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Star Trek New Voyages in the NY Times!

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A Star Trek Dream Spread From Upstate New York OCT. 11, 2015 – The New York Times has published a lovely article about Star Trek New Voyages and creator, James Cawley – from it’s origins and illustrious pedigree, to it’s place as a keystone and major influence in the world of fan films today.

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‘Mind-Sifter’ Release Date set!

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Kirk (Brian Gross) and Kor (Clay Sayre) have a "chat"

Kirk (Brian Gross) and Kor (Clay Sayre) have a “chat”

On December 1st, 2014, Star Trek New Voyages / Phase II will release “Mind-Sifter” as its 9th full length episode. The episode which was adapted from a short story, written by Shirley S. Maiewski is one of the most highly anticipated episodes among rabid Star Trek fans to date. The story originally published in the Anthology book entitled “Star Trek: The New Voyages” was filmed in June of 2014. The episode has been the most ambitious project for Retro Film Studios to date. Shot over eleven days, and 175 hours, the episode embodies a “New beginning” for the independent production company said executive producer James Cawley.

Left to Right: Jeff Bond (McCoy), Jasmine Pierce (Uhura), Shyaporn Theerakulstit (Sulu) and Charles Root (Scott)

Left to Right: Jeff Bond (McCoy), Jasmine Pierce (Uhura), Shyaporn Theerakulstit (Sulu) and Charles Root (Scott)

This episode of Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II is set earlier in the five-year mission of Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is the reason the “New Voyages” moniker has been placed on the episode. This marks the episodic debut of several of the main cast including: Brian Gross (Captain Kirk) Jeff Bond (Dr. McCoy), Jasmine Pierce (Uhura), Shyaporn Theerakulstit (Sulu) and Wayne W Johnson (Walking Bear). Guest Stars include Rivkah Raven Wood (Jan Hamlin), Clay Sayre (Kor) and Special Guest Appearance by Robert Withrow (Admiral Withrow).

Kirk (Brian Gross) and Klingon Guard (Brian Holloway)

Kirk (Brian Gross) and Klingon Guard (Brian Holloway)

Behind the scenes of shooting this episode: Shirley S. Maiewski also known as “Grandma Trek” was unhappy the way Bantam Books adapted her story, years after the story was published she met future Star Trek: New Voyages/ Phase II Executive Producer James Cawley, and told him to shoot her story if he started his own series, many years later he finally did. This landmark episode was Edited and Directed by Mark Edward Lewis and the classic Star Trek Cinematography was captured by Director of Photography Jeff Barklage, SOC, who studied under original series DP Jerry Finnerman. “The look and feel of the original series would not have been at all possible without having Jeff Barklage shooting this episode”, said Cawley.


Mister... CAPTAIN Spock (Brandon Stacy)

Mister… CAPTAIN Spock (Brandon Stacy)



A short synopsis of the episode: Beaten and tortured, James Kirk is thrown back into time to the 1950’s, where he is a “Jim” Doe in a mental institution. Meanwhile, back in the 23rd century after a month of searching, the crew of the Enterprise mourn the loss of their Captain and friend. Will Jim Kirk return to the Enterprise and the 23rd century, and if he does will he be the Captain Kirk we know him to be?

Dr. Jan Hamlin (Rivkah Raven Wood) comforts the confused Jim Kirk (Brian Gross)

Dr. Jan Hamlin (Rivkah Raven Wood) comforts the confused Jim Kirk (Brian Gross)

Look for interviews and more news about Star Trek: New Voyages in the coming weeks from Trek.fm’s Continuing Mission podcast and Trekoff (The Not Safe For Work Star Trek podcast)


Rehearsal on the bridge

Rehearsal on the bridge



And here is a little message from Executive Producer James Cawley: “I just want to say Thank You to all my family here at New Voyages/Phase II!
I am so excited by our work on “MIND-SIFTER”! It is definitely our finest episode to date and I can’t wait to share it with all of our fans in just a few short weeks! Hot on it’s heels will be our amazing love story by Rick Chambers “The Holiest Thing”. We are back folks and leaving space dock at warp 6, so hang on!”


So remember folks ‘Mind-Sifter’ on December 1st and then ‘The Holiest Thing’ soon after, it’s an exciting time here at New Voyages/Phase II


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The Holiest Thing is coming!

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Happy Holiday weekend everyone, it is one that we here at Phase II are plenty busy with appearances and the release of our latest episode “The Holiest Thing”



Brian Gross (Captain Kirk) and Rick Chambers (the writer)  will be at the Alamo Draft House Cinemas (Kalamazoo, MI) at 7pm , where we will be debuting “The Holiest Thing”  Tonight Feburary 13th… There will also be a Q&A with Brian and Rick after the showing.

For tickets: Admission is Free, although you may want to bring a non-perishable item, the event was made in mind to help the community. http://drafthouse.com/movies/star-trek-the-holiest-thing/kalamazoo


Here’s the link to WWMT Newschannel 3’s interview with Rick Chambers and Brian Gross talking about P2 and the Premiere of “The Holiest Thing” tonight at the Alamo draft house! http://bit.ly/1mdky5B












If you are in the area of the North East part of the US, you should attend Boskone 51 (Boston, MA) in the Boston Waterfront Hotel, where various members of the Phase II crew will be to show “Kitumba” and “The Holiest Thing”, not to mention have a booth presence throughout the Convention Various crew members will be at Boskone on February 14-16th

Event Schedule:

Friday (Feb 14) 10pm-11:30pm, a showing of “Kitumba” and the vignette “Going Boldly”, in the Carlton Room

Saturday (Feb 15) 7:00pm- 8:50pm, a showing of the latest episode “The Holiest Thing”, followed by a Q & A with the cast and crew of Phase II, in the Carlton Room

Followed by 9:00p-10:50p, more Phase II episode showings.

You can see the full schedule and ticket prices to get into Boskone here: http://www.nesfa.org/boskone/schedule.html



The Holiest Thing’s worldwide online release will be February 14th, 2014 at 7PM Eastern Time. When it is released we will add the download links and as always check out our mirror sites such as startrekphase2.de  and others can be found on our website.






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Make a one time donation of any amount, via PayPal, or check or credit card.