Guest Cast Announced: BARBARA LUNA

As previously reported, Star Trek alumni and fan favorite BarBara Luna will appear in the next episode of Star Trek: Phase II, scheduled to go before the lens this June at the Retro Films Studio in Upstate New York. Written by Trek author Dave Galanter, from a story developed by him and fellow Trek writer Greg Brodeur, “Enemy: Starfleet” was directed by Ben Tolpin. Guest star BarBara Luna is best known to Trek fans for her unforgettable role as Lt. Marlena Moreau in the original series episode, “Mirror, Mirror.” The fans also know BarBara for her numerous television appearances and her friendliness and accessibility at Star Trek conventions. “Details about BarBara’s role will not be released pending the shoot, but this will be a very surprising role for fans,” said Executive Producer James Cawley, “this role will be very unlike her appearance in our first episode – it will be much more substantial than her guest appearance in “In Harm’s Way.” BarBara’s website:

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