“The Child” Completes Principal Photography

Principal photography for “The Child”, Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II’s seventh episode, took place October 5-18 at Retro Film Studios in upstate New York. Written by Jon Povill and Jaron Summers, and directed by Jon Povill, this episode marks the first production of a script originally penned for the aborted 1970’s Paramount Phase II series. “We want to see some of those lost stories will come to life,” said Senior Executive Producer James Cawley. “Hopefully, where we can, with the original author’s participation.”

The teleplay for “The Child” had been adapted for The Next Generation, but was restored by Jon Povill for production by New Voyages/Phase II. Povill, also the story editor for the aborted Phase II series and Gene Roddenberry’s assistant, described the October shoot as “an amazing experience.” Citing that the episode shot for New Voyages/Phase II is both closer to what he had in mind and truer to Star Trek, Povill said: “This is heartfelt rather than formulaic, and I invite people to compare this to what Next Gen produced and make their own decision.” “After 31 years,” Povill continued, “producing this story about letting go strangely came together in a surreal and very personal way.”

Surrounded by the height of the fall foliage season in the Adirondack Park, the relaxed shoot found Kirk and crew battling a barrage of inexplicable, deadly attacks after the birth of a strange child. Anna Schnaitter joined the Phase II production as the young Deltan mother, with eleven year old Ayla Cordell taking on the role of the child.

The episode also marks the second appearance of Brandon Stacy as Phase II’s “Spock”.

Brandon, who has a degree in theatre and film studies, has been acting nearly his entire life. Most recently he worked on the JJ Abrams’s Star Trek film, playing a Klingon and doubling that production’s “Spock” for four months.

A pickup shoot for one scene is scheduled for December, and the VFX for the episode are slated to be done by the D.A.V.E. school, located in Florida.


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