Accurate Starfleet Captain’s Boots Offered AT WHOLESALE to Fans

Starfleet Captain’s Boots

Now Available to Fans!

accurate, copied from an original pair made and owned by

Western Costume Company- the folks who made the originals!


Western Costume Company, the folks who originally made the boots worn on Star Trek: The Original Series (“Willie” of “Willie’s Shoe Service” worked for them in the boot shop at the time) are now making Starfleet boots for fans.

Working with knowledgeable consultant James Cawley to develop a prototype, the shoe shop at Western Costume Company pulled out all the stops on these! These boots are the equivalent of a $800- $1000 boot in the way in which they are constructed and the materials used: and the price is less than half of what you pay for custom made boots.

Modeled after an original pair of “elevator” boots in Shatner’s size (they aren’t labeled with Shatner’s name, but look identical to what he wore on the series) they are made out of soft calfskin and are fully lined, and come with a “Western Costume Company” label sewn inside. (Original boots from WCC would not have such a label sewn in, but they are putting one into these so fans have proof of their authenticity.)

They are available for purchase in both men’s AND women’s sizes – from the company where it all began!!

These are off-the-shelf, screen-accurate boots in standard US sizes: not custom made. Women’s 6 – 9 1/2 and men’s 7 1/2 – 14. Wide and narrow boots are NOT available.

Western Costume Company is making them in runs of a minimum of 40 boots, and their intention is to manufacture only 100 pairs of boots.

Cawley Entertainment Company is pre-selling one run of 40 boots for WCC at the price of $340.00 per pair to the public and $300.00 per pair to the cast and crew of the Retro Film Studios, LLC/Cawley Entertainment Company productions (Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II, Buck Rogers Begins, Back to the Wild Wild West,  etc.) : plus USPS priority shipping within the US.


After long thought, and discussions with a lot of Star Trek fans, Cawley Entertainment has decided to make these boots available to ALL TOS fans for the WHOLESALE COST of the boots. This is an unparalleled, once in a lifetime, chance for fans to own exacting copies of the original boots from the original boot-maker. And this should be shared with ALL!

We’re fans too: and we want EVERY FAN that wants these boots to be able to own them.

Yes, we could make some money.

It’s not about making money here, it’s about the Star Trek fan community helping each other – and that’s the spirit of Trek, after all.


You may order these boots by placing a deposit of $25 or paying in full. Once the 40 pairs are pre-ordered, the boots will be manufactured and the balance of the payment and approximately $20 US priority shipping will be billed.

(Overseas orders available for additional shipping cost.)






“Captain Kirk”


“Star Trek: Phase II”s


“Bread and Savagery”

and “Going Boldly” vignette!



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