Mister Spock’s Vulcanian Sculpture


"The Paradise Syndrome"

Hardcore Star Trek fans know that we didn’t get to see Mister Spock’s quarters on board the Enterprise too many times in The Original Series.  We got a brief glimpse of it just once during the first season–in the episode “The Menagerie, Part 1.”

The Menagerie, Part 1

We saw it three times in the second season.  We saw it (both the “bedroom” side and the “office” side) in the episode “Amok Time.”

Amok Time

Amok Time

We got a peek at it in the episode “Mirror, Mirror.”  (Well, it’s the Evil Spock’s quarters, I guess.)

Mirror, Mirror

We also saw it briefly in the episode “Journey to Babel.’

Journey to Babel

And then we saw it three times in the third season.  We got a pretty good look at both sides of his quarters in the episode “The Paradise Syndrome.”

The Paradise Syndrome

The Paradise Syndrome

We saw it in the episode “The Tholian Web.

The Tholian Web

And the last time we saw it, of course, was in the episode “The Way to Eden.”

The Way to Eden

So that’s it—there were just seven times that we saw Spock’s quarters in The Original Series.  But through all these episodes, his quarters remained remarkably (but not perfectly) consistent—just as any room would be over the course of three years, I suppose.  The bedroom and office portions never switched places (and they remained the opposite from how Kirk’s and McCoy’s cabins were oriented).  The consistent furnishings included Spock’s bed and desk, of course; his Starfleet décor chairs and his two non-Starfleet décor chairs; the red, deeply-pleated ceiling-to-floor draperies; his French Napoleon III cabinet with the griffin statue and flame pot; his three-dimensional chess set; and his Vulcan harp/lyre/lute/zither/lytherette thing.

Without launching into an inventory of everything we ever saw decorating Mister Spock’s quarters and how some things would come and go, there was an item that made one appearance that seems uniquely Vulcanian in design.  It’s an odd abstract sculpture—possibly made of some kind of terracotta material.  Its one and only appearance is in “The Paradise Syndrome,” up by the head of Mister Spock’s bed:

"The Paradise Syndrome"

It’s an interesting piece.  Although there are eight little round doughnut-doohickeys surrounding the hole in the center, the underlying shape is actually a regular heptagon (seven sides), not an octagon (eight sides).

So, without any further ado, here’s my reproduction of this Vulcanian sculpture from “The Paradise Syndrome.”  It’s cast in (very heavy) Ultracal® 30 Gypsum Tooling Cement.

Vulcanian Sculpture

Vulcanian Sculpture

The credit, as is so often the case, goes to Mr. Gaston Huckabay for his wonderful (and heavy) fabrication.  Look for this beautiful piece adorning a “Mister Spock’s quarters” set near you!

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