STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES is the longest-running, Star Trek original series fan production in the world. Created in 2003 by James Cawley, along with producer Jack Marshall, the show strives to complete the “five-year mission” of the Starship Enterprise, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” It’s celebration of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy has won critical acclaim and numerous accolades, as well as attracting the attention and participation of Star Trek alumni such as George Takei and Walter Koenig, who have returned to reprise their roles on NEW VOYAGES. We have even provided prop items for the actual STAR TREK franchise series “Enterprise”!

A TRUE FAN PRODUCTION, NEW VOYAGES has evolved into a family of talented volunteers FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, all coming together with the goal OF SHARING AND CELEBRATING the Star Trek universe!

All production expenses are paid for by the volunteer crew of fans and supporters, and no one makes any kind of profit or salary what so ever.

We hope you enjoy watching the evolution of our program as we move into a bigger and brighter future! Live long and prosper!

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