Ms. Jasmine Pierce: Reporting for Duty as Lieutenant Uhura


Since some folks might have missed the news, in addition to recasting the role of Captain Kirk for our just-completed “Bread and Savagery” shoot, we also needed to recast the role of Lieutenant Uhura. (For those keeping score at home, this will indeed be our third actress in the Uhura role, having started with Ms. Julienne Irons and then Ms. Kim Stinger.)

Now inheriting the role of Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek Phase II is Ms. Jasmine Pierce.

Ms. Jasmine Pierce: Star Trek Phase II's New Uhura

Jasmine Pierce lives in New York City and has a BFA with honors in Theatre from New York University.  Her training studio was The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute where she worked in both film and theatre.  She began acting at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio when she was nine-years-old.  She spent nearly a decade as a Drama Major at SCPA, and performed in many productions including Harvey, School House Rock, Medea, and many more.  She was a member and the President of the school’s elite Drama Ensemble and Secretary/Treasurer of the International Thespian Troupe.

Jasmine is currently exploring comedy as both a stand-up comic and improvisational/sketch performer.  Additionally, she is a SAG-AFTRA member.

You can find Jasmines’ web site at:

Here’s a shot of Senior Executive Producer and Costumer James Cawley fitting Jasmine into her new Lieutenant Uhura costume.

Costume Fitting for Ms. Jasmine Pierce

It’s no secret that in addition to shooting the episode “Blood and Savagery” (a sequel to “Bread and Circuses”), we had time to squeeze in shooting a short vignette–called “Going Boldly.” Here’s a shot of Lieutenant Uhura listening to an emotional Saint Crispin’s Day-style speech by Captain Kirk in the ship’s Reception Room:

Jasmine Pierce as Uhura ("Going Boldly")

As a related issue, to help bring Jasmine up to speed on the Uhura character she would be portraying, we put together and provided to Jasmine a short reel of some key Uhura scenes from The Original Series.  (Thanks to Jaime Sanchez for doing the heavy lifting on this little project.)  We included those qualities we’d like to see emphasized in Jasmine’s portrayal of the character and, of course, we didn’t include those scenes with Uhura that demonstrate those qualities we’d like to de-emphasize (notably, the “Damsel in Distress” qualities).  We invite you to take a peek at the short reel of Uhura TOS scenes that we cobbled together.  (It’s about fifteen minutes long.)  What should we have included that we didn’t?

Find the reel on YouTube:

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