Interviews with the Cast, Crew and Writers – by the Cast & Crew

In an effort to give you an insight into our cast, crew and writers, we have decided to collect a bunch of the interview links done by some of our crew writers where they interview other cast members, crew or series writers. We hope you enjoy them!

Interview with Rick Chambers -by AmyBeth Inverness (07/2012)
Rick is the author of our recently filmed “Bread and Savagery” episode

Interview with Jasmine “Lt. Uhura” Pierce -by Jaime “Fez” Sanchez (07/2012)
The talented Jasmine Pierce is taking over the role of Uhura 

An Interview with our New Captain Kirk -by Jaime “Fez” Sanchez (06/2012)
Brian has been in a number of feature films and network TV shows – and is taking over the role of Captain Kirk!

Interview with Terry Morgan -by AmyBeth Inverness (06/2012)
Terry is part of our security team, and a long time team member

Interview with Pony Horton -by AmyBeth Inverness (04/2012)
Pony is a creative artist/film maker/journalist/entrepreneur responsible for many of our VFX scenes

Interview with Patty Wright -by AmyBeth Inverness (04/2011)
Patty is one of our producers, story editors, writers and costumer 

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