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TICONDEROGA, NY.: JULY 19, 2015 -- Chekov (Brian Tubbs), Spock (Brandon Stacy), Captain James T. Kirk (Brian Gross), Scott (Charles Root), and Sulu (Shyaporn Theerakulstit) during the filming of Star Trek New Voyages  "Torment of Destiny”, written by Rick Chambers, in Ticonderoga, New York, July 19 2015. A Cawley Entertainment Company/Retro Film Studios LLC production. Photo by Garth Gullekson

Torment of Destiny is in Progress

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Here is a quick peek at the production of Star Trek New Voyages newest episode currently in production…. “Torment of Destiny” This is the first episode to feature our new engineering set as seen here: Here is a quick synopsis of the episode:

The Oracle of the People

For the World is Hollow – Revisiting the Worldship Yonada

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This July 2015, we begin filming our next episode. The Enterprise returns to the Worldship Yonada (seen in S3E8 “For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky”

Brad Nelson Phaser Replica

Celebrating a New Studio and Our Fans With Special Perks

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As many of you know who’ve been following us, we’ve moved into a new studio. It was a massive undertaking in the “North Country” during the winter before our “Mind-Sifter” shoot, especially with the set needs and location work of “Mind-Sifter”. Now that the move and the episode are behind us, we’re moving onward and upward!


Special Features


Scotty’s “Crystal Tuning Fork Wrench-Thing”

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There is a hand tool we saw periodically starting in the second season that seems to do double-duty as both an engineering tool and a medical tool. I’m not even sure what to call this thing. It’s about the size of a wrench but its shape is something like a two-pronged fork–like a tuning fork.


Milton Bradley’s “Try-It” Maze

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Well, this little goodie was only in one episode and it was the pilot episode at that: “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” In the very first scene of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (episode 02) Written by Samuel A.


Ding, Ding! This Court Is In Session (The “Court Martial” Bell)

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One item you’ll probably instantly recognize is a small tabletop bell (and an accompanying striker/mallet) used in court martial proceedings. It is used by the officer presiding over the court to call the court to order—usually with a series of three or four double taps to the bell: (“Ding-ding!

Square Mavig

Mavig’s Harp from “The Way to Eden”

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In addition to Mister Spock’s famous “Vulcan Harp” seen a handful of times, there is another musical instrument we saw once in Star Trek:The Original Series.  In the third season’s “The Way to Eden,” (episode 75)–written by Michael Richards and Arthur Heineman and directed by David Alexander–we got to see the character credited as “Girl # 1” (she was identified by name in the actual shooting script for “The Way to Eden” as “Mavig”) play some alien stringed musical instrument.