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Star Trek New Voyages NY Times Article

Star Trek New Voyages in the NY Times!

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A Star Trek Dream Spread From Upstate New York OCT. 11, 2015 – The New York Times has published a lovely article about Star Trek New Voyages and creator, James Cawley – from it’s origins and illustrious pedigree, to it’s place as a keystone and major influence in the world of fan films today.


Fall Fund Raising

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 STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES HELP US ON OUR FALL FUND RAISING DRIVE! With the fall upon us, our we’re heading out with a bang!


Upcoming Adventures from New Voyages

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Fellow New Voyages fans, this is an update on future adventures from your friends here at New Voyages. If you have been following our facebook page, you’ll know that we recently had our First Annual TREKonderga convention at the studio. It was a big success.

Special Features

Charlie X

Miniskirt Uniforms on Star Trek? Not Always! (Sometimes Women Wore Slacks)

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Simply because I enjoy spending my time on oddball little tasks like this, here are all the Enterprise crew women we saw wearing pants instead of the regular mini-skirt: 1. Number One from “The Cage:


“Trials and Tribble-ations of a Master of Properties” by Irving Feinberg

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Back when Star Trek was still on the air on NBC, folks could write in and become a member of the Star Trek Fan Club.  One of the perks of joining the Fan Club was receiving the monthly edition of a small newsletter–Inside Star Trek.  These newsletters were just a few pages along and were mimeographed.


Deleted Scene from “Return to Tomorrow”

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Folks may remember that after Sargon and Thalassa (while inhabiting Kirk and Dr. Anne Mulhall) share a last kiss, Nurse Chapel proclaims “It was beautiful,” and the episode concludes. But as scripted, the interchange went on a little longer.

Dr. McCoy’s “White Sound Device”

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I thought Star Trek New Voyages/ Phase II viewers might be interested in a little list I put together a while back of all the times Enterprise women wore weapons belts on The Original Series.  (It wasn’t all that often.)  I was able to come up with eight such instances.