Dr. Tristan Adams’ Toast from “Dagger of the Mind”

"Dagger of the Mind" 

With the holidays upon us–a time of home and hearth–I thought I’d take a minute to discuss the toast that Dr. Tristan Adams (James Gregory) makes in the episode “Dagger of the Mind.”  It’s interesting to see how the toast evolved somewhat from earlier drafts of the episode’s script to the final edit of the episode. 

Folks probably remember the final version of the toast from the episode:


“‘To all mankind…
may we never find space so vast,
planets so cold,
heart and mind so empty
that we cannot fill them
with love and warmth.” 
But the earlier Revised Final Draft script for the episode had an earlier, slightly different version of the toast:              
‘To mankind… may we never find
space so vast, planets so cold…” 
Adams looks to Kirk, gets a smile and a nod; Kirk
completing it.
“‘…or our own hearts so empty
that we cannot fill and warm them
all.”  Amen, Doctor.

 So, this is interesting for a few reasons:

 1. The toast was originally conceived to be such a common, well-known toast that Adams started it and Kirk was able to finish it.

2. The toast as originally written hoped that our own hearts won’t be found empty–not other people’s hearts.

3. Kirk topped it off with an “Amen, Doctor”–probably much like McCoy’s “Amen to that, Scotty.”

 No commentary here.  I just thought I’d mention this tidbit.  As we move through the holiday season with lots of opportunity to join with friends and family around the dinner table, and as we at Phase II work hard on getting “Kitumba” finished and out the door to our fans, the producers, cast, and crew of Star Trek Phase II wish everyone on the team “love and warmth”–with the reminder that the most important people on our team are those fans and viewers for whom we make these episodes in the first place.  Love and warmth to you all.

Gregory L. Schnitzer
Co-Executive Producer
Star Trek Phase II
(P.S. Yes, even at this important and meaningful moment, Kirk is trying to sneak a peek at Dr. Helen Noel’s breasts.)
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