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On May 23rd members of Star Trek Phase II cast and crew were interviewed by the podcast “Continuing Mission” by network, Chris Jones as our host.

Listen here:


Members on the Podcast:


1510681_10152211346985934_1158305802_nBrian Gross

Star of Star Trek: Phase II, who portrays the role of Captain Kirk. Brian took over the role from Executive Producer James Cawley in 2012, on the episode “Bread and Savagery”, he has appeared in one other episode (The Holiest Thing)  and the vignette “Going Boldly”. This summer Brian will continue on in the role in the highly anticipated episode “Mind-sifter”




Brandon Stacy1379441_10152043015370934_988454555_n

Star of Star Trek: Phase II, who portrays the role of the half-human half-vulcan science officer Mr. Spock. Brandon has been Mr. Spock since 2008, taking over for Ben Tolpin, in the episode “The Child”, although his first appearence was in “Enemy: Starfleet!”. Brandon was cast as Spock after a chance meeting with James Cawley on the set of Star Trek (2009), where Brandon was the body-double of Zachary Quinto (Spock) in those films. As of this date Brandon is the longest running Spock since Leonard Nimoy, and the actor who has appeared as Spock most on Phase II.






1559826_10152161362978139_444203557_nRick Chambers

Writer of the episodes “Bread and Savagery”, “The Holiest Thing” and the upcoming “Mind-sifter”. Rick has been a bright spot of the Phase II production with, the penning the three episodes which so far Brian Gross has appeared as Captain Kirk. In his real life, Rick runs a PR firm in Michigan.






Robert Mauro1723715_10202948673175166_1970240265_n

Line Producer and Gaffer, of Star Trek: Phase II since the episode “Enemy: Starfleet!”. Rob Mauro started on Phase II as a grip on David Gerrold’s two-part episode “Blood and Fire”, since then he has grown into a position of leadership with the general crew and in particular the G&E team (Grip and Electric). Rob loves to light TOS and frequently goes back to the source material to imitate lighting of seasons one and two of TOS.




Dennis Hotson

1st Assistant Director for “The Holiest Thing ” and “Mind-sifter”. Dennis has worked on Phase II for the last 3 years, in various positions, recently Dennis was among a group of crew who went to Boskone, to premiere a rough version of “The Holiest Thing” and it was met with a ton of applause.




Jaime Sanchez (Fez) 998023_10151799996577049_9194566_n

Assistant to the Producers, and general Star Trek researcher for Star Trek Phase II. Jaime Sanchez or Fez, has been on board the crew of Phase II since 2009, on the G&E team, he currently is the Assistant to the Producers and is the frequent source for Star Trek or Captain Kirk continuity.





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