Red and Green Engineering “Wrench”


There is a prop we saw very fleetingly and just a few times in Star Trek.  Like so many of these “blink and you’ll miss them” props, this one seems to be some kind of Scotty engineering tool.  We’ve seen that Mr. Scott has a variety of tools; many of them receive only brief glimpse while others get a bit more screen time.  This one probably falls into the “not so much screen time” category.

We first see this wrench-like thing in “The Empath.”  It’s lying on the tabletop at the small research station on Minara II, covered in dust:

"The Empath"

We next see this tool over on the Defiant in “The Tholian Web.”  It’s in the hand of a dead engineer lying face down on the floor:

"The Tholian Web"

It’s also seen again a bit later in “The Tholian Web” as the transporter console is undergoing repairs:

"The Tholian Web"

Lastly, it’s seen up on the top of the console in Emergency Manual Monitor in the episode “The Lights of Zetar.”  We get what is probably our best look at this tool in this episode:

"The Lights of Zetar"

There’s not a lot to see; it has two uneven prongs—and looks something like a wrench; the shaft appears to be translucent Plexiglas and the handle has seven grooves cut into it.  You can make out that, like so many tools and instruments that we’ve seen in Star Trek, this one has some kind of colorful crystal things on it–a green one and a red one.

Here are a couple of shots of this prop reproduction.  (As is so often the case, I have two–in case one is needed as backup for shooting):

Engineering "Wrench"

Engineering "Wrench"
Engineering "Wrench"
Engineering "Wrench"
Credit for the prop construction goes to Mr. E. Gaston Huckabay—who has made so many of our prop reproductions I’ve acquired.  Like with all our props, I’m not sure when or even if we’ll see this Engineering tool prop.  As always, our scripts and the needs of the story will dictate whether or not we’ll ever see this item.
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