Red Alert! Transporter Emergency: Scotty Needs YOUR help!!!



There’s a transporter emergency and Scotty needs YOUR help!! He was right in the middle of beaming some visitors aboard when the transporter malfunctioned and the folks got stuck in the pattern buffer. Our valiant Engineer has done everything he could to keep them there for the time being – but there’s no telling how long their patterns will remain intact. Scotty needs your help to get them on board safely! (NONE of us want a preview of what happens later in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, do we?!)

Our favorite “miracle worker” identified the parts he needs to fix this marvelous

piece of technology and finagled a remarkable trade with the planet the Enterprise

is currently orbiting. But there’s been a problem. Not only did the trade not work

and the planet now wants cash – United States Dollars, but now they are also instituting

an additional fine after having tasted the trade – our cooks “tunafish casserole”. :oops: (Hey, Scotty was trying to do the crew a favor at the same time!)

The worst part of all of this? We don’t even know who Scotty is beaming up to our

ship!! IS IT YOU?! Look hard….it just may be!


The Quartermaster needs to collect $800 for the parts Scotty needs to fix the

transporter and save our visitors. Please help him save them – and his reputation!

PLEASE send your donations for Scotty and his transporter via PayPal to: [email protected] and note “For Scotty”.

Everyone who donates to this project will be entered into a chance to be one of the people Scotty saves!

Once the needed funds are collected a drawing will be held and if you are one of those who win, we’ll ask for a “full body photo” and you will get to see yourself beamed aboard with the other winners – and maybe one of our crew!

Don’t take any chance that these folks who are caught in the pattern buffer are friends of yours – help Scotty save them!

Thank you in advance for helping our favorite Engineers reputation – and our visitors!

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