shocked – you played a fine Kirk. Without a hint of sarcasm, I honestly can’t imagine (and have no interest in) what your detractors could be saying in criticism. Star Trek NV/Phase II is easily the most polished of fan projects I have discovered, and your rôle, in my opinion, has been a very significant element in its winning formula.

    I’m very glad you’ll still be involved in a major way, and will look forward to Brian’s portrayal of the rôle.

    It’s a shame that the internet is such an easy sounding board for individuals with nothing constructive to say. I’m sure that there are many of us, most likely the largely silent majority, who have really enjoyed your time playing the part. Well done.

  • John Austin says:

    It is so sad what James had to go through from so called Star Trek fans. He was only living the dream which I am sure any of us would be honoured to do. I for one would like to thank James for bringing this wonderful series back & continuing the voyages. LLAP from Bonny Scotland

  • Matt says:

    @James Cawley I consider myself something of a picky Star Trek fan and you did NOTHING wrong in your role as James Kirk.You also brought back to life the feel of the Original Series with this project.Why else would you be able to bring aboard George Takai and Walter Koenig? Whatever these people have said to you don’t ever believe it!

  • Bill Morris says:

    I have followed Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II since the beginning.
    I have always enjoyed your role as Captain Kirk. You have made Phase II a reality, with the help of a community of dedicated pros and fans.

    Never let the short sighted criticism of people affect who you are. Your work stands on it’s own as a strong legacy. You should feel satisfaction for what you have accomplished. God Speed and “make it so.”

  • Dave Scott says:

    Hi James,

    I must admit I didn’t follow the New Voyages/Phase II from the very beginning, but once I came upon your work I have been a fan ever since. I can’t tell you how many times I have visited the site with anxious anticipation in the hope of a new episode release. I’m proud of you as a fellow New Yorker. But more importantly, I’m proud of you for making your dreams real! Not many of us can say that and that’s why some who are envious and jealous of your work feel they can tear you down.

    Don’t give haters the power to detract from what you have done. You did a masterful job as Captain Kirk. Along with great story telling, and special effects, part of what makes your series so captivating is witnessing the growth of you as an actor. Hopefully, you will continue to hone your skills and come back as Kirk in an alternate reality episode.

    Continued success!


    David (fellow New Yorker and grateful fan)

  • So….are you going to regenerate? 😉

    Best of luck to you, James, I don’t think you should leave but if you feel that it will allow you to be more involved behind the camera and that’s what you are happy with, I wish you the best. I never thought your performances were lacking.

  • James Heslop says:

    James, I’m sorry to hear you won’t be continuing as an actor as I always found you to be a crackin Captain Kirk who was only doing what most (if not all) of us Star Trek fans have wanted to do at one time of another and if some people decided to give you a rough time for doing something you obviously love, then I say ignore the haters and to borrow a phrase from another sci-fi show put them out of your mind with a: Frak ’em!

    In the meantime I thank you for helping keep the series going and I’m sure this will continue to be a great show with you as Excecutive Producer.

    Second star to the right…. and straight on ’till morning.

  • KAJ says:

    You are a true class act James, no matter what that “other, so called” Kirk says;)

  • Jim Hart says:

    James, you nailed the character of “James Kirk” to a tee… the twitches, facial ticks, vocal intonations, all of it. I watched the original series as a child, when it was originally presented on TV, and I thank you so much for bringing back those feelings.

  • Mike says:

    I am sorry that you have had to put up with all the rude comments. I have had to experience that in much of my life and I know how it is. I have no experience in the acting profession but I have been a top level athlete most of my life. I have found that most rude comments come from hurt pride or jealousy, you should ignore these fools and pay attention to your fans love you greatly. I have been a Star Trek fan since the early 70s and watching you over the past decade. You understand the original series and know exactly what the character of Capt. Kirk is and you have potrayed it outstandingly! Thank you so much for all you’ve done is been an absolute joy watching your work! Please keep up the good work!

  • Hi, James,

    First and foremost, a HUGE thank you for all you’ve personally given lifelong Star Trek fans like myself.

    I grew up watching first-run episodes when I was a kid. My dad would let me stay up late so we could watch Star Trek together. I have a long-standing emotional and critical connection to Star Trek.

    I just wanted you to know that this Star Trek fan has enjoyed watching all of your New Voyages/Phase II episodes. Years ago, I remember being blown away at the teasers for “Come What May” and waiting in giddy anticipation until the episode was *finally* released.

    Among the many things I have always loved about New Voyages is the passion and respect everyone involved has for the original series. As a lifelong Trek fan, these are elements that I feel were long missing in the recent incarnations of Trek. To me, New Voyages was and is “real” Star Trek. It’s the five year mission.

    Among the things I loved about your performances, as well as John Kelley’s and Jeff Quinn’s in those early episodes was that you made it much easier for fans like me to see different actors in these iconic rolls. Your performance captured the confidence and swagger of James T. Kirk without being a William Shatner impersonation. I appreciate the nods you brought with some of the mannerisms and delivery, but appreciated the way you as an actor treated these as facets of James Kirk.

    I have always enjoyed your performances, James. To me, along with Shatner and Pine, you *are* Captain Kirk. You and New Voyages brought the joy back to watching Star Trek for me.

    I know Brian Gross will follow in your footsteps well. I wish you happiness and success in your future endeavors.

    Again, thank you for all you have done and for all you have given fans like me.

    Marty Yawnick

  • Brian Smith says:

    Have to say James i’m upset you were affected by these so called fans abuse.I loved your take on Captain Kirk.The stories you did were brilliant,my favourite being World Enough And Time.I wish you well and thank you for finally letting us see a season 4.

  • David says:

    Thanks James for the many happy hours of enjoyment you and your colleagues have provided. It is a shame that the idiocy of the few has spoilt the pleasure of the many (us) and you. You will be missed.

  • Stephen McCarthy says:

    Wow, 10 years ! You and all the other people involved have done so much for us fans out here. The stories agr great and Im not just saying that and I for one just like many others want to thank you and I wish you luck for the future and good fortune, and to para phrase a certain pointy eared friend, “Live long and prousper”

    Thank you to all involved from the top guy to the tea maker and please keep making the magic.

    Kind regards Stephen.

  • Frank says:

    OK, so the first episode was rough. But from the second episode this series has been a much better revival of Kirk and company than the new movies. That takes into account everything from acting to scripts/stories to effects.

    James was a fine Kirk. The new guy, from his limited screen time so far, seems to be a good one too.

  • Mario Gabriel Di Blasio says:

    James is a very good actor, I regret that you do not continue with the character of Kirk, I wish they had re filmed the entire original series, thanks hope his return in another chapter of the series doing Kirk
    in my language spanish:
    James es un muy buen actor, me apena que usted no continúe con el personaje de Kirk, me hubiera gustado que re filmara toda la serie original, gracias espero su regreso en otro capitulo de la serie haciendo de Kirk

  • Richard Petrucci says:

    I will miss James as Captain Kirk. I really like the way Mr. Cawley plays the part and will be sad to have to adjust to a new (and almost certainly inferior) Kirk.

  • Nicolas says:

    Only real stars get criticized. Unsignificant actors are just…unnoticed.

    No matter what anyone can say: P2 is your triomph. Your decision is highly honourable: to sacrifice your personal dream for the benefit of the fans makes you a real Kirk.

    Thanks for all.

  • William Funderburg says:

    Whether Mr. Cawley’s talent is in front of the camera, or behind it, his commitment to this vision will remain evident! Thank God he plans to remain involved. If it wasn’t for him, this dream would never have launched. Mission accomplished, Mr. Cawley, I think you would have made Gene proud! This is but an evolutionary step… a growing pain, as the fanbase continues to expand.

  • William Miller says:

    “In coming message from Star Fleet Command Captain Kirk”.
    To James Cawley….a.k.a. James T. Kirk. it is with considerable regret that we part,your role as captain Kirk has been in the finest tradition and rose to the highest standard.
    we find your role in relaunching and continuing the Enterprise’s five year mission
    to be worthy of the highest praise. you have devoted many tireless hours in this effort,
    and it is time that it be acknowledged. may the wind always be at your back, James.
    End of Transmission.

    thank you, you truly re-ignited the feel….. the fun…..the excitement of Star Trek again. I must admit I only came across Phase II in 2008, so I have not been along for the whole ride, but it’s been a great ride so far. I am glad to hear you will still be actively involved in it’s future.

    As far as I am concerned, you are just as much James Tiberius Kirk as William Shatner is. you each embody the character.

    one of the bad things about the internet is that some people use it to say hurtful things
    about other people. pay that no mind, it’s not worth your time.
    so as far as I am concerned, ” course Captain” ” second star to the right, and steady as she goes”.

    thanks again Jim, you are and always will be….. my friend.

  • Dan Stokes says:

    So sad to see you step down. I always thought you made a fantastic Kirk. You nailed the Captain’s swagger! What you’ve done on NV/P2 has been inspiring and I always thought your portrayal of Kirk sold the series. Haters are gonna hate. But, thanks for bringing Trek back for the fans!

  • Chris Lyons says:

    Mr Cawley you will be missed you are a true replacement for William Shatner. all my family and friends will always refer to this star trek as James Cawleys Star trek.
    New Voyages/Phase 2 is a continuation of the 69 Series not a remake.

    Best of luck in the future
    United Kingdom

  • Moe De Luca says:

    James, you will be greatly missed. I always thought your acting and poise on screen was excellent. You made Kirk your own and have loved not only the quality and caliber of the episodes, but also your level of playing the role. Those that made cruel comments aren’t true Star Trek fans, but wanna-be’s that just “like” the show for its face value. They don’t IMO embody IDIC… and that’s their loss. Oh, and if some of those negative people ever read this particular comment and they’re put out in any way at all, even in the silghtest… well, that’s just too bad!

    Thankfully, you’ll still be behind the scenes and that’s great. I do look forward to seeing Brian Gross take on the role but let me just say… there was absolutely nothing wrong with he who was playing the role before Brian : )).

    Thank you for all your awesome work and I look forward to the continuing voyages!!

  • Susan says:

    Can’t believe you got shot down on your performance as Kirk! Your presentation of the role was a balm to this parched trekkie. Be well, and know the fans you made outnumbered the trolls.

  • Scott Davis says:

    Aristotle said “there’s only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”

  • Phil says:

    Phase II rocks! James, please bring us some Romulan episodes!

  • Brian says:

    I have enjoyed your Star Trek episodes immensely. Unfortunately, there are always a few jerks in every crowd who make it their business to disparage creative people and their works. Don’t let them get you down.

    Best wishes to both you and Brian.

  • Astrid Johnson says:

    To James Cawley
    From a fan in California

    I recently discovered the fan created Star Trek movies on YouTube. I am eagerly watching them all and anticipating the new releases in 2014. I think you make a wonderful Captain Kirk. Period. Please consider doing cameos in upcoming episodes. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy watching classic StarTrek again. I grew up watching all the versions and movies.

  • Anja says:

    In May 2013 I went to FedCon (Germany). It’s a three day event and on Friday there were 2-hours planned for Star Trek Phase II, so I choose that day specifically.
    You unfortunately couldn’t be there because of other obligations. The 2-hour presentation was very interesting and I did have a conversation with someone from Star Trek Phase II UK + Germany. I told him that I think you all are doing a superb job with Star Trek New Voyages and now Star Trek Phase II!

    At some point during the conversation the question about why you stopped playing Kirk came up. He told me that you stopped playing Kirk, because you were too busy with your real job (Elvis Presley impersonator). I hope that this is true too.

    I’m sure that Brian Gross will be a great Kirk, like Brandon Stacy is as Mr. Spock. But for me personally, I really had to get use to a new Mr. Spock. I really liked Jeffery Quinn as Mr. Spock, I think he did a great job too, like you as James T. Kirk!
    (But Jeffery Quinn got a job offer from a tv-series, if I’m not mistaken, which is a great opportunity for him. )

    I watch Star Trek New Voyages since the episodes Come What May & In Harm’s Way are available. My favorite episodes are: In Harm’s Way, World Enough And Time & The Child. Now we’ve seen how the episode The Child was meant to be!

    I’m really looking forward to the new episodes.

    Thank you!

  • Anja says:

    In May 2013 I went to FedCon (Germany). It’s a three day event and on Friday there were 2-hours planned for Star Trek Phase II, so I choose that day specifically.
    You unfortunately couldn’t be there because of other obligations. The 2-hour presentation was very interesting and I did have a conversation with someone from Star Trek Phase II UK + Germany. I told him that I think you all are doing a superb job with Star Trek New Voyages and now Star Trek Phase II!

    At some point during the conversation the question about why you stopped playing Kirk came up. He told me that you stopped playing Kirk, because you were too busy with your real job (Elvis Presley impersonator). I hope that this is true too.

    I’m sure that Brian Gross will be a great Kirk, like Brandon Stacy is as Mr. Spock. But for me personally, I really had to get use to a new Mr. Spock. I really liked Jeffery Quinn as Mr. Spock, I think he did a great job too, like you as James T. Kirk!
    (But Jeffery Quinn got a job offer from a tv-series, if I’m not mistaken, which is a great opportunity for him. )

    I watch Star Trek New Voyages since the episodes Come What May & In Harm’s Way are available. My favorite episodes are: In Harm’s Way, World Enough And Time & The Child. Now we’ve seen how the episode The Child was meant to be!

    I’m really looking forward to the new webisodes.

    Thank you!

  • Bob Moline says:

    James, I absolutely loved what you brought to Jim Kirk in these episodes.
    Carry on with your head held high, my friend !!!!!!

  • Ken Moore says:

    James, I can tell you with great certainty that you did not receive one negative comment from the true Star Trek fans out there that “got” the spirit of your project. Those that “got” your passion. That “got” your enthusiasm to continue the Star Trek legacy. There will always be a vocal minority out there who can’t stand to see anyone succeed and they feel the need to try to knock everyone down a peg. They are usually people who are generally unhappy with every aspect of their own life and want everyone else to be equally miserable. I commend you on your courage to step up and make your dream a reality. The courage to step into an iconic role as Capt. Kirk. You did a wonderful acting job with the role. Your version of Star Trek is believable, entertaining and true to the original. What more could you ask? Hopefully, you will reconsider at some point, or at least make a cameo. Best of luck in everything you do in the future. Don’t let miserable people squash your dreams…ever!

  • John says:

    James, I can only guess that the negative comments are a matter of jealousy from people who are not competent to be in your league, and probably didn’t take a moment to appreciate the sacrifices you are making. You made the effort to get this project going and to orchestrate the immense task of creating a production company. I liked your version of Kirk from the beginning. As far as I am concerned you are a natural for the part, and I think your acting was fine – in fact a truly genuine and sincere delivery. I suggest you send Nomad to sterilize those faulty biological detractors! You are one truly amazing fellow!

  • N.B.: Forgive me if this is a dupe. I tried to post a comment a couple of hours ago, and it looks like it failed. If this is a dupe, please delete.
    Dear James,
    I am sorry that you were the object of hypercritical and venomous attacks from “fans,” and that this caused you to stop playing Kirk. I admit I am no art critic, but I found your portrayal of Kirk quite satisfying. It also seems to me to be more than little stupid and unreasonable to attack someone who is not only providing a service for free, and in part at his own expense, but is also doing a rather good job of it! Perhaps instead of stepping down you should have asked me to come out to play some role. After being exposed to my “acting,” perhaps the critics would count their blessings instead! :-))
    I am glad to hear that Kitumba is coming out. I look forward to seeing the rest of it, and to seeing the complete product.
    God bless you for your good efforts and your generosity!
    Richard Bonomo
    a lowly nuclear fusion research laboratory manager at the University of Wisconsin

  • MR. RED ALERT says:


  • Cameron DuBeers says:

    James, I’m sad over what happened to you. I found your take on Kirk to be lively and entertaining. I wish you all the best as Senior Exec and want to tell you “thank you” for bringing the NCC-1701 and her gallant crew back to the small screen.

    • Pete Horvath says:

      James, thanks for playing the role of Kirk, and getting the ball rolling with quality TOS episodes! Yours was the first I was to find, and am glad that the other TOS productions are utilizing your excellent sets! You have done a wonderful job with your production, and I hope to see you in other roles in future episodes.

      I’m glad you were able to fulfill your dream, and hope to someday follow in your footsteps of being involved in a ST film production. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any on the west coast.

      Long life and prosperity!

  • howard gorman says:

    James I feel you did a great job in the role of Kirk! Since you also do a great Elvis
    can we get a spoof teaser with the King running the Show! Elvis would have made a great Kirk!

  • Kevin Noble says:

    I must say James, that this is the first time I’ve ever even heard of your shows and if someone would’ve ever told me this was going on, I probably would’ve said something like, ‘You’ve gotta be KIDDING! How dare they!’. Which is some variation of what I said when the “Star Trek” movie came out in 2009.
    But,… like the movie I LOVE WHAT YOU’VE DONE AND THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL! You guys are just the perfect answer to the missing 2 years of the 5 year mission. I very much appreciate how you’ve used writers and actors from TOS along with the original theme music and sound effects. I would love to be part of pre-prod., production or even as an actor.
    I’ve been watching these episodes for most of the day and am completely addicted. This is a very respectfully done and thoughtful to the original and complimentary production and I hope you are able to keep producing these episodes for years to come! (Will they be released on DVD?)
    Thank you so very much,

  • Kevin Noble says:

    P.s., Sorry to read that you’ve left the command con, James. I suppose for some people it’s easier to be hurtful than complimentary.

  • Ken Brown says:

    Dear Mr. Cawley,
    I find it reprehensible and disheartening that there are vitriolic criticisms of you. I can appreciate criticism. However, if these are antagonistic that is unsupportable. it is so very obvious to me that you productions are products of love and veneration. Sure the acting is not at a level with Hollywood’s greatest. However, that is an inappropriate comparison. Frankly, I have found the writing to be as good as (and possibly better) than the original series (though the animated series does not get the respect it warrants). I have deeply enjoyed your shows and hope that you will remain attached to these endeavors. I appreciate your efforts very much.
    All the best.
    -Ken Brown , NY, NY

  • Ellis Billups says:

    James, first let me thank you for bringing Star Trek back for me. I am sorry you won’t be in front of the camera anymore but keep doing great things with the series. I get the same excitement watching these episodes that I got back in the early 70’s watching them time after time instead of doing my homework. :)

  • DJ Herren says:

    James, I was watching Star Trek as a young man, sitting way too close to the TV. The show fascinated me. The Ship, the planets, the aliens… I was a big eyed boy with dreams of the future. Now, so many years later, I am an Engineer. And that is thanks to Montgomery Scott. Kirk commanded the Ship, and Sulu may have guided her, but Scotty made it all possible. That is why I am an Engineer.

    I will never ride a starship, or be anywhere close to Star Trek abilities, but that show made a huge impact on my life. I know I am not alone when I applaud your continuing efforts to maintain the integrity of the show. I rewatch your episodes frequently, and i am disappointed that you will not continue as Kirk. But I will accept Mr. Gross as your replacement since I see Kirk as an ideal, not a person, just as I appreciate Chris Pine as Kirk. You have done a wonderful job as Captain of the Enterprise. I am sure Brian will as well.

    I actually have the book of scripts intended for the Phase II series, and am looking forward to many more installments from your site.

  • Jim Baker says:

    James… It takes thick skin to endure the armchair quarterbacking of Internet couch potatoes whose motivation is simply jealousy. It takes its toll. Being in the public eye is rarely a comfortable position. It is the wise man who knows when to step away from the podium to save his energies for continuing the dream. You are wise.

    That being said, let me say that you were James T. Kirk. You were every bit the Kirk that Shatner was originally. Different perhaps, but damned fine acting. By the middle of the first episode, I forgot that you were not Bill Shatner… Forgot that you were James Cawley… You were Jim Kirk.

    You made the dream come alive. You did the improbable. As one of the most adorably beautiful actresses I’ve even see said in one of her lines, “you command miracles and you don’t even know it. You have gone boldly and taken us for an amazing ride. Without you, it would never be.

    I’m sure Brian Gross will do a fine job… But he’s no Cawley. As you let him have center seat, he will have far bigger shoes to fill than you realize, You leave him with a great crew, Charles Root is the best Scotty since Jimmy Doohan. Ron Boyd is a great DeSalle.

    It is with great sadness that I must watch you leave the bridge. I take comfort that you’ll now be the Admiral focused on making sure the mission continues.

  • Piney says:

    James, thanks for everything, Captain. You did well, and this is still your baby and labor of love. You are the one who made it happen, not the naysayers. And remember, even the detractors were still there, watching every episode, you can bet. Best wishes on the promising future episodes we are all looking forward to.

  • Ivor Dunn says:

    You can be critical about anything either negative or positive, but there are too many trolls who live under the bridge of social media who seem to think that the hateful things they say is allowed or that they feel brave in the pseudo identities they encompass in there sad little lives. never criticise a man reaching for his passions he will eventually look down in pride of what he has accomplished. personally Mr Cawley I have thoroughly enjoyed your adventures as Captain Kirk.

    • lewis gilbert says:

      I agree with your comment completely, unfortunately its the dark side of social media. As you said its fair to be critical positively/negativity, but there is no need to bully or be personal. Its all to easy for these people to hide behind a PC and send off venomous comments, we should comment to people with respect and how we would in person.

      Manners and Respect are sadly missing from many peoples actions on-line or otherwise these days.

  • scifib5st says:

    I will miss James and wish him the best. So very sorry some idiots have spoiled your vision. James has done what many of us fans wished we could do, and he has done it wright. I am hoping to one day meet James to thank him for all his efforts for the last 10 years.

  • Mark Graham says:

    James, I have to admit that, when I first heard about Star Trek Phase II, I was dubious. I have been a Trek fan since the mid ’70’s, so I’ve been through the peak fandom, along with all the movies. I was there, a fan, when Nimoy stated, “I’m not Spock”. I was there, a fan, when the first shuttle rolled out, proudly displaying “Enterprise”. I was there, a fan, when I stood and yelled at the screen, “They killed SPOCK!!”…lol. Yep, I’ve been a fan for many, many years. So, hearing about this new web series concerned me. Then, I started watching….and, from the first episode, I was taken. The sets, the atmosphere, the camera shots, and even now the CGI…I find myself “transported” back into the world I love so dearly. I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your fellow “Trek Lovers” who have made this dream a reality. I am sorry that you have decided to give up the Kirk position, however. I have enjoyed your adaptation. But, I look forward to the future episodes, knowing that you will still be in the background, insuring that Roddenberry’s dream continues. Best wishes to your future endeavors. Live long and prosper.

  • Mark says:

    I’m sorry to hear that idiots have made you leave the captains chair, James. There are always people who have no talent ready to undermine people who do. I will miss you in the role! What you have created here is amazing, may you Live Long and Prosper!

  • Mitsukara says:

    I have been watching Phase II/New Voyages since “To Serve All My Days” was still pending release, and while I may like some episodes more strongly than others, I must say that all of your work- the entire creative team, but also James Cawley personally for getting it all started largely out of pocket from the sounds of things- has been excellent. I love this series, and I look forward to future releases. (also, I really hope Kitumba and Bread and Savagery make it on schedule this time, because two new episodes would be great!)

    I really enjoyed your (James Cawley’s) performance as Kirk. It doesn’t matter whether you look the part- Chris Pine doesn’t either- you PLAYED the part excellently! You felt like Kirk, had that presence of being both commanding and friendly, with that proper mix of deadly-serious-business and jovial, familial friendship that makes Kirk be Kirk. There have been a number of good Kirks nowadays between the hollywood films and fan films, each with their own different strengths, but to me, your performance was second only to the original himself, and I will always think of you as “the true second Kirk”, if that makes any sense. I am sorry to hear more people did not appreciate your work, because you have always been such a key part of this show getting made at all. I am glad you are continuing to help create this show, and I wish you the best in your continued work.

    By the way, John Kelly is also pretty darn awesome as McCoy, and I hope he stays with the production a good while yet.

    If I were in Brian Gross’ shoes, I’d be very nervous, but I’m sure he will do fine, and he was very promising in the vignette. Best of luck to him as well!

  • Allen Bair says:

    Truth is, I actually got used to you as Captain Kirk. I didn’t think you did that bad a job at all. Shatner, you, and now Chris Pine. After a while it just seemed natural.

  • Courtland S,. says:

    You are no William Shatner. You made the role of Kirk in ST:PII your own, with it’s own life, blood, passion, and emotion. You were not stepping into his shoes (or chair), you were interpreting something that already existed and trying to remain faithful to it. From what I saw you did a terrific job of it. Every episode was well done and you performed in true form without making Kirk a mirror, caricature, or reinvention. Those who offered negative criticism cannot see anyone BUT Shatner doing the role, but these people cannot live the purpose of Starfleet: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations, which (for the purpose of ST:PII) I take to mean to see where Star Trek could have gone, what stories it could still tell, and allow those of us who grew up with the original series…to have it one more time.

    Wherever you go, whatever you do, you leave behind a wonderful legacy. It will be a challenge for them to carry on as well as you did, but as Spock said, “There are always possibilities.”

    • mike thomas. says:

      good comment

    • Thomas Clifton says:

      Personally James, I think you did a better job of playing Kirk than Shatner did.

    • Adam R says:

      I think you did a great job as Kirk. You aren’t Shatner, no one is. I don’t give a rip what those whining, complaining, ungrateful people said about your acting. It’s not an easy job especially not getting paid. Most of those people complaining couldn’t act half as good or they are just so full of themselves their head is to far stuck up there butt.
      You brought TOS back to life and you entertained us. Your series with you was just as good as the original filmed in the 60s with much better space scenes. It brought back those same feelings I had when I watch Trek as a kid. Thank you James and never let people stop you from living your dream. They aren’t True Trek fans if they want to do things like that

  • Nota Bene: the web site appears to be having problems. Sometimes it fails to load, and shows a curious error message directed to the web site owner. My previous attempts to post have failed, so I’ll give it another go:

    Dear James:

    I am sorry to hear that vitriolic arm-chair critics have caused you to quit the role of James Kirk. I found your rendition of the part quite good, myself. Perhaps you should arrange for me to play a part. After being subjected to my “acting,” your critics will learn to appreciate the blessing they have in you.

    In any case, I look forward to seeing the complete and final edition of “Kitumba!”

    My congratulations on your efforts to complete the Star Trek series. I, and many others apparently, felt quite cheated when the network killed the series before it ran its proper course.

    May God bless you and the others who are doing for the good work you do doing this very big favor for ST fans everywhere!

    Richard Bonomo
    a humble nuclear fusion laboratory manager in Wisconsin

  • Stewart Jeffrey says:

    James i am totally scunnerd (a word we use for saying upset in scotland) you are stepping down as kirk. the comments people made about you were not called for. i doubt these “so called” fans could deliver what you have gave us a fourth season. I was a bit sceptical at first about the whole new voyages/phase 2 but i now enjoy watching the episodes. you, the cast and crew have brought the spirit of star trek alive again.

    keep up the fantasic work

  • Ron Byram says:

    James, Reading thru the comments I can only agree with what the others have said.
    I will also say that you did not have to do this for anyone, but you took your love for Trek and a lot of time sweat and your own $$$ + donations to recreate for us and yourself a great continuing product. I know your don’t make any $ off of this or the CBS/Paramount lawyers would be all over you like a Tribble on wheat. I would only say you will be missed from the center seat. But I/we the fans/public look forward to the future enterprises you produce. (Pardon some of the puns).

  • lewis gilbert says:

    It saddens me to hear that people’s hateful comments have made you give up on doing something you love. I was brought up with good manners and I believe in the positive message star trek brings, it is something that is sadly lacking on today’s television.

    You have done a fantastic job giving your free time and money to a project such as this, people fail to understand just how difficult it is to bring a project like this to life. Its all too easy for someone to sit at a computer and write off some hateful comments without any regard for the hurt or consequences. People need to stop, think and consider more what they are saying because I’m sure it wouldn’t be said to your face.

    Your interpretation of Kirk was unique and will be a loss, without you many of the other fan shows that are springing up would probably not exist. The so called ‘fans’ that criticise you should not be considered true fans of a show its not the sort of message star trek teaches us.

    Finally I will end with the sort of comments you should be getting- Thank you so much to you and your team for taking the time to bring us these wonderful shows, I only wish I could be involved somehow but as a fan I am thankful for all you have done. You have been more successful than the new movies (which are nothing more than popcorn action films) in keeping the spirit of Star Trek alive. Fans that dislike what you have done as kirk should be more appreciative, and if they wish to comment should do so constructively.

    I wish I could e-mail you this comment so you see it, but I hope you read this and many other positive comments posted on your site, and take heart you are appreciated and you have done a great job. I wish you and your team great success in continuing this project.


  • Efrain Rodriguez says:

    James, I have been a fan of Trek since the early seventies. I have accepted every iteration of the show through the years because like a lot of us fans, I am fiercely loyal. Let me tell you something, I had never considered a fan production until I happened into your site. Without question YOU have brought the REAL Star Trek back and we cannot thank you enough. Luckily this is your passion and the realization of this project its own reward. You will be long remembered, peace and long life.

  • Joseph Manno says:


    I never thought you were a brilliant actor … but I never required it of you. You were competent, you were trying and you were enthusiastic. That was more than sufficient for me,and should have been for the screeching Bander-log who felt the need to despise you for a labor of love. Did you, at times, convince me you were Captain Kirk?

    Damn skippy you did.

    Take our good wishes with you, and remember the affection in which many of us hold you, rather than the stupidity of those who, deep down, wish they could have been Shatner OR you.

    Be well,


  • James, while you don’t look *exactly* like Bill Shatner, you are quite convincing in your portrayal of Capt. James T. Kirk — I am not saying this just to make you “feel good” — Practically ALL the actors and actresses who have worked on Star Trek: New Voyages (and,now “Phase II”) are excellent actors — including you.

    If I had concerns or complaints -you know me -I would speak up -either privately (via email) or publicly (and politely, if I did post publicly).

    I am human, and all, but, trust me: I am not only a Trekkie (like we all are), but also, one of your handful of few mirror webmaster:



    Therefore, you can trust me: Put on your “Hater Blockers” -and: Don’t listen to all these nay-sayers – be patient, and (in your own way), pray for them -ANY ‘good’ religion will call us to both patience, and good-will, and praying for those who are either misinformed, are our enemies –or both.


    Gordon Wayne Watts
    LAKELAND (between Tampa & Ortlando), Fla., U.S.A.

  • Blair Lindsay says:

    I will miss James Cawley immensely in the role of Kirk! I only discovered the show recently and it is a fantastic piece of work! I could only wish that the franchise had been left in the hands of you folks. Wonderful, wonderful work! I hope you are all very proud!

  • db says:

    You did a good job of portraying Kirk. I’m grateful for what you did there. The Phase II crew and cast has done great, and on a shoestring. You spent our (and your) money wisely. Your job as producer will continue to be huge, and important. Thanks to you and everyone there.

    That said; there’s one thing. The subject and execution of Blood And Fire was probably flawless for some. For me there was that thing. I could have done without the protracted leg humping scene. Even Shatner’s Kirk wasn’t that far in heat. T’pol simmers in an alien way. Worf and Jadzia were friends and partners who had a very sexual but private dynamic. The place where Anij teaches Piccard to stop time is to me the single most sensual minute in film. Your portrayal of two horney squirming boys playing rub did not make homosexuality look sexy, or appetizing.

    It was well written though.

  • Paul says:

    James, I really enjoyed you as Kirk and am sorry to hear you’re stepping away from the role. You brought a compelling edge to the character, and no matter where Trek goes in the future, there will always be “James Cawley’s Captain Kirk.”

    True fans will always be grateful for your remarkable contribution to the world of Star Trek.

    Live long and prosper,

  • Jared says:

    Do you know when the Origins episode will be released? I am excited for it!

  • Matthew says:

    James, I feel like a broken record as I echo others by saying that, I am so very sorry there are people out there who thought you did a bad job as Kirk. You played the character very well, I thought — and I would have been disappointed if you had tried to emulate William Shatner, because then it would have come across as an imitation…and who wants that?

    Apparently those haters out there have never watched a daytime drama — now there’s a genre for which it’s all about the character staying true and NOT the actor. Before its cancellation in 2010, the character of Tom Hughes on “As the World Turns” had been played by over TWENTY different actors in its 55 years on the air. So long as the CHARACTER remained consistent, the audience adapted to a brunet Tom becoming a blond Tom becoming an auburn Tom…and so on.

    I felt you were the perfect Kirk for the episodes you were in — commanding, eloquent, a dash of humor and clearly under it all, a fan of Trek in a role that you loved to play. Haters, begone!

    Brian Gross will put his own spin on the character of Kirk, certainly. But with your guiding hand as Executive Producer, regardless if you’re in front of the camera or behind it, you will still bring that joyous spirit to making this series. And for that, I thank you heartily. Thank you, and thanks to your cast and crew for giving such enjoyment to us fans. :)

    Matthew Hydeman
    Tucson, AZ

  • Tim says:

    Dear James
    Sir whoever made those horrible and demeaning comments doesn’t see You as great actor I first saw you on hidden frontier and from then on I consider you the greatest of actors for somebody to step in the role of Kirk’s if you took bravery guts and gall

  • Bill Rowe says:

    Mr. Cawley, As a child of the 60s I grew up watching Star Trek and missed it dearly. You sir have brought back some the best memories of my childhood with your production. Your interpretation of James T. Kirk is excellent and will be missed. Your episodes capture the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision and continue the human adventure. I hope you Live Long and Prosper.

  • Michael Lewan says:

    Never doubted your acting abilities, I can never understand why people want to make nasty comments. I’ve always loved Star Trek in all it’s forms, and your Star Trek was first rate and you were Kirk.
    Good luck for the future. You will be much missed in front of the camera.

  • James MacAvoy says:

    I have to say I wasn’t to sure about this but was very curious and though it might only be a cheap knock off before ever viewing your work but you have done VERY WELL. I am very impressed with your set design use of the green screen and digital computer work …. No, your no William Shatner, but he has his own style of acting which to be honest was a little over done for me, but he was Captain Kirk and I loved the original series. I was a faithful follower of the Star Trek T.V. Series from the original, to the Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise starting way back when I was just a little kid. Yet now being over 45 and having a degree in video production I find I’m even more skeptical at times looking for flaws, bad acting, shoty effects and if the plot and and story line meet my expectations….
    I’m no expert by far and wasn’t to sure about the work you’ve done and the acting which can make or break a show. But I need to say that yes you guys might have a few flaws to work on here and there but you all are doing great!!… I’m sorry some people don’t like your acting but I think you filled in quite well… People need to think if the original series was made today I don’t think Shatner would be at the top of anyone’s list for the lead roll. So you did what you did and made it your own I recognized some of the old attitude of the original Captain Kirk in your version and was happy that you were able to portray it so well… I am sorry to see you give up your spot to someone else but I feel confidant that you will make the right choice. Keep plugging away and please keep us all updated…
    If its known… how many episodes are you going or planing to make for each season?
    But I have to ask this…..”To Serve All My Days”…… Chekov died?????…. but at the end of the 2.1 after the credits…. was it a dream?…. Is there any way you might be able to re-edit that one again and help in the understanding of who what when where and how happened to where he made it? Its just a little confusing since he is in future episodes

  • Chris F says:

    James, don’t listen to all the Nay-Sayers, you did a fantastic job as “Kirk”

    After “Enterprise” finished on TV, there was that long lull of “No Trek” & then I stumbled upon your series “New Voyages” I watched the Pilot & was totally hooked. Alright the pilot was not the best episode,(& for obvious reasons you could not cut your hair as that would have affected your “Paying Job”) BUT, I appreciate that you were just starting out & finding your feet. With every episode, it just got better & better & the fact that you managed to get “Original” actors to star!!! Fantastic!!! (I often wondered how you actually got the reclusive “John Winston” to appear in an episode?.)

    Again don’t listen to the Internet “party-poopers” they are just jealous that you have kept the dream alive for several years, before the JJ-Universe returned Star Trek back to our screens.

    Not only did I think you did a great Job as “Kirk” in “New Voyages/Phase II” but I also love your acting skills in your cameo as “Kirk” in “Star Ship Farragut” & as “Calhoun” in “Hidden Frontiers” + not Forgetting “Of Gods & Men” as “Peter Kirk”

    You will be missed as “Kirk” but please don’t let all the “Bad Mouthing” put you off as to appear as another role in “Phase II” (Since the Holodeck was introduced in the “Animated Series” what about making an appearance as “Elvis” & then at least you can put your singing skills to use, also.)

  • Jeff Garner says:

    James, I was surprised and hurt to read of your experiences. I’m VERY thankful you and the rest of the team, have devoted the time, effort, and a TALENT.

    It’s been a fun ride and I appreciate all you have done for all of us. It’s sad that you had to do this. Sadder that some vocal segment chose to use you as a punching bag. The reality is EVERY actor gas their haters but you sir did something VERY special and you should be VERY proud. In the end it doesn’t matter if you gave a B movie performance or an Academy Award winning performance…you did something important, something we all wish we could, you played the role off Capt. James T. Kirk, and that puts you in some pretty good company!

    Personally I’ll miss the hair! 😉

    Thank you again for all you have and will do for us. I wish you much success and happiness in your new role.

  • Jeff Garner says:

    P.S. Thank you…thank you very much!


  • Brett Havener says:

    My wife and I see your Kirk expressions in the episodes and we laugh, it’s great! WTF? We think you do a wonderful job. Are they saying you acted too well? Though I found the original series entertaining, I must agree with James above: William Shatner was not the best actor. Those guys are full of it! I say take those couch potatoes to the set and film them playing Kirk, then upload it and see how well they do! We can all vote.
    I watched several fan films, yours are top notch quality. These episodes are most entertaining and hit the spirit of Star Trek right on, thank you!

  • Shawn Fraser says:

    James, thanks for all your work putting this series together. It’s great to once again “boldly go” to a place we all thought the book had been written and closed on. Don’t let anyone run down your acting. You certainly had all the charm, wit, and appeal to play Captain Kirk. One area that could have been better is the captain’s “commanding presence” as they call it in the military, but Shatner was pretty hit-and-miss with that, too. All in all, you were a great asset for the role and your work is appreciated by me. Hopefully this move will free up more of your time to devote to other aspects of production, fundraising, and getting your product out there.

  • Lee says:

    hey i like that you’re continuing the original series and sure the shows not perfect but to be fan made its freaking awesome I wish I could participate in some way & I really wish you wouldn’t let some assholes run you off from your dream of playing Kirk I know a lot of people probably have the same dream but you made it happen you should feel very proud of what you have accomplished and i hope you will keep putting out quality episodes like what I have already watched

  • Dan Thompson says:


    I would like to first thank you for your tremendous contributions to the Trek universe. You have enriched it immeasurably by producing episodes and vignettes of such astonishingly high quality and I look forward to every new installment. You lived your childhood dream–and I live vicariously through you, sir! Very well done indeed.

    For the lifeforms who criticize you so unfairly, iI encourage them to understand this lesson in basic physiology: to point a finger, you must first lift it. Don’t like what Mr. Cawley has done? Do your own episodes, if you’re capable–or better still, just shut up. I’m sorry that your own lives are so pathetically uninteresting that to feel better about yourselves, you must tear down someone else’s accomplishments. Sad.

    Ending on the positive, James, please know how much your tireless efforts and great work are appreciated. I am counting the days to “Kitumba” and beyond!

    All the best…

  • Matthew Briggs says:

    Hi, James can I just say I am so excited to know that some new episodes are a matter of days away. I have always followed these episodes and really do enjoy watching them. As for all these Keyboard Warriors who have poured scourne onto you, I say SHAME ON THEM. Enjoy this show for what it is… Its a labour of love

  • Kelvin Patterson says:

    Sorry that you felt the need to step down, I have found the imagining of the episodes I have watched to be very true to the original spirit of the series, and have enjoyed the portrayal of the characters by all the actors involved, there will always be sad acts who cannot stand to see things move on or change, they are probably also moaning at the new films as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Colin Fraser says:

    James – this would seem to be a good place to express my thanks to you for continuing trek as a labour of love. God knows how much of your own money you put into this and the rest of us get to free ride on your efforts. Your Kirk is very very good. It’s not a Shatner impression but I see his character in your work, and some of his mannerisms. Ignore the nay sayers…..they are either jealous or arm chair generals who could never have done what you have. Again a deep thank you for hours of high quality and free entertainment that in many cases out classes TOS.

    Warm regards

    Colin Fraser, Canada

  • Stephen Brown says:

    James… YOU DID GREAT! The Entire Crew Did Great!

    Please don’t let the “public Facebook crowd” get to you.
    It’s better to ignore them. I only allow my “Friends” on my FB page, anyway.
    I wouldn’t leave anything public. Moderation exists for a reason, James ;-).

    Anyway, I respect your decision, and look forward to the new actor. As “One Who Has Sat In The Big Chair,” I’m certain you will–more than once–assist “the new guy” 😉 with the role that Cawley Entertainment was started for.

    You brought that childhood dream to fruition, and also even have the respect of a few of the original key players. George Takei…Wow! Etc.

    Continue To Boldly Go, James, Continue To Boldly Go.

    With Deepest Humility And Utmost Respect For Your Achievements,
    I Honor You! K’Plah!!

    –Stephen A. Brown, Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Kurt says:

    James, here is how I feel about your role as Kirk:

    You did a wonderful job – thank you very much!

  • Dave says:

    I have to say that with exception of the revolving door of cast members (are we on our 3rd spock now?) I have no complaints about Phase II. I think you guys have done a bang up job. I love your show and can’t wait for more episodes.

  • Brian Jones says:

    I, for one, will miss you as Kirk. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

  • In the words of Mr Spock, their reaction isn’t logical. This was a fan based project from the beginning, everyone knew that. Having such amazing actors join you on set, and work with you in the way they did should tell you everything you need to know. I’m not going to say you’re the best actor ever, because such things are subjective to the individual. What I will say is, you entertained me, and you kept me entertained well enough to keep coming back and obsessively checking this website for updates for years. All these other guys have clearly been doing the same. Words are shallow, it’s the actions of fans, as to whether or not they return. I have returned, and I will continue to keep returning. If I have any criticism, it lays not in that you acted in too many of these productions, but rather than you didn’t act in enough of them. You deserved a full 24 episode season and it saddens me that you won’t get it. Nevertheless, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You maintained the spirit of star trek in it’s entirety, something the like of JJ failed to do with their magical ability to transport between whole planets, and amazing miracle blood that apparently cures people of death. Unlike such production’s you have enriched the star trek cannon universe, you have not torn it down for commercial gain, and above all you have not lost the star trek message of peace and exploration. If you take pride in no other achievement, take pride in that.

  • Larry says:

    You have done a fantastic job. The people who are making bad comments are not Trek fans, they are explosion and bad sci fi fans. You are a good actor, not just a William Shatner wanna be. The series is about the characters, not just the visual effects, that is why it is called drama! I believe those comments were written after viewing just one episode because of the shock of having TOS back. I am sure even if William Shatner played Kirk today the same people would still complaing!

  • Ronald Kovacs says:

    Mr. Cawley it’s sad to hear you have decided to step down. I and my friends here in the central Ohio area, have watched and enjoyed your performance as the Captain for all these years. To us you are Kirk. Since the powers that be decided to rip Star Trek from us on a network television level, you and all the dedicated folks at your facility have been the fix we as Trekkers need to fill our additiction. You all have not only done it well, but you’ve actually done it far better than NBC ever would have. Please do not give all the people that have unkind things to say any more thought or care than you would throwing away a gum wrapper. They are not worth your time. Plus I don’t see any of them producing anything. You may rest assured that you and your excellent series have had and always will have a loyal fan base! We are ever greatful that you are out there making Star Trek live. To us your Star Trek is more genuine than even the current Hollywood versions. I am looking forward to seeing your choice for the new Captain. He has very big shoes to fill. Thanks from us all. Sincerely – Ron.

  • Daniel Bingamon says:

    I always liked you work. Those who spoke venomously are just jealous.

  • Miles says:

    Everyone thinks they are a critic! James you did a fab job and don’t ever let anyone make you think you didn’t. You brought yourself to the role and you incorporated some of the characture(sp?) of Shatners kirk. No easy task, you will forever be considered in the pantheon of proper kirks. Yours was the first fan series I ever encountered and yours has yet to be matched in passion or craft.
    Star trek holds a dear place for me in my childhood heart and there are beats in there for all you did and will do. Thank you for giving me back a piece of my better times.


  • Keith Kitchen says:

    I was unsure the first time I watched “Phase II”, but that was because deep down, I could only see William Shatner in the role. As time went on, I saw how well you played the role and coupled with the production values of “Phase II”, I can only say “Well Done!”

    Thank you for all you’ve done to continue the voyage!

  • Steve Bowers says:

    James, your shows were the first I saw in the fan film world. For me, you played Kirk exactly as he should have been played.. While I know Brian will bring good things to the role, you will be missed.

  • Tan Kit Hoong says:

    Hi James — I always thought you were fine as Kirk. Sure you’re not as polished as a professional actor, but sometimes heart counts for more than pure acting ability. Sad to see you leave the Captain’s chair.

  • Earl West says:

    It’s kind of sad that fan created episodes of ‘classic’ Star Trek, though not perfect, are 20 times better than Abrams take on ‘classic’ Star Trek. ‘Into Darkness’ had gorgeous technology, and graphics, but no depth or thought provoking content. These fan made shows hold a good deal of worthwhile content. Some of the acting is a bit rough, even with that, it is much better than the rubbish Abrams is spitting out. James, at first I thought “Who is this guy?” but after maybe 10 minutes I thought you were terrific in the role. Maybe I am a little too emotional since it’s almost Christmas but I just watched ‘The Daughter’ and ‘Enough and Time’ and they both made me tear up a little. No this is great stuff. Feel proud of what you have done James Cawley.

  • James,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed you portrayal of Kirk and thank you for everything you’ve done! I can’t believe how much of a kick I’ve gotten out of this project so far and applaud everyone involved. You’ve turned out some amazing episodes and have taken the crew and the ship into adventures that I’m sure Gene Roddenberry would have loved and approved of.

    I’ve loved Star Trek from the first time I saw the original run (I’m an older codger to be sure) and in my opinion, you’ve put together stories and acting that beats anything Star Trek currently on the big screen, or what appeared last on television. Let me say this again: I love what you’ve done! Once the holidays are over, I am going to donate as often as I can to help you continue.

    I’m going to be sad when I finish watching “Kitumba” because I’m going to miss your Captain Kirk. I’m glad you’ll be here guiding this amazing project, though. With you at the helm of production, there’s no way this series can lose.

    Live long and Prosper.

    Carlton Baker II
    (An avid fan, who wishes he could throw on his blue tunic and join you!)

  • Rick Workman says:

    James, the people that posted negative comments about you cannot be “true” Trek fans. As a lifelong Trek fan, I can say what you have done is outstanding. The stories that you and your crew are telling are well written, imaginative, and well acted. You should be proud of your accomplishments and I want to thank you for continuing the original missions. I look forward to all of your future endeavors and I just wanted to thank you. Take care and God bless!

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez says:

    As someone who defended your work on those websites, it is good to see you are still dedicated to producing Trek. As I have said many times before, ST:NV/PII is great. Some of the episodes are better than some of the movies and TV episodes. World Enough and Time is one of my all time Star Trek favorites. I have promoted it to my Trek friends, and many of them enjoy it as well. I am really looking forward to what is coming in 2014. Thanks again.

  • David says:

    I had no idea that was why you stepped aside. People love nothing better than to criticise other people’s hard work, while doing fuck all of their own.

    I always thought you did a fine job.

  • J. Dale Weaver says:

    James — I just discovered ST: Phase II a few weeks ago. I’ve only had the privilege thus far in my busy schedule of watching the “pilot” episode 4:0, and 4:1, 4:2 & 4:3. I look forward to catching up on ALL of them over the holidays.

    I have been a fan of ST:TOS since I was a child, and have watched it in re-runs since the early 1970’s. James, your work here is tremendous. Thank you! I appreciate ALL you’ve done — and I thought you played to role of Capt. Kirk quite well! To take on an iconic character and to fulfill a lifelong dream because of your passion goes a LONG way — and it showed in the FINE way you played the part.

    You did NOTHING but add to the character of James Kirk in your portrayal, and I am glad you aren’t leaving this incredible project altogether. I understand why you are not continuing on in the role, though personally I wish you were. But that your hand will be helping to guide it is reassuring.

    Each episode has improved, the writing, acting, production, effects — everything has gotten better. “To Serve All My Years” with Walter Koenig (and written by the superb D.C. Fontana!) and “World Enough and Time” with George Takei were phenomenally good!

    Thank you for resurrecting a parallel universe I thought was lost forever!


    J. Dale Weaver

  • John Brandes says:

    Brian Gross is going to have some pretty big shoes to fill following in James Cawley’s foot steps. But then again James Cawley had big shoes to fill following in Bill Shatners foot steps. He mastered the mannerisms, and the swagger that was Kirk’s, and even the slightly halting way of speaking that distinguished him. I’m going to miss Cawley as Kirk just as I’ve missed our previous “Spock’s”. But I promise to give Brian Gross a fair shake just like, once again, I did with Spock. Cawley was a masterful Kirk, and I’ll trust him in his choice of Gross to succeed (not replace) him.

  • adrian ames says:

    I think James Crawley did a great job in his role as Captain Kirk. I prefer his take on the character more than Brian Gross. It must have taken so much effort and research to craft all those detailed sets and assemble the great original story ideas. It’s really cool how you added Capt.Pike into your new episodes. That shot panning into the bridge from outside just like in the original pilot was GREAT! Keep up the good work you guys! I would love to see more new episodes! It would be cool if some of the crew could come to comic con in Canada and or sell autographs/merchandise from phase 2 online!
    Keep up the good work. James Crawley you are one cool guy! I am envious.

  • Dirk says:

    Bad acting or simply disliking someone… we’ll never know. Sad part is that people having to complain about something are mostly more often heard or recocnised than people who are satisfied with what they get. And why would they say something, everything is fine…. Wrong! Almost everything is fine, just the tiny little part of telling “thank you” or showing some apreciation is so easily forgotten. So I am quite sure there are many people not satisfied with Jim’s acting, And they may be right – at least they think so. But it is too bad the people who disagree have to be pushed to say something nice.

    Why is complaining easier than apreciation? I don’t know…

    I am sad to see Jim go. He is one of the main reasons why we still get a taste of Star-Trek. Not as often as we like, true, but it is better than nothing at all.

  • Hull says:

    I watched the pilot and episode 1-5 already and with the pilot episode I thought to myself: “Haha, this is really bad… but hey! That Spock guy, Jeffery Quinn, is pretty good. Ok, the feel from the OST series was there, and I actually liked it in the end. Each of the cast improved their acting during the production and it showed in episode one. The not up to standard audio production was the biggest problem here.

    Then I watched the second episode, and I was happily surprised that the episode had even better acting than before, even you Mr Crawley. And I really started to like the original feel of the the series. Audio improved alot, and It started to feel “real” to the original series. Now the 3D effects was still lacking abit. Overall the production started to impress me.

    The third episode almost blew my mind. This was a really good story with the typical oh-my-sweet-little-daughter feeling in the end that actually made very impressed considering the production costs.
    John M. Kelley improved a lot, immersing himself more into the role of Dr. McCoy and much better acting. He started to realize the importance of immersion without too much “replay” of the OST actor but a perfect mix.
    Many others also improved and the true Stars was helping alot with their acting to immerse their co-actors in the fantasy, which contaminated anyone who watch the episode. The pace was excellent. The audio was now up to standard which helped a lot.

    The fourth and fifth episodes was not as good, even if the acting was ok. 3D effects was now pretty good and the audio production was great. It was overall a decent two part episode.
    However, Kirk really needed that “subconscious worry” about his friends on the derelict ship. And it needed to show just a little somewhere, as a precious gem in the dark. There was emotional immersion missing in some parts of the acting. Not counting Spock, which is as he should, the opposite of emotion in dire situations. Details is everything for the audience, not necessarily details in the set, but in emotion. Even a raised brow ( Spock ) can make an episode a classic for eternity!

    I do think your performance as an actor, Mr Crawley, was up to par, but being such a center of criticism, you where almost doomed from the start. Everyone is comparing you to a professional actor and that is a very hard position to be in. Those who liked you didn’t say so, and those who dislike you flooded the comments. Its always like this. A pro actor learn to shake it off in time. But you made this series possible, and nobody can take that away from you. A marvelous achievement worthy the Halls of Fame.

    For my comment on your acting I will say this: You have the looks, the feel and the drive to play Kirk. But you need more immersion, the fantasy must be real when you act, it cannot be post edited to suit the audience ( I’m sure it wasn’t ), its the other way around. Look at Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, a bad actor maybe, he didn’t look that immersed when getting in trouble, but his face and emotional response was providing that little extra that made him great. And he got immersed really fast in some scenes which forgave the bad acting.

    Having the professional acting skill isn’t even enough here, you need to be fully developed as an actor for every feeling, every gaze, every situation. And that requires total immersion of the role, which you did not have enough of it seemed. Don’t worry, nobody really has that perfection. The Kirk you play need to be your own, but can be tweaked just a little, to suit the old actor if needed.

    I know this is cliche, but for this role, you need to become Captain Kirk for real. The more real Kirk is to you, Kirk will become real for the rest of the cast and ultimately the audience ( which is the goal ). No William Shatner impersonation is needed, it only needs to achieve the perfect flow.

    The “Flow” is a psychological phenomena when everything just works by itself. I believe that is your only flaw, and your best solution to any improved acting in the future. You will become totally secure in your role and it will become very easy for the rest of the crew to work with you as a bonus. It is said that a talent has this by nature. But I think a person develops a flow when doing something he/she love to do when doing it with great immersion. And that is what defines a talent, not the other way around. “Don’t disturb! Im working!”, “Dont jinx my luck! Im on a streak!” etc…

    Audio, 3D effects and atmosphere of the set need to be perfectly real to the audience, but it does not need to be realistic! Even if it looks as bad as the OST set, to refine the immersion and fulfill the illusion will provide perfection.

    Most of what I just wrote was achieved to some degree in Star Trek: New Voyages, but it is still work in progress.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort, I really like the new series as much as the old.

    Best regards,

  • darue says:

    excellent work James Cawley! I can be as critical as anyone, but I totally was into your portrayal of Kirk from episode zero, well done sir! I’ve actually never seen anyone critical of your acting work. A lot of people get flustered by haters online, only thing to do is just ignore them and trust your own judgement.

  • Tony says:

    James, so sorry to hear that you got “trolled”. What you and the others have achieved is marvelous!. Those people that have disrespected your work as an actor or any other way truly do not understand Star Trek and what it stands for and I feel sorry for them that they cannot be part of it.
    I showed an episode to about 12 people at a Permaculture course I went on. Only one or two were fans. For the first few minutes there was the odd giggle, and “Who are they” and then it went quiet…. all the way to the end, even they (non fans) appreciated the “Love” that had been put into it.
    Thank you all. LLAP

  • Charles Owen says:

    First I would like to say congratulations on the fine work you have done over these years. I have to admit though, the first couple of episodes were very were a little shaky in terms of the acting, effects etc. BUT, It’s been amazing the see your growth as an actor as well the quality of the show improve to the point that the episodes now, are as good or even better than many of the TV show episodes. IN fact my favorites so far. #4 & 5 stacks up, in my view, as two of the top ten episodes in the entire Trek canon. Great story, acting, special effects that rival the Trek movies. The battle sequence at the beginning is inspired! Anyway, good luck with the re-launch. My only complaint is the you don’t make them fast enough! But I know that is because of your painstaking attention to detail. I also hope one day to see these episodes available on “real” TV what ever that means anymore to reach an even wider audience. Best regards, Charles Owen, Dallas TX.

  • Richard says:

    James, it saddens me that fans of our beloved series which taught us respect and tolerance would be so disrespectful. I for one have enjoyed watching you grow into the role of Kirk and make it your own. In any case do not despair as William Shatner has often been parodied and scoffed at so you are in excellent company. You have given Star Trek fans something to look forward in new episodes to enjoy and in that all fans should be eternally grateful.

    Captain Kirk. I wish you fair winds and a following sea.

  • Bob Hale says:

    I only discovered the fan made episodes of ST recently and as I was watching it occurred to me that there are lots of popular characters that have been played on screen by many different actors – from Alice In Wonderland to James Bond – and, while we all have our favourites, that doesn’t mean the others are bad. The stories have been great and as for the acting… well I know acting is bad if it jars me out of the story and that hasn’t happened once with this series so I’d have to say it was certainly good enough for me.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this continuation of a favourite program and wish James all the best.
    And I’m looking forward to more great stories with Brian in the role.

  • Yves says:

    dang, I just found this site and literally two hours and 14 minutes ago pulled everyone into the living room to look at the show, in particular the Kirk character, who does all the William Schatner moves and vocal inflections perfectly! well, i am certain that the next gentleman will be good too, bummer about the hate. why did you read the comment section ever? heck, I am half drunk right now! and look at me type away like a smiling little monkey. f my opinion, and everyone elses! much love!

    • Kyle says:

      I’ve watched this series since the beginning and was always impressed with the effort that this group of volunteers put into the production. James, I was sorry to see you retire from the Kirk role. I think my feeling doubled when I read that harsh criticism was a factor in your decision to step down. I think you have his (Shatner’s Kirk) mannerisms and inflections down quite well. Considering that you’re not a professional actor by trade or training, I thought you and the other cast members did a superior job. Really, you all were outstanding. I find the episodes very comfortable to watch, from a performance perspective. Critics should walk a mile in your shoes before whining. I don’t think you would have attracted so many original cast members to work for free in your productions if your work had been sub-par in any way. So, ignore the critics and take heart in all that you achieved. Your version of Kirk will be missed, but maybe you can reprise the role in a few years. You never know….

  • Mark Anton says:

    James Cawley,
    You need to know that your performance as Captain Kirk will definitely be missed by a lot of us. I always appreciated the high level of enthusiasm that you put into the role; it always mattered so much. I’m so glad that you will continue with the series behind the scenes. But remember, it is too easy for naysayers to throw stones at someone from such a safe distance as the internet. I’m betting that a lot of those so-called “bad actor” critics are actually quite jealous of you. They wish that they were the ones making Star Trek and getting to play on an Enterprise bridge that looks authentic– truly classic in a way that the J.J. Abrams ship certainly does not. We all know (or should know) that you were the one who effectively demonstrated that fans could accept TOS characters that weren’t played by the original cast members. There is no doubt that you inspired the new film series that is making so many others rich while you continue to make something truly for the love of it. Your series has so much more heart than Star Trek Into Darkness (which I like to think of as Star Trek on steroids). You are producing real stories– not just spectacles. You are bringing the series that WE love back to life, and continue to give us new opportunities to live it again. Instead o giving you a cameo in the first film, what J.J. really should have done is hired you to be a consultant for the new movies. The authenticity that you weave within your own productions would greatly enhance what people are lining up and paying to see in theaters. Of course, you are delivering the real deal to us fans for free. The Star Trek community should be forever grateful for what you have done, and you deserve a place of honor within it.

  • michael huston says:

    excellent work James Cawley! with out you having the dream and the guts to make the dream come true. the people who are putting over the top cruel comments can not be true trek fans. so all I can say is to live long and prosper. mick

  • Jerome F. Calimeri says:

    Dear James,

    The internet is filled to overflowing with unkind, inconsiderate and, unfortunately, sadistic people. For what it’s worth, I am sorry that these haters have left you disheartened. You have accomplished what very, very few others have imagined they could even attempt, and you should be proud of that; I hope you are. As any “professional actor” quickly learns, it is easy for lazy, talentless barbarians to dismiss and destroy (think Simon Cowell), especially when they have nothing better to offer themselves. Don’t let their cruelty crush your spirit.

    Thank you for keeping “Classic Trek” alive. I look forward with mixed feelings to your swan song.

    Be well.

  • Philip Howard says:

    Words can’t properly express appreciation and enjoyment of your work. I assume you had a bigger portion of producing “Of Gods And Men” than many people think. I liked it much better than the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies. Your work has filed in most of the missing pieces that the previous producers left empty. “STGenerations” may have killed James Kirk’s body, but your work brought his spirit back to us. I will miss your acting, and I sincerely hope that you keep producing. Remember: There is nothing more powerful, than an idea whose time has come.

  • Havoc says:

    I have only recently found this web series on facebook and I couldn’t be happier. I sat down to watch one episode and couldn’t shut it off. I absolutely love this. Thank James Cawley for this wonderful continuation of my most beloved series from my childhood. You all did a fantastic job keep up the good work. I eagerly wait to see more more more. Love you all!

  • Steve Johannesson says:

    Jim, I have just recently even “heard” of this show ( Facebook ) and only started watching a short time ago. Outstanding! I had to do a google search after watching a few episodes, not knowing anything about you…I never had even heard of you and wanted to know a bit more of who you were and where all this came from.

    From what I’ve read, you’ve stepped away from Kirk’s role, due to some childish and idiotic people throwing unfounded comments at you. Truly sad, as from what I’ve read you have put your time and own money into getting this up and going. Sad…I personally think your a fine actor, especially for one that wasn’t a “pro” prior to doing this role! I grew up as a young man watching TOS, and your work as Jim Kirk is to me better than Shatner’s in at least a few aspects.

    But opinions vary…that’s the way of things. You had big shoes to fill and for those to think you needed to be “Shatner” are being totally unfair, you had to take on the role, with your own personality. Coming from that perspective, you did a remarkable job and I was just totally immersed in your role…and now Brian is taking over. Just know, that not everyone thinks that you suck…that isn’t the case at all.

    Live long and prosper James! And may your show do the same!

    Best regards,

    Steve J.

  • Chris says:

    That is weird, he did a god job, especially for a fan series. I’m really surprised some of the fan nerds were that bad. SOme of them probably look like freakish geek-mutants themselves and couldn’t play ANY character not to mention Kirk. Anyway, unfortunate he is stepping down, but I hope he had fun at it too. In the long run not having him have to do so much will probably help this series longevity.

  • JT says:

    Hi James. I’ve been watching Phase II since “In Harms Way”, and while initially I felt the acting needed more polish, I was very impressed with the production values of the episode and was able to enjoy it despite the lack of professional actors. I kept watching and continued to be entertained by each new episode, and I was especially impressed by the continued improvement of every actor taking part in the series. I DO believe you came to embody the character of Captain Kirk, and I was always dismayed whenever I would read the venom and criticism that was heaped upon you by others who call themselves fans of Star Trek. I came to appreciate your efforts EVEN more when I learned that the production was made up solely of volunteers and financed simply through yourself and the generosity of others. In fact, dare I say, because of your efforts, I was much more open to the idea of a new Star Trek film with new actors playing those legendary roles. Personally, while I have no facts or data to substantiate this, I feel that you/Phase II perhaps helped in a small way to pave the way toward fan acceptance of a new film with new actors, because Phase II showed it was possible for other actors to embody our favorite characters. While I understand your reasons for stepping away from the role of Kirk, I do disagree and say “to Hell with the naysayers!” I’m looking forward to watching Kitumba over the coming days, but I’m disappointed that this will be the last episode with you as Captain Kirk, and I am saddened that those who didn’t like what you were producing had to make their criticisms and comments both personal and hateful. In spite of my disappointment with your decision to step away from the role, I will look forward with anticipation to continued episodes from the Phase II team, and thank you James for keeping “Classic Trek” alive for all of us who love and appreciate it!

  • Josh Fish says:

    The fact the story and the faithfulness to the original was so great in the original episodes allowed me to look past any acting faux pa, and really enjoy what was being done. I have seen many fan fiction videos and very few, if any, could stand up and compare to what phase II has done. The improvement over the years has topped every expectation I have had for this series. Some of it is still over the top, but I accept it without a second thought into trek history. It saddens me to see Mr. Cawley leave this masterpiece, but I look forward to his many more productions for the future.

  • Crispin Cain says:

    Mr. Cawley,
    I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find ST Phase 2. If your goal is to entertain, then you have succeeded! I only discovered the website in the summer of 2013. I proceeded to drink in every episode in one week. DO NOT be discouraged by those who criticizes your efforts, however misguided they are! It is SO easy for some to just bomb and bully.

    I think you are to be commended, encouraged, congratulated, and thanked. If I could pin a Star Fleet medal on you I would!

    Thank you James Cawley for stepping up and sharing, thank you for having the moxie to pull it off, thank you for helping keep Star Trek alive!!

  • Thomoz says:

    James, you did good work for ST the last 10 years and even appeared in the 2009 reboot, so ignore the criticism. The quality of the product speaks for itself. I look forward to seeing whatever you appear in from here on out.

  • Daniel Langevin says:

    I only “discovered” the Star Trek Phase II site a little over a year ago. I couldn’t believe that someone (James Cawley) was actually making new Star Trek episodes.
    I’ve really enjoyed all of them and can’t wait to watch Kitumba.

    To Mr. Cawley personally, I have enjoyed your performance as James Kirk very much. I haven’t seen Mr. Gross’ performance as Kirk yet, but I wish you would continue as Kirk yourself. However, you’ve made your decision and I respect your wishes. I’m glad you’ll still be onboard, albeit behind the scenes.

    I highly respect your love and dedication for Star Trek to keep this going. Thank you for making these episodes.

    Daniel Langevin

  • James Cawley – I really appreciated your work on the series. Your portrayal felt like “Kirk” to me. In truth the character has always been a bit larger than life and with an interesting sense of humor. I think you’ve nailed that perfectly. Somehow I think I will miss your “Kirk.” I don’t want you to go… I think there is always a silent majority that rarely comments but just enjoy the production and I count myself among them. Had we but known we could have voiced our support sooner. I wish you well in all your future endeavors. I am sure there must be new adventures for you out there…

  • Roy says:

    I loved the shows and more so I loved Start trek New Voyages. As above I am amassed that fellow trekies would troll a fan show. I thank you for your effort and talent. The hardest part would have been making the show on your own money. The rest must have been easy. From a trekie around the otherside of the planet I say thank you. Thank you for your massive work and I loved each of the movies. Yes it did get better ever time and thats half the fun. I feel New Voyages made the bench mark for fan films and you have set it very hi.
    Well done mate :-)

  • Akatsuki says:

    I don’t know why anyone on this Earth would be distasteful towards your performance as Captain Kirk. I’ve watched as you’ve developed your character and your show to make it the way it is today, all through that one role. I loved (and still do) how you kept Kirk close to his original counterpart, but made the character your own. To tell the truth (being 100% honest), I started to believe that you were part of the original cast. I’m sorry that you had to leave the role, but your successor seems ready, and you seem enthusiastic about his new journey into the role that was once yours. I enjoyed “Kitumba” thoroughly, and I can’t wait to see what your show brings to the table next!

  • Jay says:

    James, you’ve done a great job. I’m sure the new fellow will be great, but your passion and energy is obvious. Just remember how many people think Shatner can’t act! The people who can’t even imagine how to pull off what you do are the first to give critique.


  • David North says:

    Of course your crew and group are welcome for some air time and fundraising at our Farpoint convention- Valentine’s day weekend down here in Baltimore ,Md and probably welcome to Shoreleave also in Baltimore in august ( third weekend).

  • Irving 143 says:

    I watched the first few Star Trek Phase II episodes some years ago and enjoyed them for what they were—no, not in the E for Effort sense but in the fact that you folks took this bull by the horns and rode it for all it was worth! I was truly impressed by the results; they weren’t perfect by any means, yet they did something remarkable—delivering a genuine Star Trek experience through a medium that was scarcely envisioned during the first run of the original series.

    Sadly, the vagaries of life distracted me from following your project further, and I have only now just returned to view your latest episode, “Kitumba”. It is a melancholy return, as it is the swan song of James Cawley as Captain Kirk. I enjoyed his early performances, they had heart and a certain welcome intensity even if they did lack polish, and in “Kitumba” he really delivered a Kirk that was a pleasure to watch. This leaves me regretting I didn’t stick around to offer whatever encouragement I could during the course of things.

    Well, the good news is that this project continues, and more power to all you fine folks who are working on it! And if Mr. Cawley ever decides to return to the role of Kirk, here’s one original series first-run viewer who will welcome him back unreservedly!

  • Steve Gauss says:

    I think you did a superb job in capturing the character of James T. Kirk. You had a slightly different take on him, but that does not diminish what you accomplished or any of your performances. This is one of the best fan productions I have ever seen. I would say it is very close to the original studio quality.
    I wish you good fortune and the best of luck in your future endeavours. Don’t let the narrow minded bring you down.

  • MFV says:


    I screened your original STNV film at my FanzillaCon Fan Film Festival event in 2004 and greatly trumpeted your accomplishments as actor, producer and visionary. You helped raise the bar on a medium that was feeling out the universe with baby steps.

    I also wrote a review of “World Enough And Time” when you screened it in Hollywood a few years ago, a kind of funny piece about that Tupac impersonator crashing the event with his “Vulcan-sounding namesake”. I had some fun with that scenario, but not at the expense of your accomplishent.

    So let me weigh in on your choice to step down. I wasn’t hurt when I sent you my STAR TREK sounding music knockoffs for future productions of STNV. Seems you kept visiting sweeter pastures, hiring better composers, or at least working with people you respected, and I took not hearing back in stride. So what kind of troll could blunt your enthusiasm for playing Kirk! You play him well, with regal loneliness, in the tradition of a captain married to his ship. I should not want to watch this show without you in the chair. You did the office of Kirk great justice, and you do it an injustice to leave for the reasons you state. I respect your vitality and commitment to STAR TREK. I ask that you at some point reconsider this decision. Set your phase to liquid lunch and shake them haters off. Kirk would.


  • Donald Shackleford says:

    Thank you James you were a great James T Kirk. Those who have criticized you are not the one’s who are doing the job.

  • odinson says:

    Mr. Cawley, I for one am going to miss you as Kirk. If these low class people did not like your efforts then why did they watch them. unreal you people could not just enjoy the efforts that mr Cawley and fans like him put out to keep the star trek torch going.
    shame on all of you who put out the hatefull things. To you Mr. Cawley, thank you so very much for your efforts and the care you took in this project, thank you.

  • Thomas Catterall says:

    I enjoyed all of the episodes, James. Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm for the Trek universe.

  • Larry says:

    Loved the new Kitumba episode and the other episodes before that. I’m so glad there are Trek lovers who have helped keep the spirit alive with great creative effort like Phase II, Renegades, Of Gods and Men, etc. I am sorry to read negative comments about James Cawley’s work and I wish I had complimented Mr. Cawley and The New Adventures cast and Crew before. I look forward to future episodes.


  • DeAllen says:

    Is that what happened?! I have to say i greatly enjoyed your version of Kirk. I found it to be the closed immitation for William Shatner character. I honestly hope that after some time off screen you find it in you to return to the role someday. A very close friend once told me that “you dont have haters, then youre doing something wrong”. You should take their infantile criticizisms as a badge of honor that youve incited them to believe in something… Even if it is disdain, lol.

    I, personally, want to thank you for keeping SOMETHING Trek on-air. This series is the most polished of any of the fan work ive seen and youve captured the old series remarkably. Your fans love you and that’s all that matters.

    Great job and thanks. You are definetly appreciated.

  • Katy Driscoll says:

    I felt the need to add my comments and compliments. Those who criticize the loudest and most vitriolic, are usually those not up to the job themselves. I’ve been a fan of ST:TOS since the 1960’s until it was on too late for my parents to let me stay up. I was glued to the reruns and screamed “they cut!” on a regular basis. I am really enjoying these continuing voyages and hope that they continue. Thank you, James Cawley (and your co-conspirators).

  • Daylin James says:

    Never give up, never surrender! One of my favorite quotes.
    You have so many strengths my friend. You have brought thousands of people together to share in your fantasy, your passion and your spirit. You are a great man as Elvis, and as Kirk. You leave, but be proud. I play many parts myself. I understand the hurt you feel. There will only be and never be another Elvis Presley. There will never be another Shatner. We love them, we embrace them. Many will try, some will come close maybe? there will always be negative people that hurt us, in all we do. Never let it scar you. Never let them punish you. You are a leader! Please continue your legacy. God bless you for your courage, and your mark. We are grateful for you.

  • Lordgolem71 says:

    I think you did just fine, and have created something special. I only found out about phase 2 last week and have been watching avidly ever since. These episodes FEEL like TOS…episode 3 was amazing.

    Keep em coming!

    p.s. I’ll give $100 to a charity of your choice to be a red shirt and get killed in an episode

  • Carl Aspinall says:

    When will this be shown in the uk and on what channel will it be aired? soooo looking forward to seeing it.

    • Fez says:

      Carl, this is an internet series which can be viewed for free from one of our mirror sites or on youtube under the username startrekphase2de

  • MIchael Guzman says:

    I am sorry to hear that you’re departing as James Kirk. I for one loved your interpretation and am sad that there were so many fans giving you such harsh negativity. I’m glad you’re at least staying on as producer because the stories you’ve put out have been nothing short of amazing and worthy of the name Star Trek.

  • Joe Outlaw says:

    Dear Mr. Cawley,

    If I may be so presumptuous, I’d like to call you Jim and friend. I feel like I’ve known you for a long time. It was you who inspired me to join the International Federation of Trekkers 10 years ago. I read about the New Voyages pilot in the Wall Street Journal. I watched the episode and was totally blown away and impressed by the entire production, particularly by your portrayal of James T. Kirk. I subsequently sent in a donation, little knowing that I was also signing up with the IFT. 10 years later and I am still living the dream!

    Thank you, Jim!

    As Captain of The Federation Starship USS Challenger based in Cleveland, Ohio, and on behalf of the entire crew, I thank you for providing many hours of top knotch Star Trek legacy entertainment, The Great Bird in the Sky would be proud!

    You rank among my favorite Captains in the entire Trek saga and I enjoy watching the episodes your starred in over and again. Excellent work and leadership.

    Be well, do good,

    Commander Joe Outlaw
    Captain, USS Challenger, NFC-8601
    The Federation – International Federation of Trekkers

  • Adrian Cane says:

    I for one am sorry to see you go James. I have found your version of TOS to be the most entertaining and faithful I have seen! Hopefully at so point you will reconsider and return to us and the Trek we love and adore. Live long and prosper.

  • Sum Yung Gai says:

    I learned about this series just this last weekend–the afternoon of Saturday, Jan 5, 2014, to be exact, while I was searching on something else regarding Mr. George Takei. In that search, I stumbled across these new “Phase II” episodes.

    I expected it to be “meh, OK, some fellow Trekkies just having some cheap fun.” You know, another “Galaxy Quest” or parody or similar. I was not prepared for the level of seriousness you all brought to this. These episodes are actually really GOOD! I mean, DAMN GOOD! The acting isn’t exactly like that of Shatner, Nimoy, etc., just like you all said. Of course not; you’re different actors. But to my remarkable (and most pleasant) surprise, you’re actually are embodying the spirit of these characters.

    This is why I’m so surprised to hear–today, after having watching a few episodes over the weekend–that some people made mean comments about James Cawley’s portrayal of the iconic Capt. Kirk. No, he’s not Shatner. But…DAMN…he’s got James T. Kirk down pat! I’m serious. The mannerisms, the “captaincy”, the swagger, everything about Cawley just reeks of Kirk when he’s on that screen. I didn’t think anybody could successfully portray the character…until I saw Cawley do it.

    Matter of fact, having seen the “reboot” movies, I actually prefer Cawley’s portrayal to that of Chris Pine. Cawley’s is actually more “Kirk-like” to me.

    Seriously?? Some people got ticked? I dun’ get it!

    For a so-called “amateur” actor, Mr. Cawley, you sure nailed the spirit of Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, and it’s a shame that some people chose not to see that. I actually did not expect you to be this good at it. You actually *BECAME* Kirk, to my own astonishment. Some jerks just helped cause the loss of what to me is a remarkably fine actor in this part, “professional” credentials or not. Dude, you have him so pegged. And to see you across from George Takei himself was just too doggone cool. I suspect that Mr. Takei agrees with my assessment, BTW.

    It’s unfortunate that these commenters drove you to change your decision on the role. However, I will thus enjoy the remaining episodes as you with Kirk with an especial relish. You’re good–WAY better than I had expected, and I wish I’d discovered the series sooner. But now I HAVE!

    Live long and prosper,


  • chris says:

    Just watched Kitumbia It was amazing episode. Very professional indeed virtually on par with the star trek which we all love. Well done

  • James Boyd says:

    James- you are an amazing individual!!! Producing and creating this vision, is nothing short of extraordinary!!! From set design to costumes, to overall production-it is remarkable! Kitumba is awesome! You are by far the shining light in every production! No one likes a drama critic, and everyone today feels entitled to be one! Thank you for all you do! I hope one day to become involved with the organization and look forward to meeting you! Peace, and long life. Jim

  • John says:

    I thought you did a great job! Remember, there will always be people out there that will complain about anything and everything. Also, I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the criticism stems from jealousy. Chin up! You made a great Captain Kirk.

  • michael says:

    I am sort to read that you received negative comments, and I am an old and long time trek fan, having watched most ever episode beginning with TOS. Your love of the part, enthusiasm and drive not only made it possible for us all to fill the need for more Trek, but you represented the best that fandom has to offer. If you will check out each and every single place where anonymous commentary is found, in all web blogs, you will discover tons of negative and derogatory commentary that appears to attract the worst of many. You will always represent a version of Kirk, and I, for one, am not only appreciative of what you have done for us, but I was impressed with your acting ability. I am thankful that you will continue to be involved.

  • Laurel says:

    “KITUMBA” was fantastic — if we have to lose James Cawley, then at least he gave us a great final performance as James T. Kirk to go with his earlier gifts to us.

    I am really sorry to learn there are so many fans (?) of Star Trek that would say such vitriolic things about someone who gave his all to the role. The problem with negativity-spewers is that they always seem to take the time and effort to bombard while those of us with positive comments who should be outweighing them do not take the time and effort to provide the encouraging words of “Well Done!” as often as we should. I am sorry not to have done so sooner myself.

    From all of us who should have spoken up sooner and didn’t, Jim, thank you! I also encourage anyone reading to join with me in helping to fund future productions! Again, Jim, many thanks and, to use some US Navy lingo from my sailor days, Bravo Zulu (Well Done!) ! ! !

  • Rex Nunn says:

    I really loved your interpretation of Captain Kirk and thought you did a great job! And by the way I really love your hairstyle… I wish I still had my hair!

  • Angeleno1 says:

    I’ve never taken the time to express an opinion on an online forum or message board before, however, after reading the news that James Cawley was retiring from the role of James T. Kirk, and discovering the reasons for his decision I felt compelled to add something to the dialogue.

    Firstly, I’d like to commend and express my great admiration for Mr. Cawley and his creative efforts as both a performer and creative force behind Star Trek Phase II. Your work as an actor is work to be proud of. It was both refreshing and inspiring to see someone put their love and passion for Star Trek into action.

    Speaking as a lifelong TOS fan, I can say I greatly appreciate and honor the expressiveness and spirit of Star Trek you and your fellow creative staff have demonstated through out the run of Phase II. I feel it’s worth mentioning that the criticisms of your acting are not only mean spirited but simple minded. You truly made the part your own and I would welcome any opportunity to see you in the role again.

    I’ve shared Star Trek Phase II with many friends, and their opinion has always been one I agree with, “INSPIRING!”. Not just as a fan created show, but a series that holds up on it’s own merits while expressing the Roddenberry vision so eloquently.

    Thank you for creating such a noble and entertaining experience, Mr. Cawley and Company!

  • Martin Edwards says:

    I have to agree with everyone. Your acting was great and I am sorry to see you stop due to the poor judgement of fans who cannot be fans who simply love the show – the over criticism of those ‘fans’ who cannot simply enjoy a show is in my opinion what killed trek off of prime time in the first place. I am excited to see Brian take on the role of Kirk while sad to see you go as I did love your interpretation of the character. You are a fine actor and should never stop acting. Those that complain the most are the ones who have nothing good in their own lives and therefore must bring others down in order to feel good.

    Best to you and yours

  • I’ve been watching the Phase 2 episodes for the last few years and am saddened to hear that people are making negative comments about Mr. Cawley’s acting.
    No, it’s not the greatest but come on! If what I’ve read about this project is correct then it’s because of Mr. Cawley’s vision, initiative and (possibly most importantly) money that these new episodes have been produced. If, after putting in all that blood, sweat and toil the guy wants to be Captain Kirk, I say let him. He’s more than earned the right to sit in the centre seat! Frankly, I think the haters should be ignored and that Mr. Cawley should remain on as Captain Kirk no matter what. He’s the face of this new series and should stay that way.
    My only real criticisms of the show are:
    1) It’s too long a wait between episodes. Especially when you get a really good one like “The Child” and then have to wait, wait, wait for the next one
    2) Enough with the endless Spocks. Pick a guy and stick with him. It’s hard to get used to a different actor in almost every episode.
    3) Xon was brought into the original Star Trek Phase 2 because Spock wasn’t going to be in it. Having him here creates a needless overlap unless you instead to play up the mentor-student relationship between the two.
    4) Closing off ‘script submissions. Do you know how popular a crossover episode where the Enterprise brings the Battlestar Galactica from the original 70’s series would be?
    Bottom line: your Star Trek is far more authentic and faithful to Gene Roddenberry’s vision than the Denebian slime residue that JJ Abrams calls Star Trek nowadays. Persist in your efforts and ignore the damned critics.
    Gentlemen: kaplach!

  • Charles says:

    Dear James,

    just to make that clear: regarding James T. Kirk there’s William Shatner and then there’s you – enough said.

    It was your work and effort and your incredible presence as Jim Kirk that brought momentum to Star Trek again, which led to the Abrams movie (although it turned out different as many of us had hoped).

    It’s no coincidence that you were offered a cameo in the Abrams movie – if there’s one reason the Abrams Enterprise bridge had so much lens flares, it was because of your honorary presence.

    I regret – like the majority, I’m sure, who not enjoy only your project but especially your portrayal as Kirk – for not speaking up sooner for what seemed obvious to me and let negative opinions get through to you.

    Your episodes give me goose bumps for that magic feeling that reoccurs, as if it was – then. My favorite episode, just to let you know, is In Harms Way – simply a m a z i n g and brilliant (although I haven’t seen Kitumba yet).

    James, all my best and my deepest respect for what you have accomplished – thus far (because the adventure is just beginning…)

    I for one am hoping for you to return as James T. Kirk.

    And all I ask is a tall ship
    and a star to steer her by

    Charles from Austria, Europe

  • Oh yeah, and what’s the deal with Kirk’s nephew cross dressing on the bridge while on duty? Puh-leeze!

  • Steve Johannesson says:

    I just finished watching Kitumba. Absolutely Fabulous! 2 HUGE thumbs up to everyone involved. Your critics were just dead wrong James, you will be missed in this role! I can only hope Brian does have as well, as he has big shoes to fill, just as you did. Looking forwards to the next episode! Give yourself (and all your team ) a standing O, phase 2 is outstanding in all aspects!

    What a show!!!

  • Dave Flack says:

    Hi James, Sorry to read about your experiences with negative feed back on the web. You have done a brilliant job at playing captain Kirk, and thank you for the continuing adventures in the star trek universe. All the best for the future, Live Long and Prosper.

  • KJ says:

    As a long time fan of Star Trek I want to commend you, James, for your efforts and the work that you have put int this series. I think you should remain as Kirk.

  • You did a great job, Mr. Cawley. It took a lot of guts to play that part, and you did it well, along with the entire cast through the many changes. The quality of the production is fantastic, the “feel” of the original show is there, and it’s a pleasure to watch.

    Thanks for your efforts, and I look forward to future episodes.

  • john gasperoni says:


    I am saddened to hear of your departure from the bridge. Your approach to Kirk, the characterizations of the other characters and the way those roles were lived by the actors, the production values from top to bottom, and the writing have all been more than stellar and truly in keeping with the spirit of the adventure. You have especially added to the “canon” with the tongue in cheek references to that other star trek on the block. Thank you.

  • Joel B. Levy says:

    I found you all through a story about the ST:TNG episode that was never made that had gay characters in it, and now that I’ve watched I’m hooked. You’ve captured everything about the original show and characters that made it the lasting iconic program that it is, and that has kept the fan base coming back for generations since. I’m so looking forward to future episodes. Thank you for putting the dedication you have into making this as fun to watch as it is. Bravo!

  • Rich says:

    I have been a Star Trek fan my whole life and I by accident came across Star Trek Phase II. Before I watched I told myself this is not going to be Shatner, Nimoy, or Kelly. After the first minute I got so much into the episode I could not tell you between Shatner. I thought you were awesome. I thought the whole episode was excellent and you now have me as a new fan. I’m sorry about all the hate that was heading your way and wanted to thank you for continuing kirk’s five year mission. I look forward to all the other episodes. I wish I lived closer because I would so be there to help you with whatever! thanks again from a loyal Start trek fan Rich Powell

  • Keith says:

    This is a tragic reason for what might otherwise have been a sensible decision. While James should feel free to give himself more scope to produce and direct, he should not feel compelled by Internet bullies to do so. My dream is of a world where we all adopt a more encouraging attitude that allows success, improvement and failure to be judged objectively on their merits.

    Nobody more than James has contributed to the revitalization of Star Trek in the last decade: not Pocket Books, not any of three comic book companies, and certainly not J.J. Abrams. More time to work behind the camera can only bring more of the key element that James brings to these stories: passion for the pure, thematic, original Star Trek. Another actor in the role of Kirk will bring benefits and detriments, but the loss of James’ creative vision would likely see Star Trek give way, like it did in the eighties, to interpretations of the universe that are far too literal to describe our contemporary human condition.

    The problem, here, is not James’ decision, but the bullying that caused it. As a schoolteacher, I frequently witness cruelty, verbal or digital, quash the potential of students who could otherwise achieve to an outstanding level. As a victim of childhood bullying myself, I recognize the risks that I have been unwilling to take, and I wonder every day where my life could have led me if freed from those fears. James began a trend that seemed impossible at the time that he undertook it. I suspect that he knew he would be learning and improving his craft as he plied it, but any fears he felt did not sway him; how different might things be now if these senseless bullies had badgered him before he began?

    In the better world to come, we will follow the endeavors of others with interest, encouragement and valid criticism. What we like will be expressed as emotional fuel for others to continue their efforts, and what we dislike will be explained with kindness and suggestions for improvement to their efforts. Most importantly, when someone like James offers us a gift based on our shared love of an idea, we will accept that gift graciously, and treasure it even with its occasional flaws.

    Like others here, I have come to recognize James Cawley as the face of James T. Kirk. While I have not yet watched Kitumba (as I prefer to await the final cut), I will be raising a non-alcoholic beverage in his honor when I do watch it, and will prepare myself, with some sadness, for another interpretation of this legendary character.

    Well Done, James,




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