Enemy: Starfleet Goes Into Production

Star Trek: Phase II’s sixth episode launched into production in June, with principle photography taking place from June 15-June 25th at Retro Film Studios in upstate New York. Veteran actress and Star Trek alumni Barbara Luna (“Marlena Moreau” of “Mirror, Mirror”) joined the cast of “Enemy: Starfleet” as as a space terrorist that steals a starship and retro-engineers it to create a marauding fleet. “Luna” had this to say about her experience: “…my discovery was that your special love and devotion for Star Trek with a loyalty that lives in your hearts, which gives you a very deep connection to each other, allowing everyone in your presence to feel that joy. …it is an experience worth treasuring forever…”

The production of the episode, written by prolific Trek novelist Dave Galanter and award winning fanfic writer Patty Wright, was hampered by acts of nature, but Senior Executive Producer James Cawley is thrilled with what was accomplished. “What I’m seeing is flawless: the best we’ve ever done,” he said. “This is Star Trek.”

Due to inclement weather during the initial production time, additional filming is being scheduled for location shooting required for the episode’s completion. The VFX for the episode are slated to be done by the D. A.V. E. school, located in Florida.

Be sure to check out BarBara Luna’s website for more on her time with us, and photo albums!


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