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In an adventure that spans centuries, Captain Kirk fights alongside a U.S.S. Enterprise from the past to stop the devastating “Doomsday Wars” that should never have happened. In a universe forever changed by those events, the crew of the Enterprise must once again battle the powerful juggernaut known as the “Doomsday Machine.” Guest starring Original Series alumni Barbara Luna, Malachi Throne. and William Windom as Commodore Matthew Decker. Written by Erik Korngold.

Released: 10/08/2004

Cast and Crew

KIRK – James Cawley
SPOCK – Jeffery Quinn
MCCOY – John Kelley
SCOTT – Charles Root
UHURA – Julienne Irons
RAND – Meghan King Johnson
DESALLE – Ron Boyd
CHAPEL – Shannon Quinlan
KYLE – Jay Storey


VERONICA – BarBara Luna
KOROGH – Malachi Throne
MACGREGOR – Becky Bonar
KARGH –   John Carrigan
GUARDIAN’S VOICE – Simon Judas Raye
CAPTAIN PIKE – Kurt Carley
NUMBER ONE – Shannon Quinlan
JOSE TYLER – James Larson
DR. BOYCE – Charles Holloway
COM. OFFICER – Rose Montesano
ENGINEER – Tim Giles


Crewperson – Leslie Hoffman
Security Officer – Pearl Marshall
Security Officer – Jeff Mailhotte
Crewman – Robert Mills
Crewman – Randy Davis
Crewman – Mike Magin
Crewperson – Jessica Mailhotte
Crewman – Ed Abbate
Crewman – Brian Hudon
Crewman – Doug Hutchings
Crewman – Patrick Bell
Crewman – John Lim
Crewman – Timothy Sheffield
Crewman – Chris Lunderman
Crewman – Jerry Yuen

Executive Producer/Series Director

Jack Marshall

Exec. Producer for Cathode Ray Mission

Max Rem

Executive Producer/Production Designer

James Cawley

Executive Producer for Cow Creek Films

Pearl Marshall

Consulting Producer

Eugene Roddenberrry, Jr.

Directed by

Jack Marshall

Edited by

Jack Marshall with Max Rem

Visual Effects by

Max Rem

Script Supervisor

Erik Korngold

Sound Effects Editor

Ralph M. Miller

Director of Photography

Scott Moody

2nd Unit Director/Sound

Erik Goodrich

Assistant Director/Lighting Design

Brian McCue

Stunt Coordinator

Leslie Hoffman

Public Relations

Russ Haslage

Los Angeles Production Team
Producer/2nd Unit Casting Director

Amanda Stryker

Production Assistants

Phil Kim
Ian Christy

Cathode Ray Irregulars ~ VFX Assistants

Pai Mei, Art Teast and Kalel

Computers Courtesy of

Potomac United Network

Art Director

Jim Lowe

Makeup Artist

Max Rem and Jill Rockow
Ruben Davila, assistant

Special Prosthetic Makeup

Kevin Haney

Mari Okumura, assistant

Still Photographer

Michel Anderson

Original Star Trek Production design by

Walter M. Jefferies

Starfleet Technical Manual designs courtesy of Franz Joseph Designs

Original Starfleet uniforms designed by William Ware Theiss

Additional Designs by

Wah Chang

Respectful Acknowledgement:

Norman Spinrad ~ Harlan Ellison

Music Composed By

Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan,
Fred Steiner, George Duning, Jerry Fielding,
James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith

Costumes Manufactured by

James Cawley

Special Mechanical Props

Steve Leclerc


James Cawley, Steve Leclerc,
Jay Storey and Jeff Mailhotte

Production Assistants on set

Mike Quinlin
Michael Young
Ben Chiappinelli
Pat Cleveland
Linda Cleveland
Jessica Mailhotte
Jeff Mailhotte
Debbie Mailhotte
Amanda Shepard
Amos Bell
Tim Sheffield
Chris Lunderman
Mark Strock
Patrick Bell
Perry Willis
Max Kaiserman
Lisa Hicks
Kent Schmidt
Bill Martin
James Young, Sr.

Assistant to the Producers

Diane Hamblin


Matthew F. Lyons
Gary Snoonian
Larry Nemecek
Jeff Bond
Ed Gross
John Lim, Esq.
Patrick David
Jack Trevino
Ben Tinsley
WCAX Channel 3, Burlington, VT.


For those who set the course to the 23rd century and beyond.

Gene Roddenberry
Robert Justman
Gene Coon
Herb Solow
Dorothy Fontana
Jerry Finnerman

And the rest of the cast and crew of “STAR TREK”

The makers of this film would like to thank Starfleet Command


The Federation Council

Without whose support this film could not have been made.