With the number of people who have, and will, volunteer their time, money, energy, and talents, it is extraordinarily difficult to create a comprehensive list of those who have worked to make Star Trek: Phase II a reality. Below you will find the principle actors, guest cast, and many of the folks who contributed. Just because they are not pictured, it does not mean their contribution was not significant. Please take the time to view and make note of those names listed in the end credits of each episode, because without their help, there would be no Phase II.

Principal Cast & Crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise

Brian Gross

Brandon Stacy

Dr. “Bones” McCoy
John Kelley

Charles Root

Jonathan Zungre

Meng Ai

Jasmine Pierce

Meghan King Johnson

Ron Boyd

Peter Kirk
Bobby Rice

Evan Fowler

Patrick Bell

Jeff Mailhotte


Jay Story

Ed Abbate






Guest Cast & Recurring Roles

Captain Kargh
John Carrigan

Alana Sulu
Christina Moses

Captain Christopher Pike
Kurt Carley

Dr. MacGregor
Becky Bonar

Dr. Chandris
Lia Johnson

Kyril & Others
Paul Sieber


Star Trek Alumni Guest Stars and Production Crew

Pavel Chekov
Walter Koenig

Hikaru Sulu
George Takei

Janice Rand
Grace Lee Whitney

Dr. Jenna Yar
Denise Crosby

ST:P2 Computer Voice
Majel Roddenberry

Veronica & Alersa
BarBara Luna

Writer / Director
David Gerrold

Writer / Producer
Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana

Ambassador Morgan
Mary Linda Rapelye

Commodore Decker
William Windom

Malachi Throne

Commander Blodgett
Bill Blair

Captain Jefferies
John Winston

Admiral Leslie
Eddie Paskey

“Esterion” Captain
Larry Nemecek

Additional Star Trek: Phase II Cast & Crew

The names listed below are just a few of the people who regularly contribute to Phase II. Many of the individuals noted do many more jobs on and off camera to add to each production. There is just not enough space to add every title and contribution that each member has made. Let it suffice to say that all are noteworthy and appreciated. This list is not complete and will evolve as Star Trek: Phase II evolves.

Senior Executive Producer – James Cawley

Co-Executive Producer – Gary Evans

Co-Executive Producer – Gregory L. Schnitzer

Executive Producer – John Muenchrath

Executive Producer – Erik J. Goodrich

Consulting Producer/Story Editor – David Gerrold

Consulting Producer/Story Editor – D. C. Fontana

Consulting Producer – Eugene Roddenberry, Jr.

Senior Line Producer – Andrew Grieb

Line Producer – Robert Mauro

Second Unit Director – Ben Alpi

Visual Effects Team Supervisor – Tobias Richter of The Light Works: Digital Imagery

Visual Effects Team Supervisor – Juve Vique

Visual Effects – Daren Dochterman

Editor – Brian Q. Kelley

Editor – Kevin Sullivan

Director of Photography – Alex Ibrahim

Director of Photography – David Berry

Lead Lighting Designer – Robert Damian Mauro

Lead Lighting Designer – Abel Rodriguez

Lead Electrician – Gary Evans

Sound and Audio Effects Supervisor – Ralph M. Miller

Set Design & Construction Supervisor – Jeff Mailhotte

Set Decorator – Gregory L. Schnitzer

Scenic Art Supervisor – Jeff Hayes

Special Mechanical Props – Steve LeClerc

Prop Design and Construction – Jeff Mailhotte

Property Master – Gregory L. Schnitzer

Pyrotechnic Coordinator – Howard Brown

Stunt Coordinator

John Carrigan


James Cawley

Anne Carrigan

Patty Wright

Story Editor – Erik Korngold

Script Continuity – Mabel Romero

Script Supervisor – Deniz Cordell

Personal Assistant to Mr. Cawley – Debbie Mailhotte

Senior Production Assistants

Patrick Bell

Debbie Mailhotte

Jessica Mailhotte

Scott Moody

Amanda Root

Kent Schmidt

Perry Willis

Security Chief – Rich Newman

Security Team

Pat Cleveland

Tom Donnelly

Terry Morgan

Mark Strock

Set Medical Services – Gregory L. Schnitzer, R.N.
Kevin Sullivan, NREMT-Paramedic

Public Relations – Robert Mauro

Web Team

Jeff Hayes of PlasmaFire Graphics – Art Director

Robert Mauro of aiBuilt, Inc – Webmaster and Lead Programmer