Matthew Ewald to Star as Young James Kirk

Cawley Entertainment Company is pleased to announce that Matthew Ewald has been cast as “Midshipman James T. Kirk” in its upcoming Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II episode “Origins”. The story tells the early days of the beloved starship captain in the “Prime” universe and Senior Executive Producer James Cawley had no doubt Ewald was the only one for the part when he auditioned. “Matthew is truly a special young man, and I’m looking forward to the great job he’ll do playing a younger “me’!”, said Cawley.

Ewald, who starred in the FOX/ABC Family television series “Galidor”, has been featured in numerous films and is also a member of The Horror Writers of America. His novel, “…Human…Nature….”, is available for preorder and hits bookstores this Spring.

The role of the most famous Starfleet cadet is a pivotal one, and one which Ewald does not take lightly ? training up to three hours a day in preparation. “Being a part of this truly amazing project is not only the greatest excitement I have ever known in my career, but it is truly the greatest dream of my life. I will earn this. And I will do everything in my power to make you all proud.”

Ewald’s resolve is both ominous and deep seated. In a gruesome scene that could have been lifted out of the pages of one of his novels, his Star Trek “Captain Kirk” action figure recently beheaded his Galidor “Nicholas Bluetooth” action figure while he slept – in a scene Ewald described as “Truly horrific.”


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