Star Trek Phase 2 Team Mourns the Loss of One of Their Family

It is with profound sadness that we announce we have lost one of our extended family today. Tony DeGregorio, our Set Construction Foreman and Art Director, as well as part of our extended family, has passed away today.

Besides being a talented worker and designer (and responsible for much of the work that goes into set design and set building for our episodes), Tony was a genuinely wonderful and caring person, always giving 110% and always giving of himself to others. He will be missed by all of us, and we all offer our love, support and condolences to his wife Denise, in this difficult time.


Some words from our cast and crew…

Today, Phase II and Myself lost one of The Greatest Friends in the universe Tony DeGregorio. A terrible loss. A great Friend and tireless worker on Phase II. Tony was Simply THE BEST. My life was better with him in it. I am so lucky to have called him Friend. I will miss you my Brother, May you boldly go…

- James Cawley, Senior Executive Producer


Today I shed tears for a friend whom I admire and respect. Tony D, I will remember you to the end of my days! Denise and you were there for me a few years back. Then you had to join me at dialysis. Your quest for health has been prematurely ended. You were a friend, but more a part of my personal, extended family as well as a Trekker Extraordinaire!!! Tony, Rest In Eternal Peace and say hello to the Great Bird of the Galaxy for me and all at our Trek Family. Denise, WE ALL are here for you!God Bless Anthony (Tony D!) De Gregorio and keep him in the hollow of your hand, always.

- Gary Evans, Co-Executive Producer


Tony was a good man, and did a great many things for Phase 2. He was always a happy person to be around. He will be missed greatly.

- Charles Root, Co-Executive Producer


I cannot express the sorrow I feel today at the loss of my good friend and Retro Films colleaque, Tony Degregorio. He was a stouthearted, easy-going, fun-loving guy. He was a hard worker and a friend like no other. You will be missed.

Andrew Grieb, Sr Line Producer


Today, the world has lost one of the most beautiful people I’ve had the honor of knowing and calling friend.
I’ll miss you, Tony. I don’t think I’ve met many people who are so giving of themself, so caring, so talented and so well loved (deservedly so). As much as I’ve been fighting tears all day, a part of me is happy that, if even for far shorter than it should have been, Tony was a part of our lives.

- Robert Mauro, Line Producer/Gaffer


A very good friend of mine Anthony Degregorio has passed. Denise Raspini Degregorio, I know there are no words to console you right now, but know that we all loved Tony. I met Tony at the Star Trek Phase II shoots a long time ago, and it took a while to warm up to him. I think because I had mistakenly grabbed some of his tools without asking. He read me a little riot act over it and we didn’t say much to each other the rest of that shoot. I realized that I was wrong and apologized to him. Since then, we have, I like to think, been better than average friends. I later had the opportunity to help he and Denise purchase a Honda. I will miss you Tony! Phase II will REALLY miss you! There is now a Tony D shaped hole in a lot of lives.

- Kent Schmidt, Key Grip


I will miss him. He was incredibly welcoming to me when I came up to direct “Mind-Sifter” and the cook out as his house was one of my favorite memories. Rest in Peace, Tony.

- Mark Burchett, Director of Mind-Sifter


R.I.P Tony DeGregorio you made a lot of things that we all loved. My favorite things that you made was the smiles you put on our faces and the laughter you put in our hearts.

- Ron Gates


Tony and I lost a true friend today. We’ve never met someone with whom we “clicked” so quickly before. Tony and Denise have been our kindred spirits for the last 4 years. May we all draw a bit of comfort in that he’s no longer suffering. While he’ll be missed, he never deserved all the suffering he went through. I have no words… I dont know what to say or do I feel lost… God Speed Tony D

- Linda and Tony Falvo


A great loss. Tony was responsible for so many things related to the production, and welcomed me to the construction section several years ago. I will miss his friendly face.

- Charlie Miller


I am in shock right now. I will miss his kind words, his sometimes silly jokes, his outright stupid puns, but mostly his love for the project and this “family” and tireless unending support and openess to everyone who wandered onto our sets. My heart goes out to Denise……the stars seem a little less bright today but the universe is more secure as we have one more great man watching over us. God Bless you, my friend & God speed you on your journey…….you shall never be replaced and forever loved and missed by us all.

- Brian Holloway


I am so sorry to hear this news. I really liked Tony — my first memories of him from Phase II were walking through a crowded set with some equipment shouting “Make a hole!”. I say this all the time at home or work when I want someone to move out of the way and I always think of Tony. I told him this story at the last shoot and he found it really funny. I will miss him a lot….. :(

- Edwin Thrower


The news hit me suddenly. It’s been a long time since I teared up. We, your family, share in your loss Denise. God speed, Tony, my good friend. :'(

- Clarence Donath


The next shoot will not be the same without Tony. We have lost a member of our family.
May he soar with the Great Bird of the Galaxy.

- Willie Yee


A sad day has come to my Phase 2 Family as a good friend has passed. Tony was the fix-it guy who could put anything back together again. He will be truly missed and has left many sad friends in his passing.
The word has been given, Warp Speed Tony.

- Robert B. Fredricksen


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Pictures by Kevin Sullivan, Riva Giganto and others

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