Star Trek Landing Party Props–Made Out of LEGOs!


Mr. Tommy Williamson (“GeekyTom”)–a gentleman, evidently, with too much time on his hands–has assembled a set of Star Trek landing party props (Phaser II, Communicator, Tricorder, and Medical Scanner). The geeky part (as if these prop replicas aren’t geeky enough on their own) is that all of these are made entirely of LEGOs:

LEGO Landing Party Set

LEGO Phaser

LEGO Communicator

LEGO Tricorder

Find a short video of the fully-functional Tricorder at Mr. Williamson’s Phtostream on Flickr: 

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About Gregory L. Schnitzer

Gregory L. Schnitzer is Co-Executive Producer on the fan-based Internet series Star Trek Phase II (formerly known as Star Trek New Voyages). Greg is a Registered Nurse and is generally in charge of Emergency Medical Services at the Star Trek Phase II shoots. He also generally serves as the production's Property Master and on-again, off-again Set Decorator. Born and raised in the beautiful but smoggy San Fernando Valley (which he still calls "home"), in real life, Greg is a Registered Nurse and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and currently works in the field of Health Information Management at various facilities and in various capacities in the Washington, D.C., greater metropolitan region.