Speculative Constitution-class Starship Insignias

We here at Star Trek Phase II are periodically asked: “Hey—has anyone ever developed insignias for all the twelve (Constitution-class) starships in Starfleet?”

 It’s actually a little bit of a complicated question.  There were times when we saw Starfleet personnel other than Enterprise crew members (from other space ships and starships and starbases and such) who also wore what is now thought of as the Enterprise arrowhead/delta insignia.  So maybe this insignia isn’t really just the Enterprise patch.  On the other hand, we saw that Commodore Decker of the Constellation and Captain Tracy of the Exeter both had non-Enterprise insignias.  As a result, the (imperfect) notion developed that every ship seems to have its own insignia.

 Of course, we’re all familiar with the Enterprise insignia:

  Enterprise Patch

And we did see the starship Constellation insignia in “The Doomsday Machine.”

 Constellation Patch

And we saw the starship Exeter insignia in “The Omega Glory.”

 Exeter Insignia

But that was pretty much it for the actual original series.

 The first attempt anyone really made at developing a complete set of all the starship insignias (and, heck, exactly how many starships there were and the names of those ships was never really firmly established anyway), probably came with some designs from Mr. Shane Johnson in the 1985 publication Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual.

 Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual

 Mr. Johnson developed insignias for all the (debatably) thirteen starships in the fleet.

 Starfleet Insignia

Starfleet Insignias

Here are are some better pictures of what he came up with.

 The Constellation—from the William Ware Theiss costume design:

 Constellation Patch

The rather nondescript Constitution:

 Constitution Patch

The Defiant—which I suppose is superseded canonically by the insignia for the Defiant seen in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “In a Mirror, Darkly:”

Definat Patch

The Enterprise, of course:

 Enterprise Patch

The Excalibur—based, of course, on the name of King Arthur’s famous sword from Arthurian legend:

 Excalibur Patch

The Exeter—from the William Ware Theiss costume design:

 Exeter Patch

The Farragut:

 Farragut Patch

The Hood:

Hood Patch

The Intrepid—which we learn from the episode “The Immunity Syndrome” was crewed entirely by Vulcans—so its insignia is based on the IDIC (Infinite Diversity Through Infinite Combination) symbol:

Intrepid Patch 

And then rounding out the insignias are the Lexington:

Lexington Patch

The Potemkin:

 Potemkin Patch

The Republic:

 Republic Patch

The Yorktown:

 Yorktown Patch

Mr. Shane Johnson’s designs aren’t really canonical, of course, but they are fun to help fill in some of the gaps.





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