Captain Pike’s Utility Cover


At Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II, we try to get all the Trek-ian details just right.

However, it’s a bit of a pain when we have a “flashback” scene of some kind–a scene that will show some aspect of the Trek universe that we probably won’t have much need to show in future episodes.  The cap worn by Captain Christopher Robin Pike (in proper naval parlance a hat is called a cover) is such detail we try to get right.

We see that cover briefly in Captain Pike’s quarters.  (It is sitting on top of the television-like console unit in his quarters, next to his laser pistol; he never actually wears the cover.)

Captain Pike's Utility Cover from "The Cage"

It would appear to be a typical eight-pointed Marine Corps utility cover in a gray color–which matches the gray jacket worn by early Starfleet crewmembers while on a landing party duty.  In fact, it is somewhat reminiscent of the caps worn in the movie Forbidden Planet:

At any rate, here is the Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II reproduction of an early Starfleet-era utility cover:

Early Starfleet Utility Cover

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