Scotty’s Hand-Held Magnifying Scope


There’s a prop we saw a couple of times that didn’t get much screen time.  The most we saw of this prop was probably in “The Galileo Seven”—although it popped up a couple of other times, too.

It is a small, hand-held magnifying scope of some kind that Mr. Scott uses to inspect the mechanics and circuitry of the Galileo and inspect the phasers as he drains them of their energy as an alternate fuel source for the shuttlecraft.

We get our first glimpse of it as it is lying on the Galileo’s port “wing” with a lot of other tools (lying under the butt-end of the laser beacon):

"The Galileo Seven"

"The Galileo Seven"

As Mister Spock then steps inside to assist Mr. Scott, Scott has one with him as well.  (So there must have been two on board.)

"The Galileo Seven"

A bit later, Mr. Scott is still trying to get the Galileo going:

"The Galileo Seven"

Later still, Mr. Scott uses it as he drains the phasers as an alternate fuel source for the shuttlecraft:

"The Galileo Seven"

This tool crops up fleetingly in “Space Seed” ‘way over at screen right as an Engineering division lieutenant enters the bridge:

"Space Seed"

And we see it again in “The Devil In the Dark:”

"The Devil in the Dark"

It also shows up in “The Enterprise Incident” as Mr. Scott tries to hook up the Romulan cloaking device:

"The Enterprise Incident"

Its last on-screen appearance would appear to be in a research station on a planet orbiting the star Minara, in the episode “The Empath:”

"The Empath"

Although it’s in black and white, there’s a nice publicity shot of the prop (courtesy of Mr. Greg Jein) in the book Inside Star Trek: The Real Story (1):

Publicity Shot

We actually have had a couple of scopes made for our Phase II production.  Our first one has appeared in a couple of our episodes and was made by Mr. David Wardale:

Scotty's Hand-Held Magnifying Scope Reproduction

A newly-acquired one was fabricated by Mr. E. Gaston Huckabay:

Scotty's Magnifying Scope Reproduction

Scotty's Magnifying Scope Reproduction

Scotty's Magnifying Scope Reproduction

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(1) Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman, Inside Star Trek: The Real Story (New York: Pocket Books, 1996), 153.

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