Star Trek Wants a Few Good Humans – Join our Crew!

If you love Star Trek, you can join the crew of Phase II this June by getting involved with the shoot and helping to film a great episode and just hanging out and having a good time with Fellow Geeks! Join the fun and come to the Phase II shoot this summer from June 9-19th!!! Our filming base is Ticonderoga, NY and we are also looking for LOCAL (northeast area) post-production professionals!

Message me ( or via email at cawleyent at yahoo dot com) if you would like to participate and we will get the ball rolling!!! Trek- on Friends!! – James Cawley

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About James Cawley

James, our Senior Executive Producer, began what was once was called New Voyages back in 2003, with a proof of concept called “Come What May”, where he played Captain Kirk until an episode entitled “Kitumba”. James has had the fortunate pleasure of working with William Ware Theiss, costumer of the original Star Trek and first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.