Q. How can I help the production?

A. The best way to help is through PayPal donations to help us cover some of our expenses, or by sending gift cards from the retailers we buy supplies from (Lowe’s, WalMart, Home Depot). You can send them to Star Trek Phase II PO Box 448 Ticonderoga NY 12883 USA. If you have other ideas to help, CONTACT Public Relations for more info.

To help us via PayPal Donations (the easiest, quickest and best way), please visit our Donations Page

Q. How is the production financed?

A. The cost of the production is being paid out of pocket by the producers/crew. Yes, it is expensive, but we’re fortunate to have many talented people donate their time and contribute towards a worthy cause and a once in a lifetime trip around the galaxy! We in no way make money from this show and we all volunteer our time, effort and our own money to bring these shows to the internet. If you desire to help us in that capacity, please see “How can I help the production?” above.

Q. Why Kirk, Spock and McCoy? Why not new characters set in the same timeline?

A. Though we touch on this in others questions in the FAQ, we thought a full explanation was in order. Star Trek: Phase II’s producers/crew feel that Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest should be treated as “classic” characters like Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings or even Hamlet, Othello or Romeo. Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character. Though the character is the same, the interpretation of the actor is what’s in question. We feel that the crew of the Enterprise has more to teach us about life and each other than has been explored to date. We also feel the new actors can add to the legend in a believable and contemporary way. The timelessness of the classic characters was recognized by JJ Abrams, as the new Star Trek movie scheduled for release in December 2008, features the classic series crew presented in a new and different way. The members of the Phase II production team prefer the classic look and feel of the original series and present our episodes as if it were the continuation of the original 5-year mission.

Q. What is the premise of the new show?

A. The new show will be the continuing voyages of Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701 as seen in the 1966-69 television series, Star Trek. The series was cancelled after its third season. We are presenting the series as if it were in its fourth year. We acknowledge that the visual effects are contemporary, but we work hard within out capabilities to keep the effects familiar to fans of the original series.

Q. Who’s running this show?

A. The idea for creating a new series based on the original Star Trek first originated in 1997 with James Cawley. James worked with original series and Next Generation costume designer, William Ware Theiss. Over the years James has amassed a huge collection of set pieces, props and costumes with one goal in mind: reclaiming the spirit of Trek.

Q. What is our goal overall?

A. Our ultimate goal is to produce a full year’s worth (22 or more) web episodes maintaining Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy and vision for the original 1960’s television show. We believe in challenging people’s thoughts and enticing them to action. We feel that Star Trek is a great vehicle for exploring the human condition. We plan to devote the series to commenting on the current condition of life on Earth in the 21st century.

Alas, such a goal is largely dependent on you, our fans. There are only so many episodes the producers can fund out of their own pockets, and your assistance in donating to episode and expense costs determines how many we can make and how quickly we release them. To find out how to help the production, please visit here.

Q. What versions of the costumes/props/sets are being used?

A. The costumes, sets and props will be those seen in the original series of Star Trek. Some of the props, sets and costumes will be updated to reflect the changes planned for Star Trek Phase II, the aborted series that would have featured the original cast in the late 1970’s.

Q. What standing sets will be used?

A. All of the sets utilized in the original series are being re-created to some degree including the addition of some new ones. The following sets are being complete and standing: Full – 360 Degree Bridge, Turbolift, Transporter Room and Briefing Room. Sickbay, Crew’s Quarters, Ship’s corridors, Captain’s Office, Rec Room, Gym, Chapel, Admirals office and whatever other needs are Swing Sets constructed as needs arise.

Q. Who are the characters?

A. The primary crew will all be there with a few familiar characters form the original series. We will also be adding characters to the line-up that we hope will add to the episodes, such as Ensign Peter Kirk, nephew of Captain James T. Kirk. For more on the cast, click the “Cast and Crew” sub-menu in the “About” menu above.

Q. How will the characters be portrayed?

A. The original Star Trek characters are so well known that the task of recasting the parts seems impossible. We are not casting people who look or act like the original actors. What we don’t want is a parody – an actor imitating William Shatner doing Kirk for example. We want actors who will be able to remind us of our old friends, but bring to the characters a new life, a fresh interpretation, not a stale imitation. The cast we are assembling are actors first – and a few have only now begun viewing TOS episodes. But what they bring to the table is talent and vitality. They will be believable as these characters and will be as effective as any Trek cast thus far!

Q. Any new aliens or old foes?

A. It depends on the script. But we’re sure to see some old favorites!

Q. What about modern Trek aliens, like the Borg, Cardassians, etc?

A. Since our series takes place BEFORE those species were discovered, you probably won’t be seeing them here. But as Mister Spock is known to say, “There are always possibilities”.

Q. Will Klingons look like movie Klingons or Original Series Klingons?

A. Gene Roddenberry is quoted as saying that had it not been for budgetary constraints, the original series Klingons would have had the ridged foreheads. For us, it’s a factor of time and money as well. Therefore, any Klingons we have on the show may or may not have ridges… “it’s a factor of time and money…”

Q. Will the special effects be updated?

A. The effects will be updated and on equal par with what is seen in current Trek shows.

Q. How will the show be distributed?

A. The episodes are currently available for free from our Official Streaming Video Sites or our Official Video Mirror Sites.

Q. How do I download or view the episodes?

A. Links to the download mirror sites can be found on our EPISODES page. You can click the link at the top of the page or here: http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/episodes.html

Q. How can I audition for a part or become a member of the production crew?

A. The majority of positions are now filled. BUT, we are always on the lookout for more talented people. Your best bet would be to submit a message via our website’s CONTACT page.

Q. Where can I find the Star Trek: Phase II Pilot Episode, “Come What May”?

A. Currently bandwidth and storage are at a premium, so we have decided to dedicate resources to the distribution of our official episodes rather than the pilot. If you look carefully on some of the mirror host’s sites, you might find a .wmv version of our initial effort.

Q. What stations are airing your show?

A. Due to copyrights, there are no stations broadcasting our episodes. Star Trek: Phase II is a web-series. The episodes are available for FREE via the Internet. IF YOU FIND OUR EPISODES FOR SALE or RENT ANYWHERE, WHAT YOU HAVE FOUND IS AN ILLEGAL COPY. We cannot and do not make any money from the episodes. We ask you to inform us if you find anyone selling our work. Please CONTACT Public Relations to report what you’ve found.

Q. Can I submit a script or story idea to Phase II?

A. Phase II’s production schedule is full, so we are not taking submissions at this time.

Q. Can I post your episodes on other video sites on the Internet?

A. Because we try and track the download traffic of our episodes as much as possible, we ask that fans do not put them on video sites such as Google Video, Vimeo, YouTube or other video sites. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, as it make the reporting of actual downloads more accurate.

Q. What if my question is not answered here?

A. Use the CONTACT link above to route your question and get an answer. Maybe your question will be seen on this page in the future.