*UPDATED* The Holiest Thing is coming!



UPADTE 5/5/2014:

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a little update on things here at Phase II: We recently finished moving from our long-time home in Port Henry to a newer facility where we will be able to have all our sets standing (This is a REALLY BIG deal), because of this move and the re-build the post-production and release for “The Holiest Thing” has been put on the back burner. Much of our personnel are at the new studio getting it ready for our impending June shoot where we will film “Mindsifter”, which has become our top priority. When we have more information on things as they progress we will be sure to announce it here and our other social media and website

And here is a detailed explanation of the delay:

 The version that was shown (The Holiest Thing) in Michigan (in Feb 2014) still had color and sound issues that needed to be corrected. As we were getting those issues corrected, the ice storm on the east coast caused problems for our colorist. As everything was returning to normal for the colorist, the new studio became available and the focus for us was to get a move done in time for a previously scheduled shoot. This took our attention away from the post-production work on “The Holiest Thing”. As soon as we can get the new studio up and running and get the shoot completed in June we will return our attention to the post-production issues of the episode.

-The team here at Star Trek Phase II




Happy Holiday weekend everyone, it is one that we here at Phase II are plenty busy with appearances and the release of our latest episode “The Holiest Thing”



Brian Gross (Captain Kirk) and Rick Chambers (the writer)  will be at the Alamo Draft House Cinemas (Kalamazoo, MI) at 7pm , where we will be debuting “The Holiest Thing”  Tonight Feburary 13th… There will also be a Q&A with Brian and Rick after the showing.

For tickets: Admission is Free, although you may want to bring a non-perishable item, the event was made in mind to help the community. http://drafthouse.com/movies/star-trek-the-holiest-thing/kalamazoo


Here’s the link to WWMT Newschannel 3’s interview with Rick Chambers and Brian Gross talking about P2 and the Premiere of “The Holiest Thing” tonight at the Alamo draft house! http://bit.ly/1mdky5B












If you are in the area of the North East part of the US, you should attend Boskone 51 (Boston, MA) in the Boston Waterfront Hotel, where various members of the Phase II crew will be to show “Kitumba” and “The Holiest Thing”, not to mention have a booth presence throughout the Convention Various crew members will be at Boskone on February 14-16th

Event Schedule:

Friday (Feb 14) 10pm-11:30pm, a showing of “Kitumba” and the vignette “Going Boldly”, in the Carlton Room

Saturday (Feb 15) 7:00pm- 8:50pm, a showing of the latest episode “The Holiest Thing”, followed by a Q & A with the cast and crew of Phase II, in the Carlton Room

Followed by 9:00p-10:50p, more Phase II episode showings.

You can see the full schedule and ticket prices to get into Boskone here: http://www.nesfa.org/boskone/schedule.html



The Holiest Thing’s worldwide online release will be February 14th, 2014 at 7PM Eastern Time. When it is released we will add the download links and as always check out our mirror sites such as startrekphase2.de  and others can be found on our website.




Some of you may be wondering what happened to the release of “The Holiest Thing”, it is with much regret that we must delay the release due to issues beyond our control. As many of you know, we’ve shown a pre-release version of it at The Alamo Draft House Theater and at Boskone.

Due to the inclement weather, our colorist is still without power and unable to complete the rest of the work on the episode. We have passed the point of no return where he simply doesn’t have the time to finish his work (even if his power were to be restored right at this moment). 

As soon as he can get back up and running, and we have a time frame for the completion of the post production work, we’ll let you all know and post a new release date. 

Our sincere apologies,
The Star Trek Phase II Team

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